When Harry appeared in his house he quickly called for Dobby and Winky and told them to get his mum and dad. So with a bow and a pop they were gone and returned a few minutes later Winky with Dawn and Dobby with Elwood.

"Harry is something wrong?" asked Elwood and Harry nodded.

"There are Vampires here. Full blooded or erm… no blooded I guess." Harry said.

"The Cullens." Dawn said and Harry looked over at her.

"Yeah I take it you meet Carlisle Cullen today." Harry said and she nodded.

"Yes I did. He is a vegetarian but I don't know if we can trust him or his family. I think he may have suspected something as he was giving me strange looks but he didn't say anything." Dawn said

"So what do we do." Harry asked Elwood.

"How many are there?" Elwood asked.

"Seven altogether." Harry said and Elwood stroked his chin as he thought.

"Well I say we wait to see if they show any ill intent towards us or any humans." Elwood said and Harry gapped at him.

"Are you serious why not just go confront them. We can take them." Harry said

"Because it's the smart thing to do. Now go back to school we have to get back to work." Elwood said and Harry huffed as he crossed his arms and disappeared with a pop and reappeared back behind the trashcans before looking at his watch and seeing he still had ten minutes before the bell would sound signaling the end of lunch so he went back into the cafeteria and looked around to see a bunch of girls looking at him and giggling. He just shook his head as walked over to the table Charlie was sitting at and nudged him.

"Oh hey Harry you need something." He asked and Harry nodded.

"I need to ask you something." He said and motioned for Charlie to follow him and he did so with out question and they went out side only Harry aware of the eyes from the Cullen's and Hale's following them.

"What is it Harry." Charlie asked as they finally got out side.

"Did you notice anything off with the Cullen's?"

"Umm no, should I have." He asked looking into the lunch room at the Cullens table.

"Did you smell anything off about them."

"Umm no can you just tell me already."

"No pumping blood." Harry said quietly and Charlie's eyes went wide.

"Are you kidding me I didn't even notice that."

"Probably because there were to many people around." Harry said with a shrug.

"Well what do we do, confront them."

"I went to talk to Dawn and Elwood and they said to leave it alone until we see if they have any ill intent to anyone around here. I wanted to confront them as well but now that I think of it this is the bet…" he stopped as he felt someone trying to enter his mind and threw up his Occlumency shields. He looked into the lunch room to see Edward Cullens staring at him and their eyes connected. Even though they were far away Harry still managed to enter his mind and read the thoughts on the surface.

"There's something off with them why can't I get into his mind and why does their blood flow differently then everyone else. I have to ask Carlisle." With that Harry broke the connection.

"Well they do suspect us I just read the younger Cullens mind and he was wondering why our blood is different then everyone else and why he couldn't get into my mind. He must have some kind of special power, the others might as well so keep your block's up at all times and watch out for the big one and the blonde I believe they are both seniors they may try something." Harry said and Charlie nodded.

"Okay I'll make sure to keep my shields up then. So a few of my friends are going to show me around after school you wanna come with us."

"No I'm just gonna head home after school." Harry said as they went back inside.

"Oh come on Harry. I know it's hard for you to make friends because of what those bastards you used to call friends did to you. But you should try a little harder." Charlie said and Harry shrugged.

"Maybe some other time." He said with a shrug and walked away from his brother as the bell rang ending lunch and he made his way to biology where he was assigned a seat right next to Edward Cullen. When the bell finally rang ending the class Harry jumped up and quickly made his way out of the room and to gym which he easily got by in and when class was over he got envious looks when he walked outside to the Corvette that everyone was admiring and made his way through the small crowd of guys surrounding it and turned it on before lowering the top and turned his music up and revved the engine a few times to get everyone to move before he put it in drive and went forward quickly and left the parking lot happy to finally be away form the vampires.

When he left the school he started to drive back to his house. When he was a few minutes out of the town he saw an old red trunk broke down on the side of the street with the hood open and one of the front tires was flat. So with a sigh he stopped and backed up. He got out of his car and looked both ways before he walked across the street to see a man sitting inside on his phone. When he saw Harry he hung up and got out.

"Do you need help?" Harry asked and the man nodded.

"Uh actually I could use some help. I could use a jump and if you have it a jack." The man said.

"Yeah just a second." Harry said and crossed the street. He started his car and backed it up before crossing the street and stopping right in front of the old truck. He left the car running as he popped the trunk and hood. Then he got out and went to the trunk and got his jumper cables and jack out. "Okay let's set the cables up." He said and handed the man his set and they set them up to the batteries.

"Alright as it charges let's change the tire." Harry said and set up the jack as the man pulled out his spare and a four way. Harry loosened the tire before he jacked it up and took it all the way off. Then he put the new one on and tightened it back down by hand before lowering the jack and tightening it all the way. "Okay try and start it while I put this away." Harry said and moved to the back of his car and put the jack away before closing the trunk and he heard the trunk loudly start up and they unhooked the jack.

"Thanks for the help. My names Charlie Swan, I'm the chief of police around here." The man said holding out his hand.

"Harry Knight I just moved here with my folks and brother." Harry said shaking his hand before putting his hood down. "It was nice to meet you."

"You as well thanks again for the help." Charlie said with a smile and a nod as Harry got into his car. He gave a small nod in return before he put the car in drive and started on his way back home.

When he got back home he parked his car in the garage and was about to make his way inside when an owl flew down to him. He took the letter off of his leg and after waving his hand over it and making sure it wouldn't cause him any harm. After he found it was fine he opened it and read the note from Fred and George. "Hmm the gits are on my side." Harry said with a grin. "Gotta go write them back." He said to himself before popping into his room the owl still on his shoulder and he sat at his desk to write a note.

Fred and George I'm grateful that your on my side and that your willing to help me by being my eyes and ears over there. I can't tell you where I am as of now but when we find a better way to communicate I'll tell you.


When he was done he tied it to the owl's leg and let it fly out the window and that was the only really interesting day for the first two weeks but that all changed one day when harry decided to take his bike out for a spin. He just got out of school and quickly went home. When he parked his car in the garage Harry looked at his bike and decided to go for a quick ride. So he put all of his stuff in the car and hopped on the bike sliding on his sunglasses after he sat down. When he was all set he started the bike and pulled out. He flew down the drive way and quickly looked both ways before he started to fly down the street pushing the bike to its limits which with the magically modified engine was easily one hundred and eighty miles an hour. He was just starting to take a turn near some woods when he saw three large wolves running head on towards him and though they looked different than Remus he recognized them as werewolves.

The leader a large black wolf was snarling as they spread out to cover the road and Harry hit the breaks and turned side ways flipping the bike and being flung straight at the wolfs. He was thrown straight into the leader and they rolled a bit before the wolf was standing behind is head with the other two on either side all growling before they all started attacking him the two on the sides grabbed his arms and pulled them out of there sockets while the leader went for his head.

He would have got it to if Harry wasn't able to push himself up with his legs flipping backwards and messing up his arms even more. He kicked the leader back and went to kick one of the wolfs on his leg only to have it caught by the leaders mouth as he pulled it back. The black wolf had a hold of his knee and bite down on it hard completely destroying his knee. The wolf let go of his knee and was about to go for the kill again when Harry heard a noise heading towards them and the wolves let go and ran off into the woods as Harry laid there in pain wishing help would come. He tried to stand but fell down.

"So much for unbreakable bones." he said to himself as he heard a car coming closer and very fast though he wasn't sure if it was close enough seeing as he was losing a lot of blood and being half human and half vampire that was really important to him. Just as he was going to try to yell for help he felt the cars vibrations getting closer but also a some running towards him and looked up just in time to see Alice Cullen stop running and quickly walk over to him.

"Are you okay." She asked as she lifted his head and put it in her lap stroking his hair gently.

"Do the other Vamps know you're here." he asked her staring into her beautiful eyes.

"You know than how." She asked slightly worried.

"Don't be so worried beautiful I'm no threat to you or them if your not to us. I'm a half Vamp. So do they know you're here or not." Harry asked as he heard the vibrations getting closer.

"Umm no they don't and they can't either we were told to stay away from you." Alice said looking away from Harry.

"Really well than watch out for Edward he'll read your mind." Harry said and Alice looked at him in shock.

"How'd you know that and what else do you know." she asked

"I know that because he tried to read my mind and I kept him out. Don't tell me Eddy didn't tell you that." Harry said with a smirk before it turned into a frown when he remembered Dobby and Winky. "How could I have forgot." he asked himself as he heard the car getting closer.

"Forgot what?"

"Dobby and Winky." Harry said and Alice raised an eyebrow.

"What?' she asked before two cracks were heard and she saw two small green creatures.

"MASTER. Is yous being okay." Dobby asked as they quickly came over to him.

"Fine I just want you to send my motorcycle and all the broken parts to the garage and winky I need you to fix my arms and leg then go home." Harry said and they did as he said.

"What were those things?" Alice who finally found her voice asked.

"Now's not the best time there is a car coming up on us fast." Harry said before Alice stiffened slightly and looked like she zoned off.

"We have to go Edward, Emmet, and Jasper are coming. I have to get out of here." she said

"Why can't you stay here. All your doing is helping me out." Harry said

"Yea but they told me I couldn't see you and I betrayed them by seeing you anyways." She said

"Well I would have died had you not gotten here when you did." Harry said.

"I was watching you and when you suddenly got cut off I feared the worst and came here I can see into the future. I just couldn't stay away. But know I have to go Edward is almost here and it won't be pretty." Alice said and went to get up but Harry gently grabbed her arm.

"Well screw them who are they to tell you who you can and can't see." Harry said

"Their my family and I have to do what they say there all I have." Alice said

"So even if it meant you can't be happy." Harry said and Alice nodded.

"Exactly." she said before pulling her arm free and running through the woods. Just as Harry was about to follow Edward appeared in front of him.

"Leave my sister alone." he said angrily.

"And why do you want me to do that?" Harry asked with a raised eyebrow. "Is it cuz you don't know what I'm thinking or is there another reason."

"Just stay the hell away from her." Edward growled.

"And if I don't?"

"Then we'll make you." Said a voice behind him and he turned to see Jasper and Emmet behind him and Jasper looked ready to explode.

"You'll make me huh. Well tell ya what if Alice asks me to stay away then I will and I won't go out of my way to see her either seeing as I haven't so far." Harry said and the all glared at him before Edward nodded and they got ready to leave. "Oh and a word of advice. I wouldn't fuck with me or my family other wise I will kill you." Harry said

"Is that a threat." Emmet growled and tried to jump on Harry but was held back by Edward and Jasper as the car Harry heard coming turned the corner and Harry recognized it as a police car. When the other three saw the car Emmet stopped trying to kill Harry. As it slowed down on the side of the road Harry recognized Charlie Swan in the car. After the car was completely stopped Charlie opened his door and got out.

"Everything alright here boys." He asked looking at Edward and Jasper still holding onto Emmets arm.

"Oh no sir everything's fine here. I just decided to take a walk through the woods and got lost. Luckily these three found me and helped me out." Harry said as the passenger door was opened and Harry saw an attractive girl around his age got out.

"Is everything okay dad." the girl asked and Charlie turned around.

"Uh yea." Charlie said as Harry saw his brother coming towards them in his corvette.

"Well there's my ride. Thanks again for the help boys." Harry said as he went up to the three vampires and they all tried to break his hand squeezing as tightly as they could and he noticed Edward looking at the girl strangely. So giving them all a fake smile he turned towards the cop car as Charlie stopped the Vet a bit away from everyone else and turned it around. "It was nice to see you again sir." Harry said shaking Charlie's hand before walking around the car with everyone's eyes on him and he saw the girl blushing as he approached her.

"Hullo, I'm Harry Knight." Harry said holding out his hand.

"My names Isabella Swan. Everyone calls me Bella though." she said putting her hand in his and he brought it up to his lips.

"Bella what a beautiful name for a beautiful girl." He said smiling as she blushed even redder and he saw Edward looking murderous. "But now I must be off." he said and started walking towards his car. When he got there he jumped in the driver seat, as Charlie moved over, and then turned his CD player up full blast before he started driving away. When they got to the house Harry parked the car in the garage and got out to see the motorcycle and pieces sitting in the back of the garage.

"So what happened? I was sitting out here working on my car when all this shit appeared and Dobby and Winky told me you weren't far from here." Charlie asked

"Well I was riding my bike when three werewolves wanted to play chicken. I hit the brakes and turned the bike flinging me off and destroying the bike as it flew through the air and had a bad landing. They started using me as a chew toy before we heard someone coming and they ran off. I sat there for a minute before Alice Cullen came and helped me out. We talked and agreed we weren't a threat to each other. She's really quiet nice." Harry said and Charlie smirked

"What about that other girl. Bella I believe is what I heard her say." Charlie asked

"I don't really know here but she seems nice enough." Harry said with a shrug. "But listen I'm gonna go out for a while be back in a bit." he said before popping into his room where he changed out of his torn clothes into a pair of black jeans, a white tank top, and a black zip up hoody unzipped.

Then he grabbed his books on Occlumency and his firebolt. After shrinking them and putting them in his pocket he popped into town where he asked a store owner for the directions to the Cullen's home. After getting shown on a map the Cullen's home he left and popped as close as he knew of he unshrunk his firebolt and kicked off hard flying above the trees and he shot off in the general direction of the house. After a few minutes he saw it and continued flying until he was behind the house and he started looking through each window until he saw Alice on the second floor of the beautiful home. After he saw her he flew up to the window and knocked on it. Alice looked around in shock but when she saw him she quickly opened her window and he floated inside.

"What are you doing here are you crazy." she asked as he reached in his pocket and pulled out his books and unshrunk them with a wave of his hand.

"So you're a wizard." She muttered to her self but Harry heard her.

"So you know about that than." he said

"Yes about twenty years before we moved here we spent out time in France where we learned about the magical world. Including Veela." Alice said the last part angrily.

"Bad experience with them?" Harry asked

"Jasper left me for them and tried to get back together with me when we moved here. I played the charade at school so that no one would try to get with me." She said quietly. "Edward knows how I truly feel. He and Emmet are really like brothers to me. He doesn't want to see me hurt. But sometimes I just wish I could keep him out of my mind." she said and Harry smiled at her.,

"These will help." he said and handed her the books.

"Occlumency the art of Protecting the Mind." she read.

"That's how I keep him out." He said before he felt someone quickly moving towards the room. "I gotta go someone's coming." he said and hopped on his broom and was nearly knocked off by Alice as she gave him a hug and he blushed as he flew out the window back towards his house.


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