I get dressed and make my way downstairs, tugging at my t-shirt. It's going to be in the low 80's which is a miracle within itself, but there isn't a cloud in the sky. It is surreal. Forks usually doesn't get warm until the end of June and that ends with the departure of August. I walk past Jake into the kitchen to get out some deli meat to make some sandwiches for us. "Jake?"

"Yeah Bells?" I yelp and nearly drop the ham when I hear his voice right behind me. Why can't he make noise? He's a freaking giant and is more graceful than a prima ballerina.

I turn around to look at him and glare. I nod in the general direction of the laundry room. "There's a cooler in there. Can you get it so I can finish here?"

"There's not enough, Bells. We're going to have to stop on the way. Probably should grab some chips and snacks while we're at it."

I nod as I wrap up the sandwiches, making four for Jacob and that's probably still not enough. Snacks are a good idea. I wash my hands in the sink and go to the pantry and pull out a six-pack of Pepsis and a handful of water bottles. I place them in the cooler and grab my bag that's on the other counter to pull out my wallet and cell.

He walks to me and grabs me, pulling me close to him. He murmurs into my hair and I try to pull away but he's having none of that. I look up at him, irritation written across my face. "I'm sorry Bells for upstairs. I'm not trying to 'claim' you. It's just when you're near me, I can't focus on anything but you." I nod, biting my lower lip. He laughs shakily. "And it sure doesn't help when you do stuff like that. Let's go, we have to stop at the grocery and my house so I can grab some shorts."

I nod, not sure if the apology was really needed when all I want is to be claimed by him.

The Beach - - -

Jacob spreads out the towel for us. It's one of those big ones that double as a blanket. I take off my t-shirt and hear the hitch in Jacob's breathing. I slowly peel off my shorts and tug at my bikini bottom to make sure it is tied correctly at the sides. He lets out a low whistle and I roll my eyes. I reach into my beach tote and pull out the sunscreen, wiggling the bottle at him. He smirks and jumps to his feet. He takes it and frowns.

"It's a spray?" I nod in total bafflement. He continues, "This totally ruins my fantasy of rubbing oil on your body and getting you all…umph…ouch!"

I elbow him in the ribs and of course, it doesn't hurt but he exaggerates for me. "First of all, spray provides better coverage and if you haven't noticed I'm quite pale."

"Baby, you glow in the dark … stop … don't look at me like that. I come in peace." He's giggling like a mad man. I glare at him.

"Second of all, baby, there will be no rubbing of oil on me because I would burn in three seconds. Thir … hmmm …" He cuts me off by gathering me in his arms and kissing me brainless. His free hand wraps around my waist to pull me closer to him. I sigh into his mouth and put my hands on his chest to get some breathing room.

I arch my brow at him in a rather dignified manner and he wiggles his back at me before nodding. "Okay. Okay. Time to spray the albino…kidding."

I turn around and he sprays my back, carefully moving aside the strings to give me complete coverage. I hold out my hand so I can spray the rest of myself but he shakes his head with a gleam in his eye. I turn around so I can face him and he sprays my shoulders and chest, followed by my belly. He reaches forward to lower the front of my bikini just a hair but feeling his hand, his very warm hand, on me drives my temperature up. He snakes his hand to my hip and sprays me making the mist feel like an extension of his hand.

I wonder if I will always feel like this with him. Ridiculously, utterly, completely taken by him. Wanting him. Needing him. In all honesty, it's only been a day since our first kiss in my kitchen and in my mind we are practically betrothed. It's mind numbing. He kneels before me, his breath a kiss on my bare, exposed skin. I hold my breath as he sprays each of my legs and finally release it when he stands, dropping the bottle back into my bag.

He stretches as I lie down on my back, taking in the glorious site of the sun hitting his superbly tinted skin. He cracks his neck and proceeds to flex for me. I can't help but laugh. "Want to take a swim?"

"Are you high? It's not hot enough and the water's still cold." I shiver at the thought.

He shrugs. "It's hot enough for me. I'll be back in a few." I nod, but scoot up onto my elbows to see Jake run for the water and dive in. He comes back up and it's like something out a movie and my earlier shower fantasy. Yet it's so much, much better live. I might actually be drooling. He shoots out of the water like a shark, looking ruggedly handsome and dangerous all at the same time. His hair stands up in random spikes and he slicks it back with one hand while wiping away the water from his eyes with the other.

I don't realize that I am now sitting fully upright, practically salivating at the male specimen before me. His swim trunks are riding precariously low on his hips, revealing that wonderful happy trail I want to skip on down to his pot of gold, wink wink. His biceps, abs and all other muscles are taut as he turns and faces me, probably having smelled my stimulation to the visual prompts he just provided in his little swim moment.

He comes out of the water and it beads down his bare chest causing me to gasp. He drops onto the towel in front of me, straddling either side of my legs. The drops of water I feel are pleasantly warm but I know that's because of his skin and the heat that comes off of it. He reaches out to touch a droplet that landed on my knee and I watch it sizzle at the contact. It's amazing. He trails a finger up and down my thigh, squeezing when he reaches my hip, causing my breathing to grow rapid. I hesitantly reach out with one hand to trace the outline of his rigid chest, his six-pack and his breathing starts to become more labored as well.

He growls low in his throat and pushes me down with his body, still keeping my legs pinned between his. He starts to attack my neck, the top of my breasts, shoulders, and any skin that he can reach with his tongue, lips and teeth. I whimper as his hands find the bottom of my bikini top. It is a flimsy triangle top and Jacob's hands are trembling so much, I'm surprised he doesn't rip it off. He shoves the damn contraption up, freeing my breasts. He stops nibbling on my ear to gaze upon me with a grin on his face that warms me down to my toes. His mouth trails down the column of my throat to my breast and he suckles on me, causing me to cry out and grip his hair in my fists. He wedges one of his legs between mine, giving me the chance to basically hump his leg. He scrapes my nipple with his teeth and I scratch his back.

He spreads my legs and slowly, painfully so, starts to gyrate against me so I can't help but feel his intense erection against my pussy. I am on fire for him. I wrap my legs around his waist and he starts thrusting back and forth, a little more forcefully, to give us the friction we are both so frantic for. I use my feet to help shimmy down his trunks a bit. The head of his dick manages to pop out and I sigh as he moves my bikini bottom to the side. He stops moving and all I can hear is the rapid pounding of our hearts and our jagged breathing.

"You can't move Bells. Not an inch, ok?" I mumble my feeble assent, as I am incapable of forming any coherent thoughts. With the head of his dick, he starts grinding his pelvis against mine in an up and down manner that has it rubbing directly on my clit.

"Ohhhh … my … god!" I squirm underneath him in utter rapture and I see a look of unholy pain cross his face. I flinch. "Sorry. Sorry."

I have no idea what I am apologizing for. It's his entire fault. What he has just been doing feels incredible and I know we have so much more to offer one another. I need to feel him. All of him. I know he feels the same way too.

He stops moving and kisses me softly. He pulls away and strokes my face. "You don't know how hard it is for me right now. How hard it is for me not to shove my cock inside you and make you mine. Make me yours. But we can't do that here. Not now."

I move my hips upward and he groans as I cry out his name. "Why not? We love each other. I don't need candles and all that other stuff. I need just you." I run my hand through his hair.

He bites his lip. "We don't have any protection for one. And we won't be alone on this beach for long. I hear cars approaching already. And I'm glad you don't need candles but we sure as hell need a bed. Okay?" I nod my agreement. I feel him reach between us and put himself away and adjust my bathing suit. He kisses the tip of my nose. "Don't hate me for this Bells."

I shake my head. "Of course not. I'm just exceptionally horny. I wouldn't be mad at you for that. You're right about the bed and, um, uh, the protection part." I can feel myself blush.

"Uhh, not for that." He stands and scoops me up in the blink of an eye and I know exactly what he's talking about now and start thrashing around in his arms to no avail. "For this." And he runs with me in his arms into the water and dunks us both.

I was right. It isn't quite as warm as I like it and that's putting it kindly. I lose my breath as water surrounds me and fight my way to the surface, spewing and spitting as I manage to get my bearings. I fling my hair out of my face and glare - no glare isn't right, murder with the daggers in my eyes works much better - Jacob. He's just standing there cackling like a buffoon.

I start to shiver uncontrollably because the water's a balmy 65 degrees or so, hopefully. He stops and rushes to scoop me in is arms and I can feel myself start to warm up. He carries me to the towel and lowers me gently while grabbing one of the towels we brought with us. He wraps it around me and gathers me into his lap all the while telling me he's sorry in between kisses to the top of my head.

My teeth are chattering, "Whh … wwhhyy?" I am shaking less between the warmth of his body and the towel. I prefer his body and open the towel to wrap myself more firmly around him and close the towel up again.

He half smiles at me as I hear a car door slam. "I could hear a couple of cars in the distance. I wasn't sure if they would stop or keep going to the park. And what if some of the pack shows up? They would be able to smell …" He at least has the decency to look flustered. "They would know that we were up to something and I wouldn't want them teasing you. Not about that. Your clumsiness, that's fair game."

I roll my eyes but appreciate the sentiment. I just wish he had taken a less drastic, less freezing, approach. I sigh and cuddle even more. Then it hits me and I let out a shriek. "They'll know anyway. Later when you go on patrol they'll be able … oh my … ohhh …"

He shakes his head. "Maybe not. I've been practicing with Sam to help block my thoughts when phased. It was kind of annoying the pack how much I thought about and umm, never mind."

I swear he was blushing and his skin suddenly felt even hotter than usual. I look at him. "Thought about what, Jacob Black?"

He squirms under me, which is a feat in itself since he's so massive. "Well, in my defense I am a teenager and as a teenager I am prone to less than pure thoughts about you."

My jaw slackens and he reaches to close it with one of his fingers and I murmur into his chest, knowing he can hear me, "You had naughty thoughts about me? Fantasies?"

He whistles and I look up at him. He catches my earlobe between his teeth and whispers, "You bet your ass I did. One of which was the whole suntan oil thing but that was a bust." He lets out one of his signature deep belly laughs.

I start to nibble on his chest and he abruptly stops. I take a slow, long lick of his chest and look at him through my eyelashes. "How about baby oil instead?"

His mouth drops open this time and I laugh my ass off. He hugs me close and lets out a breath between clenched teeth. "You don't know what you do to a guy, Bells. I might have to jump back in so other parts of me can relax." I shake my head vehemently and snuggle even closer, if that is possible. "I guess not. Look it's a good thing we got here early. Other people are arriving."

I take a look around and sure enough, he's right. The beach is starting to show other forms of life beside us. I want to whine at the intrusion but days like this are rare in Forks and I can't blame anyone else for wanting to enjoy it too. At least we had that small window of just the two of us before. We picked a spot by the driftwood tree where he had told me the legend of the Quileute people and of the vampires. Who knew then that I would be in love with him? He had been so young and eager to impress me, even with my feeble attempts at flirting. Who knew we would wind up here? We sit there quietly for about an hour until I hear Jacob mutter a curse under his breath.

I turn my head slightly to look at him. "The pack's here. Well, Quil and Sam are."

Sure enough when I peek over his shoulder I see a Jeep pull into the lot and out jumps Quil. Jacob kisses the top of my head and I scoot off of him, shrugging off the towel, since he warmed me up and the sun is shining down brightly. I rummage through my bag and find a ponytail holder and pile my hair into a messy topknot. I apply sunscreen to my face as Jacob stands.

He bends down and kisses me swiftly. "We need to talk. I'll be back soon. Please don't wander off."

I nod and pull out a book I am glad I thought to bring along. I see them walk off and what a sight they are. All tall, built and screaming, oozing sex appeal although Jacob is the tallest and most sculpted. I wonder if that has to do with him becoming alpha. Uneasiness lands in the pit of my stomach but I shrug it off. Today is not the day to worry about that. It's Sunday and it's glorious. Tomorrow means school and worrying about graduation, finding a summer job and, more importantly, college. I already let my dad know I will start in January, a semester late. He wasn't too upset, seeing as how I was a shell of myself for a better part of my senior year. I am going to enjoy today and worry about everything else later.

I must have dozed off because I am awoken by his lips pressing down on mine and the delightful squeals of Quil going, "Ewww … she has cooties." I sit up and am surrounded by bronzed russet skin and ebony hair that makes me want a deep conditioning treatment. "Hi guys."

Sam nods his greeting while Quil kisses the top of my head. I guess we bonded last night. Vampire/wolf showdowns do that. Quil hungrily eyes the cooler and I sigh, reaching over. I take out one of Jacob's sandwiches, much to his dismay and pass it to Quil who inhales it like he hasn't seen food in a week. I pull out another and pass it to Sam who accepts graciously but quietly. I guess he's a bit miffed about my astute observation last night of his feelings for Leah. I hand Jake his two and he sticks his tongue out at Quil. They tear into the chips and soda while I sip my water. They share such a bond and it makes me happy to know that when I had my head up my ass about Edward, Jake had his family there for him.

After a while the boys, well men really, decide to go for a swim. Oh, if I thought Jake wet was a sight to behold, three wet Quileutes is way better.

I never hear the approach of others coming closer. "Hey Bella!"

I turn around to see Angela, Erica, Mike, Jessica, Tyler and a few others. I smile brightly because I know I have been less than a stellar friend the past few months, especially to Angela. They start putting down their stuff, spreading blankets, turning on the radio and laughing. Then I hear Jessica, "Oh my, who are they? Yummy."

I turn to see Jacob, Quil and Sam walking toward us, water cascading down their frames. Sam is more lithe than Jake. Quil is a bit more muscled than the rest of the pack yet he can't compare to Jake. I'm a goner. I roll my eyes at Jessica's, "Hello boys." Quil of course, eats it right up but I can tell that she has her eyes on someone else.

They stand before us and Jacob reaches out a hand to me that I take. He pulls me up into his arms and crushes his mouth against me. I lose my breath and just go with the flow. I hear Mike grumbling under his breath and Jessica hiss, "What? Him too?"

Jacob lets me go and I smirk at him. I turn around and Angela looks at him oddly, "You're Jacob aren't you? And we met you guys last summer, right?" They nod and she shakes her head. "What do they feed you on the res?"

Everyone starts laughing and Quil flirts with Angela who is blushing a shade of pink I rarely see on anyone but myself. Sam, Mike, Tyler a couple of other guys start a football game. I ask Jake to put some more sunscreen on me while Angela walks over towards me.

"Can you walk with me?" she asks nervously.

I nod and get up from my spot between Jake's legs and walk off with Angela. "What's up?"

"Quil asked me to a movie next Friday and I want to say yes, but he's totally gorgeous, and so hot and I mean he's too …"

"Angela." I quietly say her name so she has to stop to listen. We're by the outer edge of the small grove of trees on the beach that head into the national park. "Angela, you're totally in his league and you're gorgeous yourself. I'm telling you that in a non-lesbian way."

She laughs and I can see the tension roll off of her. "He's a great guy. A bit immature at times, but he has a good heart. Why not? I mean you and Eric really never got past the friends thing and you're over your crush on him, so why not?"

She nods and smiles, throwing her arms around me, making me laugh. She releases me, rushing on, "Sorry. Sorry, but you're right. And why should you get all the hot guys? First Edward and now Jacob? Talk about an upgrade!" She stops laughing and looks at me carefully before speaking, "Edward is beautiful, there's no denying that but he is so damned serious and rather untouchable. Jake's a hottie and fun and you can see how much he adores you!"

I smile back, agreeing. What is mind-boggling is that a week ago or a month ago, I think the comment would have broken me, but now? I don't even flinch. I am happy without Edward. I am happy with Jacob. We head back towards our group when my gaze falls upon Jessica all but sitting on Jake's lap.

Angela tenses beside me, but I shrug. He can handle himself and I trust him. He must sense me because he looks in my direction. Jessica's eyes follow his gaze and when she sees me, she glares. She starts to stand and starts to trail a perfectly manicured nail up his chest forcing him to firmly grab her hand and place it at her side. She pouts and puts her hands on her hips.

We reach them and she turns that sickly, fake smile on me. The condescending one that has no warmth to it that she often gives me. "Hey Bella. I was just asking Jake about you guys joining us in the limo for prom but he has no idea what I am talking about. Aren't you taking him?"

I look at Jake who has a smirk on his face. I roll my eyes and turn back to Jessica, imitating her pose and smile. "Actually I haven't mentioned it because it slipped my mind. We've been busy with other things."

I turn back to Jacob who rises and takes my hand, kissing my knuckles. Jessica stomps off towards Mike. I pull Jake with my hand and we walk back to the grove of trees. I look at our intertwined fingers and smile.

We walk into the trees for some privacy. He turns to me, "Were you going to tell me about prom? I mean I know it's weird because I'm two years behind you and well I mean…"

I cut him off with my mouth. I pull back after a moment. "Honestly I never thought about going to prom and then you and me happened and the Cullens came back. Well, it just slipped my mind. We did dance at my junior prom."

He scrunches up his face at the memory. "Ugh, I was like 2 inches shorter than you because you had heels on, Bells. That's wack. It's in two weeks, right?" I laugh and throw my arms around his neck while nodding yes.

He hoists me up and I'm no longer touching the floor. We sway back and forth until, he tosses me up so he can get a grip on my bottom and I have no alternative but to wrap my legs around him. "We're not dancing anymore."

He licks my shoulder and whispers, "Oh yes we are." Then his kisses trail higher and higher until our mouths meet and I squeeze his neck to get closer. I run my hands along his arms, delighting in how hard his body is. He slowly releases me, probably to make sure I don't fall while trying to get my footing. "So are we going to prom?"

I place my finger in my mouth and ponder for a moment. "As long as we don't have to share a limo with Jess, then sure." He pumps a fist in the air and I laugh. "There are still tickets available. I can ask my mom and dad to help with the expenses and I don't want a limo so it shouldn't be too expensive."

"How much are the tickets?" He's playing with the strings of my bikini top. I try to focus on his question.

"I bite my lip, trying to remember, "Fifty per couple." He just nods and I smile. "So we're going to prom?"

His smile shines brighter than the sun, "Hell yeah."

Later that Evening- - -

We pull up into his driveway and I wish time would just stop. The weekend has just been incredible and I don't want it to end. Judging by the preoccupied look on Jake's face neither does he. We sit quietly in my truck and he shuts off the engine but neither of us makes a move to exit. "I wish we didn't have school tomorrow. I wish I didn't have to patrol tonight."

I nod and open my door. He's by my side in an instant. I hug him, while still sitting in the truck. I bury my face in his chest as he kisses the top of my head. I pull away. "I need to go. It's getting late and I don't want to get on my dad's bad side when I'm about to hit him up for some cash."

"I'll pay for the tickets. No, Bells, I will. You get your dress and whatever and I'll buy the tickets. Okay?" I nod because I can see how important this is to him. I kiss him once again and slide over to the driver's side. He closes the passenger door and is by me once again. We kiss once more through the open window. "Call me when you get home okay? I love you."

"And I you." He smiles at that and I watch him go inside before driving off, wishing it was next weekend already and that I didn't have three more weeks of school. I nearly drive off the road when it hits me – I have to go dress shopping.