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Drain Brameged Inc. Proudly Presents

A Mad-Hamlet Production




"How was the shower?"

"Took a while, got the vamp dust off."

"It was only those..those..two."

"Yeah but they seemed extra..explosive."

"Well..you staked them kinda hard."

"They deserved it, I'm just sorry it was so fast. I wanted them to hurt I wanted-"

"Buffy, please let it go."

"I..that is..yeah..alright. Just this one time I hope they are damned."


"Okay..okay....still..felt good to take a shower without my clothes on."


"Don't even go there. It's not an issue. Issue, non..non-issue. This issue is thoroughly nonned."

"Nonning the issue. Right."


"What's up?"

"Nothing much, just thinking, lots to think about."

"That's my fau-"

"Ahem..Issue thy name is non."

"This too?"

"You betcha."


"Get over here ya silly goob!"

"What..hey..stop! Cut that out! That tickles..oh..oh jeeze..can't .breath!!"

"There, that'll teach ya to go all pout-faced on me."

"Pouty-facing will cease at once. My most humble apologies."




"Oh no..not with the tickling agggaaaiiinn!!"

"Hoo.ha.gaaahh.thanks..I needed that."

"You are most welcome."

"Darn tootin'"

"Say what?"

"Darn tootin' I'm welcome..oh..that doesn't make much sense does it? Who cares, felt good, needed, yeah, feeling much better after getting nearly tickled to death. Oh..the agony, tortured by my best friend, betrayed and then left..oh the agony..sweet..sweet..agony."

"Can I put babble-mode under the non-issue clause?"

"Nope, it's built in."


"Darn tootin'!"

"So.what were you thinking about?"

"Not gonna give up on that are ya?"

"Never.nope..put the fingers away maestro, s'not gonna happen."

"Well..shoot. Okay..I was thinking about."





"I know..I mean..I heard you and..well..I was just surprised."


"Oh nononono..you're not turnin' the tables on me. What about rituals?"

"I.I was wondering what they were like."

"Any one in particular?"


"It wasn't a ritual Buffy, I ..we just talked."

"About what?"

"What do you think?"

"Why did you tell me you loved me?"

"Because I do."

"And you told them that?"

"No, I told them that I loved someone but was afraid."

"And what did they tell you?"

"They..they told me that if I didn't tell than the chances of me never knowing were a hundred percent, if I did..well..I would at least have a chance."

"But..but what if I..what if.."

"Then you don't. It doesn't change anything, you're still my friend and you always will be and at least you know and I know that you know. Either way ..I..we can move on."

"What if it does change things though? I mean..what if I feel I'm hurting you and..that I feel like I'm expected too..too.."

"No..never. You're my friend, above all else you're my friend and I told you because I am your friend and I trust you. Trust you never to hurt me..and you trust me to never hurt you. I and never would."

"What if it happens anyway?"

"...I don't know..but it won't happen!"

"Why not?"

"Cause I won't let it."

"It's not that easy I mean.."

"Do you remember what you told me in the shower?"

"What..the promise I'd never go back-"

"I know that, I'd never question your promise, no I was talking about the other thing you said."


"How quickly they forget. It is that simple Buffy."



"You think so."

"Yup, I do."

"Damn..when did you get so smart?"

"Rituals. Hey..stop laughing I'm being serious here!"

"Heya again."


"What's wrong?"

"Nothing..maybe..I'm..I'm just worried about you. What may happen when you go to class."

"I'll be fine."

"Willow, you havn't..it's not over, hell it's not even begun and.."

"I know, I know all this and..and I'm worried too. But I have to go and I can't ask you to be there either."

"Neither rain, nor sleet, nor cold of wind will keep a Rosenberg from her classes eh?"

"Not even rape."


"I'm fine..really I'm fine..I'm okay..it's.."

"It's not something in your eye..damnit..you're right."


"I said 'you're right' now come here. No, I mean right here."

"In your lap? Buffy I'm in college."

"Don't care, get over here...okay...now..give me your hands."


"Give me your hands!"


"You're repeating yourself..but that's not important right now."

"What..what is important then?"

"I'm getting to that..gimmie a minute."

"It's been three min.."

"Hush up you!"

"Hushing up."


"That was six minutes..sorry..sorry."

"Willow..you're right..you were right then and you are right now."


"It is that simple."

"What..what are you saying Buffy?"

"Willow..my sweet Willow...I have a Secret."

End Prisms