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What Do You Fight For


What was he fighting for exactly?

He didn't know.

Every shinobi had their opinions. Most leaned toward the most obvious of answers. "We fight for the village." Or, "We fight to protect the Hokage."

Asuma had once spoke about fighting for the 'king'. He had just assumed he meant the Hokage, but maybe that wasn't quite right. Asuma had fought for many things, the Hokage was just one of them.

The silver-haired jounin fought for.... What?

The village. The Hokage. Comrades. Memories. His life.

What was all that worth in the end?

A successful passing? A memorable life?

It seemed unlikely. What was waiting for him once it was his time to pass? He had led an empty life. Throwing his mind and body into his missions, and fighting with a detached mind.

What was worth fighting for anymore?

Sasuke had gone to join the enemy in seek of power and revenge. Sakura had become a human shell after seeing to much of the world and having to much heartache -which was a pity considering she desevered so much more from life- from teammates falling in front of her innocent eyes.

Then there was Naruto. The one person everyone had looked down upon in his younger days and had hated him for something that wasn't his fault. The one person who had strived to get the village to acknowledge him. The one person that seemed to posses an unnatural power of bringing out the best in people.

The one person that had died at the village gates, screaming death upon an enemy that dared encroach on his land.

Naruto had died a true Hokage's death. The blonde had thrown himself in the line of fire, taking deathly blows, and had dragged the enemy down into the darkness with him from one kunai clutched in his numb hand.

And for what?

It all seemed to come back to that. What was the point of all the fighting and dying if it meant nothing when darkness over took your vision for good?

Everything had fallen apart, and he was lost, confused, and hurt.

Kakashi was a fine, strong, dependable, and loyal shinobi. Who would step in front of any enemy and fight for all he was worth.

Was he really?

He thought of himself as merely a pawn. One small, insignificant game piece in the chess battle of Ninja.

But what were they fighting for?!

Money. Orders. Missions. Duty.

Asuma had found the answer before he died, but it had been to late. Would he ever know? Or would he die in the line of duty without finding it out.

What a sad ending.

"Always knew you were the brooding type, Hatake." an arrogant female voice teased from behind him.

The sharigan weilder sighed, and glanced back at the spiky haired kunoichi grinning at him with her hands on her hips.

"Anko." he acknowleged her presence, wondering if she would leave.

Instead, she sauntered up to his side and ungraciously plopped beside him on the grass of the hill he sat upon. Her almond eyes flicked to the side at him before looking back out over the village.

"What's with the deep thinking? I thought you were on a mission."

"Just got back. I was relaxing." he replied calmly.

She snorted at his response. "I doubt that. With that look on your face, I'd say you were moping."

He gave her a lazy glare before laying down on his back with his hands crossed behind his silver head. "I wasn't moping."

The purple haired kunoichi snickered at him as she leaned back on her hands and crossed her legs indian-style. "Fine, we'll call it melancholy."

Kakashi rolled his one exposed eye but refused to respond. What was the point, she would just continue to pick at him anyway.

Though he did perfer her company over his wandering mind.

"How did the mission go, bag any villians?" she grinned back at him with a glint in her eye.

Sometimes that woman scared him.

"It was just a scroll retrevial mission. The ninja were hardly a challenge to defeat."

She mock pouted at that. "Damn, that has to suck, huh?" another grin.

He glanced at her before looking up at the clouds. She turned to face the village again.

Kakashi knew that Anko had been through a lot when she was young, probably things that shouldn't have been experience. What with being Orochimaru's student and all, it had to have been harsh.

He wondered what kept her fighting. What made her enjoy it. Or was she just following orders.

"Anko," he looked at her with his one dark eye.

"Hmm?" the kunoichi turned to him with a smirk.

He sat up and copied her sitting posture but instead let his legs spread out before him. "What do you fight for?" he asked in his calm voice.

"Is that what you were moping about, Hatake?" she chortled at him, her eyes dancing in amusement.

He sighed again. "I wasn't moping, and I'm being serious."

Her laughs dyed down to a grin that seemed, somehow, louder than her chuckles.

"Fight for? Hmm, well I'd have to say I fight for myself."

Kakashi turned to stare at her fully. "Yourself?" he questioned.

Anko nodded and met him stare for stare with her wide grin. "Yep, because as I see it, I'm worth fighting for."

She chuckled and stood from the ground. The silver haired jounin stared at the empty space, contemplating.

To fight for yourself? Was that something worth anything? Couldn't that just be fighting for pride and honor? He thought about it a second more and decided it was reasonable. To fight for honor, that seemed worth something in the end.

But then, who was the 'king' Asuma always talked about? It had signifiance to him, because if Kakashi could somehow link all the reasons for fighting together, would that be the 'king'? Or was it something completely different and out of his reach.

"Come on Kibishii, you need to turn in a mission report to Tsunade, and I need to find out when my next mission is. Talking about fighting has gotten me keyed up." she grinned cheekily down at him as he frowned.

"I don't see how calling me 'grim' will serve any purpose Anko." he translated as he rose to his feet and stood next to her.

"Until you change the mood, your Kibishii." the purple haired kunoichi sneered and turned to walk down to the Hokage building.

Kakashi sighed, and put his hands in his pockets as he followed the sniggering kunoichi back to the village.

That woman could be really bothersome when she wanted to be.

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