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Ike stared at them, unsure of what he had just heard. Apparently Skirmir and Ranulf had been running around, attacking people. Ike closed his eyes and thought of what they say. He had heard rumors that a pair of Laguz had been causing trouble, be he never cared to look into it, and now, it just might have bit him in the ass.

"Alright. So, from what you're saying, two Laguz had attacked you and left you two for dead, and then me and Tai found you?" Ike asked, a little overwhelmed, since he never figured those two would ever attack unarmed innocents, even Skirmir had enough honor not to do that.

"Yeah, that's what we're saying Ike." Reimi said, as she looked around and noticed it was Ike, Rhys, Edge, and herself. "Edge, you notice anything different about the two that attacked us?" Reimi asked.

Edge simply shook his head. "They were too fast for me to notice anything other then the colors. And even if I had time, I highly doubt I'd be able to discern it." He said, sinking into the bed, before quickly jumping off and onto his feet. "Much better." He said, cracking his neck and arms.

Rhys looked at Ike, before nodding and saying that both of them were healed, but should take it easy for a couple of days regardless. Agreeing with Rhys, Ike told them they could stay there for the time being.

Reimi grinned like a fox in a henhouse, and walked towards Ike, asking if she could talk to him. Ike nodded, saying he wanted to hear her story. Edge waved to her and walked out, seeing a yellow sword sitting there, he picked it up rather easily with one hand. "What sword is this?" he asked mostly to himself, not expecting an answer. "That's Ragnell. One of the two holy blessed swords of Ashera." A soft, melodic voice replied.

Having heard a reply, he looked over to see Mia walking out of a room, wearing her regular true blade outfit. At her waist was as per usual, a silver blade. She had a small smile on her face, and Edge wanted to know her more. "Is it really?" He asked, swinging it around pretty easily. "Doesn't seem so heavy." He said, grinning. "It's a two-handed broadsword, you know." Said Mia. She felt… a connection to this guy.

"So, does this sword have a counter-part?" Asked Edge. He was curious to see if he could test himself against her. "Yeah it's Alondite." She picked it up as it was sitting next to Ragnell, before it was picked up by him. "Wanna test out your sword skills against me?" She asked, getting a grin in return as they both walked out into a small training field.

While all this was going on, Reimi and Ike had been talking. She had told Ike all about her life, and where she came from. The way she explained it, made Ike believe her. She had told him of how she and Edge were talking about inventing something, when they both felt sleepy, then woke up in this land, and then attacked a few minutes later. She had asked Ike about his life. He told her about his life, excluding the part about his father dying. He told her how he killed the Legendary Black Knight. His face softened as he talked of how his mother was the greatest person in his life. They both talked for quite awhile.


Edge and Mia were grinning as they fought against each other. Edge was simply amazed at her handling of a sword (innuendo!), and Mia herself was amazed at his skill with one.

"You're pretty good with a blade." They said at the same time. Mia grinned and did a feint to his left, but Edge caught on to it, and feinted to her right, causing them to have a stalemate and grin still. Edge spoke first.

"You're very good. I'm glad to have fought against you, Mia." He said, looking into her bluish-purple eyes (Yes! I'm not sure of the exact coloring). Mia looked back into his everglade green eyes.

"You are as well. I'm glad to meet someone else who is so skilled with a blade." She grinned, as they both lowered their swords.


After a few hours, Edge and Mia decided to go see what Ike and Reimi were doing. Edge peered into the room, noticing Ike laying his head on Reimi's lap, his eyes closed, and his breathing steady. Reimi herself was asleep. Her long bluish hair falling down over her shoulder and partially on Ike's face. Edge shut the door silently, and told Mia that they were both asleep. She nodded her head in acknowledgement, showing that she understood, and they both walked away.

"I wonder what they talked about. I noticed Ike had some faint tears streaks on his face." Edge said softly. Mia looked at him.

"I don't know, but we'll find out either later tonight or tomorrow. I'm tired. I'm gonna go to sleep. Wanna stay in my room?" She asked slyly. Edge blushed a bright red.

"U-um… Men and woman aren't supposed to share the same bed, less they are dating or married." He said quickly, looking away from her. Mia grinned at him.

"What's the matter? Scared?" She asked tauntingly. Edge looked at her quickly.

"No! I'm not afraid! I'll sleep with you!" He said, in a commanding tone.

Mia grinned the entire time. He had fallen right into her trap.


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