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Bella POV:

"Charlie, now that you've sufficiently embarrassed Edward, and myself, I might add, don't you think it's time for you to um, go now?" I asked hopefully. He winked at me.

"Huh, well, I was. But to be honest, I think I'm liking this truth or dare thing. My gosh, I haven't played since I was a teenager. In fact, I have a funny story about it. Hey, yeah, I think your classmates would enjoy it. Hey, kids, kids! Listen up!"

Oh no. God, no. How could this be happening?

When no one answered, I wished in vain that he would just let it go and well, go. Sadly, that was not the case. He stared intently at the faces of my peers, patiently waiting a reaction.

"Um, go ahead, Mr. Swan." Mike encouraged, trying to be helpful. Little did he know that what he said was one of the most unhelpful things anyone had ever said for me.

"Now there's a nice, enthusiastic young man. Say, Bella, ever thought of dating Newton here?" Charlie asked me. Was he kidding? Was he actually doing this out of spite? What had I even done to him?

"Dad, I'm dating Edward, you know that. Can you please get on with whatever you're going to say?" I said, trying to keep my voice steady. Then Jessica spoke up.

"Actually, Mr. Swan, I used to date Mike until about a half hour ago. Yeah, it was a great relationship, aside from the fact that lil', and I do mean 'little' in every way, trust me, friend Mike here was having fantasies about Emmett. Yeah, your daughter's boyfriends big bulky brother. Didn't recognize him yet? He's the one dressed like a woman with the tiara and miniskirt. So, I don't think it would be in any father's best interests for their daughter to be dating Michael Newton." She declared somewhat angrily. Mike turned a deep shade of red, and for some reason, I enjoyed it.

"Oh." Charlie managed to utter, his confused look saying it all.

"Hey, Mr. Swan, if you really don't want Mike to stay single, I'm sure Lauren wouldn't mind dating him. I mean, she really just takes what she can get her hands on, not caring if said person is available or not. And Mike is like in a really desperate situation right now, seeing as there's a snapshot of him kissing Edward on the guy dressed like a transvestite's cellphone, and he seems ready to just date the first person in his line of vision, so, they're perfect together." Brigitte stated.

"Oh, yeah, Mr. Swan, Brigitte is only dating Craig for his money, and she's totally trying to get him to marry her in the future, because his trust fund his totally huge. Actually, it's all her mom's fault. I would tell you the whole thing, but, hey, do you watch Gossip Girl? It's totally ten times more complicated than that. Like, so scandalous. If you know what I mean." Lauren replied.

Charlie started backing away. He was actually scared.

"Kids, I'm a cop, not a guidance counselor. I'm sure your personal problems are much better if divulged to someone who understands them, I personally have no experience with teenage girls, ask Bella, she knows!" He yelled defensively. I nodded.

"He's completely clueless." I murmured.

"Would you just let the man get on with his story?" Mike cried out. This was a nightmare.

"I was just gonna say that, um, when I was your age, we played spin the bottle, and someone did the funky chicken. It was funny." He said quickly, and rushed out of the gym.

Bye-Bye Charlie.