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I don't know how long we stood there, holding hands, looking out into the black night. I feel his phone vibrating in his pocket and he yanks it out, a snarl on his face. "I'm in the middle of something … Yes I am actually quite aware of what the fucking leeches can do. I'll be back in about another half an hour … Well you know what, he can spank me then."

He hangs up, shoving it back in his pocket. I find my voice, "Is … well, do you need to go?"

His eyes narrow and he shakes his head while rolling his eyes. He lets out a deep breath before grumbling, "Yeah I kind of do, but …"

He starts fidgeting and I know something is bothering him. I ask him, "What's wrong?" He looks at me pointedly and I sigh, "Besides the obvious."

He bites his lip and lets go of my hand to make his way to the window. He places his hands on the windowsill to lean against it. He looks over his shoulder at me and I cross my arms across my chest, waiting.

He blurts out, "I want to know why you didn't mention how my getting hurt would affect you as a reason not to go and confront him."

My heart plummets into my intestines because he's actually jealous of my lack of utter devotion and concern for him. Here I thought it was obvious how much I need him. I walk up to him and rub his shoulders, placing my cheek against his bare back, enjoying the heat that is coming off of him.

I speak quietly, "I didn't have to say it." He turns to face me, so insecure about us at this moment that my heart breaks just a smidge. I press on, "Because you know. You know it in your heart and when you look at me. I would die if something happened to you Jake. I could freak out every night you patrol and guilt you into cuddling in bed with me, but we both know that's now how this world, our world, works. You have a duty to your people. My duty is to respect that and love you enough to take a step back and let you."

He looks down at his feet, but I tilt his head up with my hand. "You should never doubt my love, concern or devotion to you. I'm yours. No one else can touch that." He nods shamefacedly and I grin. "Plus, you would so kick his ass. Really, do we have to go there?"

He laughs and gathers me in his arms. We kiss briefly before he sets me down. "I have to go." He reaches into his pocket and unrolls some sort of small sack and his phone. He puts his phone inside and pauses for a moment before looking at me. "Um, so we kind of roll our stuff up into the sack and tie it around our ankles so we don't rip our stuff to shreds every time we phase. Plus it's the only way I can carry my cell around."

I nod, and slowly what he is trying to say dawns on me, and I can feel my cheeks redden with embarrassment. This is so bizarre. My boyfriend needs to strip so he can then jump out of my window and phase into a giant hairball. Dude, my life for real is insane. "Um, should I turn around?"

He's smirking at me and I can feel my eyes narrow in exasperation "If you want. Or you could turn the stereo on and we can turn this into a show. You got some dollar bills?"

He backs up at my ominous stare and holds his hands up in surrender. "I'm kidding. I was kind of hoping to leave my jeans here because they won't fit in the sack. It has room for my boxers and phone. I really should just wear basketball shorts. I need to pick some up. And I think I need some new razor blades, plus I could use some body wash … what?"

I look at him in amazement, "Should I be writing this down or don't you need to go?"

He unsnaps his jeans while looking directly at me, daring me to turn away with that cocky smirk on his face. I cross my arms across my chest and stare right back. He lowers them and I can't help but sigh. I can't help appreciate how thick his thighs are. I can't help but love the coloring of his smooth skin. He's mine and I sure as hell am going to enjoy him.

He toys with the waistband of his boxers and I lick my lips while giving him a curt nod. He slides them down his legs and folds them, shoving them in the sack. I cannot help but gasp when he stands up straight because even semi-hard his dick is huge. That makes his chest puff out with pride and I brazenly walk up to him, grasping his heavy weight in my hands, stroking him until he is rock hard in my hands.

I sink to my knees and he is in awe, unable to move. I stick my tongue out and slowly circle the head with it, making him buckle at the knees. I smirk coyly at him and rise, gathering his jeans off the floor. His mouth slackens and I stand on my toes to lightly press my lips to his. "Good night baby, be safe."

He bites his lips so not to yell in frustration and grabs my arm, turning me into him. He collides his mouth with mine and I drop his jeans to wrap my arms around his neck. We break apart, him growling softly into the crook of my neck. He whispers into my ear, "That wasn't nice Bells. Not at all."

I shrug carelessly, biting his earlobe. "Sue me." His hands tighten on my waist and I push him away. "You have to go."

He looks at me in amazement and then motions to his rather inspiring erection. I can barely keep the hilarity out of my voice. "Hey, what can I do? You have to patrol. Maybe next time."

He snarls at me and shakes his head in disbelief (mostly sexual frustration I'm guessing). He jumps out of my window as I go sit on the edge of my bed, letting go of the breath I had been holding. A few minutes later I hear him howl and I smile, knowing our time to be with each other is fast approaching. I for one am getting rather impatient and we've only been together for three days. Oh lord.