Sorry guys but it seems it might be the end of road for New Phase of the Moon on fanfiction(.)net. The story has been reported and they've been very generous and offered me 4 weeks to get the story up to ff standards.

After discussing it with Shelby Sue (my lovable, luscious beta) it feels that trying to PG the fic would be basically slaughtering it. The sexual and physical components of the story are a huge part of it. Plus all the cursing and other MA details. This, of course, all sucks but fear not. I have started a livejournal account:


I also post this story over at: http:/jacobblack-n-pack(.)ning(.)com

You all know the drill about the parenthesis. Remove them, duh. So you have 4 more weeks of New Phase of the Moon on this site unless I decide to revise it and I'm pretty sure I don't want to do that. Please know that I appreciate all the support and love. The story is winding down and I know you guys want to know how it ends so I hope you all check me out on the above links. Livejournal's pretty easy but jakenpack has pretty pics to look at.