How You and I came to be

By: NekoWriter

Chapter 1: The forced Beginning

"The Greatest challenge in life is to find someone who knows all your flaws, differences, mistakes, and yet still sees the best in you."

It wasn't the pain I couldn't bear, rather it was those damn tears. So what? It bothered me when Rukia cried; that wasn't a secret. I mean she never cried, only if something really bad happened…and I mean extremely bad. In my eyes it wasn't so horrible; I was bleeding, big surprise there. Sure, there were stab wounds and tares of flesh; not to mention the bruises, but it was just another battle. One of the millions, so why is she crying so damn much?

Shit, I probably look dead to her.

The realization that I couldn't move a muscle in my body struck me as an eerie sensation. Not being able to carry out the simplest of motions was almost unbearable. I was beaten, there's was no possible way to win which killed everyone else's chance as much as my own. No, I wasn't worried about Rukia, Renji, and the rest. It was the people I didn't know who crossed my mind. Aizen would stop at nothing even if it meant sacrificing as many human as needed. I was the one they relied on whether they knew it or not. I allowed Aizen to escape to the human world. I allowed masses of Hollows escape from Hueco Mundo. I allowed myself to fall and damn it I allowed Rukia to cry on my behalf.

Damn it body! Move! Why won't you move? Move! Move! Move!

My pleas became more and more pathetic as I begged with my body to give even a slight twitch. Nothing came…

"And here I thought you may have been able to stop me… I guess not." The cruel words came from Aizen. I thought he left already. I guess not. Did it really matter anymore though?

"Don't you dare talk down upon him!" Stupid Rukia! Do you want to get yourself killed?

"Just sit and weep fragile little girl. That's all you'll ever be good for." With that I assumed he went his separate ways; leading my world to its ultimate downfall.

I heard a soft growl escape Rukia's lips, but surprisingly there was no retaliation; which really surprised me.

How dare he say that to her! I will kill him! Damn it! I need to be stronger. I need to defend everything I know. I need to MOVE!

Really? You want to move that bad?

I knew that voice; I used to fear that voice; I now welcome that voice.

Yes. I don't care how you do it; just make it happen.

Being a bit bossy there king. You can say please ya know.

Last time I checked you were in my body. Pay up! Earn your keep.

I knew if he really demanded me to beg on my knees I'd do just that. My pride wasn't an issue at this point; hell my pride was stripped of me when I was reduced to this disheveled state. The only thing left was the resolve to take back what I lost; my pride.

Weak, pathetic human. Oh well, I guess I have to help ya then.

A twitch; my fingers felt my strength returning first. It slowly slithered its way through my veins fueling my bodies desperate need for replenishment. The pain that was lodged deep within me slowly vanished, clearing out the crap to make room for raw power that was starting to overflow within me.

This is a whole new game Aizen. One that's going to cost you.

(At the Battlefield over karakura Town…)

Many upon hundreds of casualties littered the grounds; both shinigami and hollow. The battle was in a stalemate; neither side was losing or winning. After the lesser power had been dealt with on both sides the captains and lieutenants all seemed to form a group to face the espada and arrancar, of course those of who were left. Both sides were almost even 22 versus 24. Unfortunately, it can't be said that our side had the advantage. There was a great casualty already towards the shinigami; captain of squad 12, Kurostshuchi Mayuri, had been honorably beaten and slain. Thus, in the attempt to save him Nemu as well, perished. It was a dark day for soul society, it once again had to start another search for a new captain. Then again you couldn't say that was their greatest issue at the moment.

"Aizen…" Captain Yamamoto calmly spoke addressing the ex-captain as he appeared from what seemed a tear in reality itself.

"so you do remember me?" He chuckled a laugh tainted in malice.

"You will die here on this field for the treason you committed against soul society." Captain Yamamoto lost his composure for a mere second, letting a tiny fraction of the anger and hate he let build inside out.

"Oh, why speak so cruelly to an old friend?" A disturbing smile haunted his face as he watched the shinigami squirm in impatience every single one of them dying to stab him.

"You were never a friend of ours. Not one could vouch for you." Captain commander roared; heat leaking from his body which started to emit hot waves across the air.

"Momo? You were never my friend?" Aizen was getting a good laugh, his jacked up pride overwhelming his ability to think clearly. Momo stood frozen in shock wondering how she got pulled into the conversation. All she could do was lower her head to the ground. She couldn't lie…not to him. He was her everything.

"Enough talk." With the final command, Captain Yamamoto slammed his cane into the air yet still making a clunking sound.

"Yes, I agree. Talking did delay Kurosaki's fate too long. I must learn from my past mistakes don't you think?" He was waiting for a reaction and he got one.

"….dead?" Yachiru gasped in horror being the first for several seconds to react. At least a dozen other protests lined the air afterwards. It was unthinkable really…Ichigo may have been human, but he could ultimately take down most of the shinigami in this gathering.

"How dare you-" A furious tone filled the air. Murderous intent in every syllable. It was none other than Isshin Kurosaki. His face wrinkled in anger and frustration. His son was dead? It couldn't register in his mind properly.

"Well, well, well, this isn't a face I've seen for many a century. Isshin Kurosaki. I'm sorry for your loss." Aizen grinned. Most of the newer shinigami turned to see who he was addressing. They had never seen nor heard of him before, yet why did he flaunt a captains robe?

"Your Ichigo's father?" Oomaeda gasped dumbfounded. Soi Fong however looked ready to maul him for screeching this at such a moment.

Naturally no response came from Isshin, he was too infuriated. First, he lost his wife to his former line of work, and now his son. It was too much for him to bare.

"Isshin. Don't become hot headed. That won't do any of us good." Yoruichi attempted to calm his temper. It was hard to see him like this, not because she was an old friend and sympathy was the only natural thing to feel, but because she never saw him like this. Anger was the only thing known to Isshin at the moment. It was almost hard to believe it was still him.

"That's right. Some things are not what they appear to be anyway." Urahara spoke adding his proverb of the day placing his hand on his friend's shoulder.

Isshin calmed down, slightly. Of course everyone else now was furious. Ichigo was well known and liked through soul society. He saved their asses too many times to count. So, this time they were going to honor his death and take revenge on he who took his life.

"Ready when you are." Aizen was smug and rude, but his short phrase got the job done. In the blink of an eye everyone seemed to engage in battle. The long and brutal fight was just beginning.

It lasted an hour maybe two. Both sides greatly dwindling, but in the end the side with more numbers eventually seemed to have the upper hand.

"Fools are arrogant and too fast when making judgments. Fools don't know when they are beaten. Fools are a disgrace to their kind. Fools will most definitely die by my hands. You all are fools therefore you shall all share in the same fate." Aizen laughed and laughed. His pride at its peak no one could beat him. He had one this game. Who was left to oppose him?

In the end pride and too much confidence may have been his down fall. If he had only stopped to register the fact that maybe there was somebody that much stronger than him. Then maybe, and that's a strong maybe, he wouldn't have felt the slash of a black thin sword puncture his heart. There was that possibility that he didn't have to see the object piecing his body that he knew oh so well, but you can't undo what has already been done. Therefore this was the outcome of the long awaited end.

"Aizen, you are the fool." Ichigo Kurosaki single handedly killed Aizen with one carefully placed attack. His pride was back better than ever.

After a great deal of time my body had healed itself and I was in amazing condition. The tears dried…thank god… and my strength was back. I could move damn it! Who'd thought it feel so good?

"Rukia I'm going after him. It was my fault he was able to leave in the first place." I gave her the truth I fed myself. There was more to it I guess, like getting my stolen pride back.

She was wordless for a second before finally giving me a smile, "Don't you dare get yourself killed alright?" As I figured I also received a punch in my side. Damn, it was a hard punch though.

I nodded pulling my hollow mask over my face. "Do you both know what your doing?" I asked both Renji and Rukia at the same time. Renji happened to find us within the last half hour or so. That's when we devised a plan.

"Yep. We're right behind you." Renji said with all the cockiness he had in him. If that's what kept him in a fighting mode than by all means he could keep that attitude, but if he wanted to keep all his limbs he probably should tone it down some.

I slashed at nothingness, creating a tear in the air, whirling with red and black energy, that all three of us jumped through.

When I arrived in the human world all I could see was Aizen wide open and defenseless while delivering some cocky speech about everyone but himself being fools. So, I took the opportunity and stabbed him. If I got one clean shot I wouldn't have to go through the trouble of getting all bloody again.

"Aizen you are the fool." I said trying to act cool. After all he was ranting before about how he wasn't a fool and everything. It'd be just one more thing to stick in his face.

He slowly turned to see me; his killer. At first he seemed confused before realization struck. "Well, your quite something Ichigo Kurosaki. Coming back from the dead was not something I foresaw. Too bad you didn't join my side; you would have been a great addition." With that the light in his eyes went out; his body going limp on my blade.

"No thanks, I don't see the greatness of being one of your trophy's." I said, sliding his body off Zangetsu. It making a hard thud on the pavement. Aizen was dead.

"This can't be happening." Tousen yelled readying to charge at me while Gin starred in awe gapping at the scene he just saw.

At the very flinch of Gin's foot Renji came out of no where at once disabling him. You'd think it would be harder seeing as to how much trouble we have been put through because of him, but I guess seeing as he was already distracted it was easier than it should have been.

Rukia attempted for Tousen, but seeing as his blindness gave him better sensing abilities she had no chance. I realized this seconds too late. A slash was made at Rukia which hit directly where intended. The line starting at her shoulder which ended at the very end of her leg.

Rukia's eyes bulged, I guess she didn't expect it either. My body moved swiftly taking Tousen down, very harshly may I add, killing him within seconds. I dove for Rukia who's body was nearing the concrete ground.

At the last second my hands clutched part of her ripped robe allowing me to hold her tightly to my chest making myself able to turn our bodies so I received the impact. It didn't hurt…well I mean it did, but it wasn't horrible. I did however leave a hole in the road.

In seconds I was swarmed as I leapt out of the pit with Rukia in arms. Thousands of questions were being asked and I just couldn't make sense of any of them. The only thing in my mind was the image of Rukia bleeding and lifeless. Her chest rose up and down still.

Thank god, she's still breathing.

I was able to relax for a moment. Rukia was alive. It would have been my fault if she had died, it was my plan after all. She saved my life the first time I met her, how would I be able to look myself in the mirror again if she had perished? She changed my life, I owed her her own. That all is what I thought I should be thinking, but really all could think was,

She's breathing.

Unohana was quick to take action, she appeared with her hands already glowing purple. She worked diligently for about five minutes before she had to remove her robes. I knew it was the worst time in the world to be blushing but…

I quickly snapped out of it though because I could also see many other blushes in the crowd form. I scowled at them, making many turn away.

"She's alright now." Captain Unohana stated with a smile, "She received minimal damage, but her robes well I can't say the same." The clothing was slashed and completely ruined. I wasn't going to receive minimal damage if Rukia was practically naked when she woke up.

Without hesitation, and a slight blush I stood up straight undoing the top half of my robes before sliding it off with much succession.

"here. It's a little bloody, but it'll have to do." I awkwardly handed over the article of clothing looking away as Unohana slid it on, tearing a piece of medical tape that she had on her person to wrap around the middle to act like a belt. In the end, when I looked, she looked like she was wearing a dress. At least it didn't show anything too revealing.

"Okay, now time for your wounds Mr. Kurosaki." She slightly smiled, looking me down. I guessed that I was in bad shape. "Well, I definitely have my work cut out for me." She sighed getting to work.

(Just a few meters from the medic scene…)

"Would that be most pleasing of an offer?" Captain commander asked an elder; a Kuchiki elder. He along with the rest of the elders nodded their head in approval.

"That would benefit us greatly; not only all of soul society." The conversation commenced deeper into the finer workings of the plan.

"Secrets don't make friends." Isshin popped out of nowhere genuinely curious about the shady conversation. Clearly, his attitude making a complete one-eighty.

"Actually you are just the person we needed to talk to." So, Isshin was pulled into the conversation. It was very much to his liking as well.

"I see…"


"Of course!"


"But what of his happiness?" Isshin asked starring the commander down.

"Look at them right now and tell me if you won't think they'll be happy!" Isshin knew he had a point and only nodded in agreement.

"Deal." Now that that was out of the way, the elders along with Isshin and Yamamoto dragged Byakuya off to the side.


"Absolutely not!"

"That's absurd…"




"Deal." With much hesitation and arguing Byakuya ended up giving in to his better judgment. He knew that the plan was to benefit everyone, but this was coming at him way too fast.

"Congrats Byakuya!" Isshin cheered practically jumping on him.

"For what?" He responded in a very lifeless tone.

"For being an almost uncle woo!" Byakuya gulped, right now he pretty much hated life.

"How are you feeling Midget?" I welcomed Rukia back into the world of the conscious.

"Um, okay I guess. Unless of course you count my loss which is eating at me slowly as okay." She growled at herself.

"Rukia, it's alright everyone's dead. Well, everyone that we want to be dead anyway. It's not your fault he wasn't caught off guard like we thought." I figured humoring her defeat was the best way to go about these type of things.

She suddenly turned red and I don't mean a light pink either. It was a full out blush.

"What?" I guess I could figure out why she was blushing.

"Ichigo, why don't you have a shirt on?" That was it? Now I really wanted to see her reaction to what she was wearing.

"Well, you see- you…" I didn't have to go any farther because she noticed immediately after that what I implied.

"…" I think she was speechless…and not in the good way either.

"Sorry." Was all I could mumble. I felt really bad for her now. She probably realized that she was stripped, dressed, and changed in front of all her friends and family.

"Excuse me. If your scene is over…" A very superior sounding voice, much like Byakuya's tends to get, interrupted our awkward position.

"I am sorry, elders." Rukia was quick to bow. Oh my god, my shirt I guess wasn't long enough, her butt was completely exposed to everyone behind her. I was fast to pull her back to the sitting position by yanking at the top of my shirt.

"There is no need for a sorry because we have something we must enforce upon you." I didn't like those words. They seemed very demeaning on top of cruel.

"Hold on a second. You can't boss Rukia around…" As fast as I shot up to scold the old men I was pulled back down next to Rukia by Rukia herself.

"Shut up. They can." She harshly whispered. I mumbled under my breath while waiting for this oh so mighty command.

"Don't worry Kurosaki this involves you immensely as well." I shuttered, that could not be a good sign. What if they wanted to separate us? I don't know how I'd be able to handle that. She'd been with me for what seemed like forever, I don't think I could function. Of course, I would never admit that out loud.

From the side of the crowd Captain Yamamoto stepped out, along with Byakuya and…wait….Dad?!?

"Dad!?" I felt like screaming but it came out in a strange mono toned voice. It was like, 'yeah this is typical'.

"Hi Ich-I-Go!" My dad waved even though I was like a foot away. Wow, this was embarrassing.

"Wait, you're a-? Isn't that a captain's robe?" I gawked at the white robe he sported. There was no way my brain dead dad could have been a captain!

"I'll explain later. Listen." He let my attention drift back to the line of people waiting patiently for me to acknowledge their presence once again.

"As we were saying we would like to ask a favor…no that's not quite right. We're demanding this upon you. You must accept; no arguments either." And they expect me to do what? Not argue?

"Have you really ever heard of me doing things the easy way?" I wanted to grin, but the looks on their faces gave me the notion that doing so was inappropriate.

"No, but you really have no choice. Even your father agrees with us on this matter." They stopped to reassess what they were saying.

"Okay…? And what is this matter you speak so highly of?" I was about to go crazy. They're beating around the bush.

"Rukia," They turned to face her, "You're engaged." They paused. Her face went blank, all emotions betraying her I'm sure. Her face kept changing its position; it couldn't decide what emotion to admit to. Oddly, I too was doing the same thing.

"What does this have to do with me?" I barely managed as my teeth clenched together. Was it jealousy that was doing this to me? The thought of a guy being closer to Rukia than I am?

"Well, that's because you're the one engaged to miss Kuchiki Rukia."

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