Mitchie Torres stepped out of her dark, abandoned home. She lived alone, and she would always. Her life fell apart, and the worse thing about it was, she didn't have a family to pick up the pieces. Mitchie never had any siblings, and her parents went missing a day after her birth. She was adopted until she turned 17 and ran away from her foster family, knowing they wouldn't car. She had no friends, no love, and no one to care for her.

She dressed in a dark black tee-shirt and black pants, wearing black and red high-tops. And left for her day of what she thought of as hell, but really is called school. As she thought back through her life, she knew that at no matter what school, she would never make a single friend. Only once in her life did she have a friend, but when she moved to Ohio, her friend hated her. The queen bitch of the school somehow convinced her that if she hung out with Mitchie, her family will run away too.

The walk to the high school was short, but when she arrived, she witnessed many teenage girls (And some female teachers) crowded around her school, while the guys just stared envious of the trio that stepped out of the long black stretch limo.

Rolling her eyes, Mitchie mumbled under her breathe, "Shit, this is going to take forever." But, least did she know, the trio happened to be Connect 3, one of the most famous music group in the world. And with her black clothes, she stuck out like a sore thumb.

As she entered the enormous building (Her school was GINO!), she merely walked to her plain locker. Opening it, she was welcomed by a picture of her parents on their first date. To her they seemed so happy, and they probably were happy now, abandoning their child and going to live a happy life while she was stuck in hell school.

Grabbing her books, she heard screaming of wild people (Mainly girls) screaming over the trio that approached the lockers next to her, opening them as school security managed to get the students to go to class. Trying to avoid any annoying new students that most likely heard of her horrible life, Mitchie searched her locker for her text book, but found nothing in her locker.

Some girls who escaped from the angry security were now walking up to Mitchie, smirks smeared on their faces. Two of the four girls that stood in front pulled out her "missing" (Stolen) text book and the leader of the group, Ashley, snatched it from them, and finally spoke, her voice oozing with venom, which the trio of extremely attractive boys caught onto. Unknown to the girls, they secretly were listening in.

"Bitchie, I got your text book right here." Mitchie did nothing, she only spoke.

"Well then give it back." It sounded simple, but every girl (And Connect 3) knew it wasn't.

"No," and with that she opened the text book and ripped multiple pages, but that didn't faze Mitchie, she only stared as the pages tore and fell to the ground. But the three boys now stopped what they were doing and were surprised at what they witnessed. Ashley smirk widened, and her followers opened a window, tossing the book out the window and laughing evilly,

"Go get it." It sounded like a command, but as Mitchie walked towards the doors, Ashley continued, "Why don't you just run away like your parents? Only no one would miss a geek like you. I mean if I were a parent to such an ugly child, I would run away too."

Mitchie didn't care, or didn't show that she cared. She only did what Ashley said. She ran. And Ashley (Queen Bitch in this story) and her followers laughed manically, walking off. The trio removed their sunglasses they had on before and had saddened eyes. They didn't have a clue what was going on, but this affected the second tallest one the most. Shane Gray. For some reason, he felt angry with what those girls had said. Looking out the window and at his band mates, he smiled a small grin as they nodded and dashed out the door Mitchie had left, determined to find her. The book was tossed kind of far, he noticed when he look out the window, he could see Mitchie still walking, or not, to somewhere, but Shane knew it wasn't to the book. The least he wanted to know was her name, and he was curtain that it wasn't Bitchie.

Darting as fast as he could, Shane bellowed out,

"HEY! HEY!" Mitchie turned, slightly jumping at the random shouts, but couldn't believe what she saw. Shane Gray was running towards her, and for some unknown reason, she stopped walking, even though her body pleaded her to run as far away from him as possible. And finally, he was standing, trying to breathe normally, in front of her.