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It was a bright, sunny morning. Ike had woken up from a restful fit, of him eating cookies with milk. Oh, how he loved cookies! Anyways, he noticed he could only carry four weapons and four healing items. This had him wonder a lot. He looked around and sighed, no one was awake yet for him to talk to about this. He picked up Ragnell and placed it on his back straight up. He grabbed his Regal Sword and placed that horizontally across his back. He placed two iron swords in an "X" as well.

"I really wonder why I can only carry four. Seems kind of stupid. I can carry at least another two. One on each side of my waist." Ike grumbled to himself. He was still just waking up. He grabbed two vulneraries and placed them in his satchel. He also placed two elixirs as well. He sighed once more.

"Seriously, I have a shitload of space left in my damn satchel. Why the hell can't I carry more?" He shook his head and walked outside, embracing the warm air and sun. he smiled lightly, his blue hair swaying gently in the soft breeze that blew by. Ever since the battle with Ashera, the world seemed to be in peace.

"Perhaps, now, I can finally find that woman to help make me happy. Let's see… Hmm, too many beautiful woman to choose from. Elincia, I know for a fact has feelings for me. Mia, well, beautiful as she is, she's a little too much, even for me, but I could tame her. Titania, well, I see her as a mother, so, no go. Miciah, unless I like little girls, which I don't, so, no there as well. Lethe… A beauty with a fire will as well. She'd make a wonderful wife, except for all the arguments we'd get in." He laughed a little at that. Though, the entire time he was listing all of this off, all the girls, or should I say women, were listening to what he was saying.

"Anyways, continuing on. Hmm… Laura, well, she's nice and all, plus she can heal. But she has feelings for Aran. Ilyana knows magic, something I don't, but man, she's eats a lot, and still keeps that gorgeous figure. Meg, well, no go, she's got her eyes set on Zihark. Man, do I feel bad for him, partially. Fiona, nah. She doesn't strike me as the loving type, though I could be wrong. Vika, well, she's really young, like a kid, but I know otherwise. Marcia, well, she did owe me her life, but I told her, her debt was forgiven." He looked to the sky, smiling. His blue eyes shining like the sun.

"Anyways, Leanne, she's to take over for the Heron, so, no. Astrid is of a noble house, and likes Gatrie, no go there either. Not even gonna bother with Calill. She's got Largo. He's a lucky guy. Lyre, well, she's got even more spirit and spunk their her older sister. Sigrun and Tanith both are with Begnion, not even gonna try. Sanaki is the Empress of Begnion, no way that would work, she's too young anyways. Ena has her beloved. Bless them both. Nailah is the Queen of Wolves, not trying there, cause if she got mad, well, I wouldn't be a man anymore." He laughed lightly to himself. "Seems everyone has someone they love or like, or I see them as family. Oh well. I can always think on this later." With that said, and that's a lot I might add, he walked towards the forest, intent on doing a little swordsmanship training. He knew he was good, but always remembered what his father, Greil, told him.

"While you may good, someone is always going to be better then you. Never forget that boy." Ike grinned at that memory. He knew his dad to be right, so that's why he continued to train everyday. He heard a rustle of the bushes and withdrew his Regal Sword. He'd switch if it as necessary. He walked closer to the bush, and moved it aside, seeing a wounded woman and a man there. He put his sword back across his back, and picked them both up, placing one over each shoulder. "What the hell attacked them?" he mumbled to himself. He walked back to camp, walking up to Rhys. "Hey, I need to heal these two. I found them in the forest. Something big and powerful attacked them .not sure what though. See what you can do, alright?" Rhys nodded. "I'll do my best Ike. Though, with these injuries, it may take awhile for them to awake." Ike nodded, and walked back outside, going for a patrol. As he walked around the area, he came upon a Laguz, one he'd not seen since his childhood. The figure spoke "Good to see you, Ike." He removed the cloak from his face and grinned at him. "Been awhile Tai. How's Gallia doing since the war ended?" The now named Tai grinned "Well, we're doing great. Caineghis has suggested that we begin to learn to use human weapons. I think it's about damn time. I was tired of just punching and kicking. Anyways, how's your little band of misfits doing?" He grinned at Ike. Ike just smiled back. "Well, the 'Misfits', as you call them, are doing quite well. I take it this isn't exactly a social call, is it?" Tai's grin vanished, revealing a serious expression. "It seems Skirmir has decided to run off on his own for a little while. He was last seen coming towards this direction. I was sent to find him." Ike nodded his head. "I see. Anything else you want to talk about? It's been over ten years since we last saw each other." Tai nodded. "Yeah, I want to join your little band of Misfits." Ike's eyes widened a little. "Seriously? Well, welcome aboard. I'll introduce you to everyone later. Let's get back to patrolling the area. Apparently something powerful was around here, and attacked two people walking through. I found them and they are receiving medical attention as we speak. So, let's finish these patrols and head back. Hopefully, they are awake." Tai nodded, and they both continued to finish the patrol Ike had started.

Location: Base

Rhys sighed as he finished healing them both. "Whatever was out there was very powerful to do this. I had to use three mend staves to heal them both. They are quite powerful, in their own respect." The man groaned and opened his eyes bleary. "Damn! What the hell hit me!? Felt like I was over by a truck!" Rhys gasped, surprised to see the man awake so soon. "Sir, what do you mean 'truck'?" The man just looked at him "Hmm, those clothes… Are you a bishop by any chance?" Rhys just looked astonished "I am." The looked at him and stood up tentatively. "Well, one's things for sure, I'm not back in Massachusetts." He grinned. "Your name is Rhys, right?" Rhys just simply nodded. "Hmm, I wonder where Ike is?" At that sentence, the woman groaned as well "Okay, why do I feel like I got by a bullet train?" She groaned. Rhys was completely stunned. These two people who sustained serious injury, were awake within minutes of his healing. How did this happen? He shook his head, clearing it. "What do you mean by 'Train'?" The woman stood up tentatively as well. "Well, it seems like Rhys hasn't changed much, huh Edge?" The man, now named Edge, grinned. "Aye Reimi, that he hasn't." Rhys just shook his head, utterly confused. "I'm taking you guys to see Ike. He should be back by now. Come." He motioned for them to follow him and they did, albeit slowly. When they got out of the room and into the main hall, Jamie went wide eyed and Edge just whistled. "Damn, place is huge!" He said. Reimi just nodded her head. "Well, Ike is here." Rhys stated and motioned for them to follow him up to a tall, blue haired fellow. "Ike, the two are awake and here." Rhys gestured to Edge and Reimi. Ike grinned. "Ah, good. I'm glad they are awake. Now, perhaps we can learn what attacked them." Ike motioned for them to take a seat on some chairs, which they did. "So, any idea what attacked you?" He looked at Edge, expecting an answer from him first. Edge looked at him. "Well, it was large, powerful, and it looked like a lion. A red lion." Reimi looked at him. "You sure? It looked like a blue cat, to me." With those two answers, Ike's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates. The two they were talking about were Ranulf and Skirmir. Surely didn't just attack them because they could?

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