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He can't be dead…

Check throat for pulse.

He can't be…

Holds his head in his hands.

He can't…

Shake gently.


Holds him close.


Blood floods the vision, washes over his senses, it's all he sees, all he smells and he can taste the coppery liquid in his mouth. It sticks to his hands, blood on his hands, reminds, reminds, always reminds.

Sam bolts up in his bead, eyes shifting quickly from left to right than back to the bed on his left.

He'd grown accustomed to preventing a scream or gasp after one of his infamous nightmares. The skill hadn't been fully tested during the four month hell-on-earth that Dean had been suffering in just-plain-hell. Eyeing his big brother carefully he noticed that the practicing hadn't' failed, and his brother still slept soundly on his stomach, hand under his pillow and facing the door.

Sam sat and watched the slow movements of Dean's back rising up and down, more than thankful that the breathing was even, continuous, and present. Stretching out his long limbs he carefully maneuvered himself from his bed, creeping over to his brothers.
Being 24, Sam would have thought he didn't need his big brother to sleep next to him, one lazy arm over his shoulder and a quiet "It's okay, Sammy, I'm here" spoken in the middle of the night after a scary dream.

But as he slid under the covers and felt Dean's body shift and his arm toss over his shoulder, the whisper floating over the pillows and sheets and into Sam's heart, he knew that it didn't matter how many demons he killed, how many nightmares he had, or how cold he'd grown to the outside world during those four months, he'd always need the warmth, the strength, the amazing…well, angel, that was his guardian, his best friend, but most of all, and best of all, his big brother.

He'd always need Dean.

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