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Questionable Answers

Corolla by green see-through ghosts

There were some things that Hinata did not want an answer to.

One of them was to the question that her animal curiosity was posing about why there was a mouth in the hand that was currently gripping hers. For one thing, the idea of it was simply too creepy to even consider. It opened up wide ranges of thought, from kinky to cannibal and everything in-between, and Hinata shuddered to think about how odd the formation of his body must be when compared to hers.

What kind of person had mouths in their hands? Well, then again, what kind of person had eyes that could see in a three-hundred-sixty degree range from one position? Perhaps these types of people would be well suited for each other, but Hinata felt that if Neji had hated the man currently holding her hand, then there was a good chance that he had done unforgivable things. Neji might be a solemn, hopeless, annoying whiner (sometimes) but he was also a fairly good judge of character once he got past his preconceptions. Then again, perhaps he'd had preconceptions about Deidara? Such a thing would be easy if you caught sight of the two mouths where they shouldn't be…but then, perhaps their personalities were simply personalities that clashed.

Perhaps hers was a personality that would compliment both of theirs.

Another question she did not want to know the answer to was the question of where she was. Because, for the moment, it happened to be very comfortable and, along with the hand clasping her own, there was a warm presence on her skin that she knew had to be sunshine. It felt weak -- probably the last rays of a setting sun, by the heat of it -- but it reminded Hinata of better days. Days when Father had not been angry, and Neji had still been around. Sometimes, they'd had family gatherings out in the huge back-yard of the Hyuga mansion, and though there'd been games and food and talk and laugher, much of the time, Hinata would find herself laying in the trees a bit away from the rest, soaking up the sunlight and wondering if she could store its power to use later on. Maybe, she mused, that was happening now, and while there was no real sunlight, that forgotten warmth of better days was radiating outward.

Maybe, she thought, she was still loopy from the insane pain that had shut down her mind a few hours ago.

She didn't want to know why her hair was pulled back, because that would make her question the finger tracing the outline of her healing bruise. Usually, when she slept, her hair formed a giant mess around her face, an extra layer of protection beneath her pillows and blankets and sheets. Though it sometimes threatened to strangle her -- not to mention suffocate -- she enjoyed the sense of privacy it gave her. Long hair was so useful, she'd decided, in hiding your feelings. Go down with a tear, spend a moment in quiet, come up with a smile! Like a changing curtain she could carry around with her wherever she went. So why didn't she mind that her hair was pinned beneath her head in a silky, twisted rope that wasn't of her doing?

Well, there was that finger on her cheek…

And the last thing that Hinata positively did not want to know?

"Observers say the explosions began on the second floor, in the very west wing. Blueprints say that the bombs, made of nothing but dynamite and timers, could have been placed in the floor of the second level, but police chief Tsunade says that this is just one of many possibilities. The investigators are leaning towards a more subtle placement, such as…"

The person whose hand was holding hers, whose finger was stroking her cheek, and whose lap she was half in, chuckled, the sound a low rub of movement across the empty room, and switched the radio off.

No, Hinata did not want to know that the bombs had gone off. Because that meant that she was no longer in the police station; that her friends were probably not nearby to help her; that the explosionist Deidara was psychotic enough to kidnap her; that any minutes now, she could be killed or maimed or worse at the hands of a man who…had mouths in his hands?

Any more answers, and Hinata figured she might as well break down in tears while she had the chance.

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