Dedication: I want to dedicate this poem to Somefarmgirl, she has always been there for me in all my work through it all. This is just to show a little of how much that means to me. Thank you!

A/N: This is just another poem I have written, a not so great one at that. It is from a particular character's point of view at a specific part of New Moon. I don't know why I choose this character or this part, it just happened. If you can get both the character and the part right you get a prize. –dangles prize in front of their eyes- Anyway, on with the poem. -George

Abandoned, deserted, discarded, dumped, neglected.

I have been cast off; left behind, just dust on the road now.

I thought we were friends.

I thought that mattered, I never thought they would neglect me so.

I thought we agreed on our hatred of them.

I thought a lot of things, but thinking never got me anywhere.

I have to act.

I have to get them back, I have to save them, they deserve it, or at least use to.

I have to fix this.

I have to be there for them, they would be there for me, right?

I don't know what changed or what happened, but he got to them.

Is it drugs?

Is it a sect?

Is it a cult?

Or is it a pack?

It has to be a pack.

They run around together like a pack of wild dogs.

Doing what they want.

Where ever they want.

Whenever they want.

They could care less who it hurts.

What has happened?

I don't know what he has done?

I don't know what kind of club this is?

And I definitely don't know what to do about it?

All I know is that I want my friends back, back and safe.