A Different Kind of Romance

Summary: Vampires can imprint. Let me get that out. Edward imprints on the small half vampire half human child named Isabella, and there's nothing he can do about it. ExB


A blood curdling scream came form the woman on the bed. The baby ripped it's way through the lady. All at once the lady was limp. She had no more heartbeat. She was dead. The baby sat there on top of her mother as if knowing exactly who she was, and exactly what she had done. She wanted her mother with her. She hated herself. She was a murderer. A daughter that murdered her own mother, she thought.

A door slammed and Charlie rushed up the stairs in less than a second. When he saw what had happened, he fell to his knees dry sobbing. He had been too late. He banged his fists against the floor and it trembled beneath him. A timid hand knocked on the door.

"Can we come in?" the voice asked. It was musical and beautiful, the way it was made to be. Charlie stayed on the floor, never lifting his head.

"No," he called hoarsely. "She's gone… she's gone… RENEE IS DEAD!" he screamed out loud before dissolving in to fresh sobs. "I was too late… too late." He murmured. He stood up, suddenly livid at the creature gazing at it's dead mother. He glared at it and started to run at it-but that was before it looked into his eyes with Renee's eyes. He faltered on his step and picked up the little creature.

"I'll be fine, Alice. I've just had a change of heart." He said as he smiled at the little girl. The baby smiled back, showing a row of tiny square teeth. He gasped. "I have everything I need right here." He said, smiling. Alice debated whether or not she should walk away. Finally she made her mind, walking downstairs where her family was, looking sorrowful upstairs.

"Lets go," she whispered as she walked out the door, her family following. Charlie seemed oblivious to everything as he stared into his daughter's eyes. He was proud to be a father.

His change of heart cause reached out to him and he grasped her tiny hand in his.