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I look around. It's late, or early, or what the fuck ever, and we're all exhausted. Even more so now. And Vi? She looks dead on her feet. I have never seen her look like this. Beyond fatigued. Like her very soul has finally allowed all her weariness to show.

I look at Bella, who nods knowingly. This is why I love her. Need her. Can't breathe without her. She just knows. I can't help the small smile when I see my mark on her. That's right. She's mine.

I clear my throat and address everyone. "Hey, why don't we pick this up later? She's exhausted; fuck, we all are." Sam has Leah in his arms bridal style and is out the door, mumbling his goodbyes before I'm even done talking. Leah waves over his shoulder, cuddling against his body. I don't miss how he's practically stumbling because of his fucked up foot. Violet just smiles knowingly at me and I let it go. Not even going to ask because what's the point? She'll do her weird, ancient, shifter, vampire, Fae thing and he'll be as good as new, I guess.

I look over at the Cullens; their despair evident in their eyes. "And some need a little time to grieve. Let's meet back up here in twelve hours. Everyone can eat and sleep."

Paul crudely adds, "And get laid."

I growl at him, but Bella, my kickass Bella, beats me to it. Her gaze is on me, promising much sexing in my very foreseeable future. "Well, duh. So go away so I can have my way with my husband."

Paul's mouth drops open and Violet giggles. Bella winks at me and I feel some of the tension dissipate in the room. Seth gets up and says his goodbyes before heading out with some of the other wolves. The Cullens take their leave after Carlisle assures me that he will be tending to Leah first thing in the morning. He tells us that he knows they need their privacy right now. He's not sure if he can truly do anything for Sam's foot but Violet waves him off, telling him she'll take care of that. He looks at me, a small smile pulling at his lips, but it doesn't reach his eyes.

It doesn't go unnoticed by me, or Bella, as Edward pauses to stare at her, but there's a look in his eyes now that wasn't there before. Acceptance. I let out a small sigh, grateful that I won't be killing him anytime soon. It would suck to add to the Cullens' grief right now, but I wasn't playing. He has to back off my wife, my woman, my mate.

Paul puts an arm around my wife's shoulder, playfully tapping his skull against hers. She leans into him and my heart sings in contentment at the normalcy of it. More goodbyes are heard. The other Packs are in a hurry to get home. They need to be there. I get that and wish them a safe journey home. Hopefully next time we all get together it will be for something joyous and not to save the world one leech at a time.

Soon enough it's just me, Bella and Violet standing in the living room. Violet seems lost in her own thoughts. I want to speak, or hug her, but I'm not sure if that's okay. She's not herself right now. Or maybe this is her and the bad ass persona is just some shield she uses to hide her pain from us and the rest of the world like Leah used to with her bitch facade.

She sighs before looking at me, "Alpha, quit thinking so goddamn loud. I am fine. Tired, but fine. And quit trying to psychoanalyze me." She gives Bella a quick kiss on the cheek after thanking her for her part in the battle. Bells is dumbfounded and the quick blush that stains her cheeks makes my dick twitch in my shorts. She gives me a hug and goes to leave, but pauses at the door before turning to face me. Her gaze is cool and there's that look in her eye. I actually smile. "That bad ass persona? Not a front, young Alpha. I know who I am and need no shield or facade to hide behind. Remember that."

With that bright and cheery goodbye, it's just me and my wife. I turn to her, but am knocked to the floor. I growl playfully at her, "Bells."

She sticks out her tongue at me before going to run up the stairs. I laugh and give chase. Imagine my glee when I find torn strips of fabric on some of the steps and in the hallway leading to our room. I take a deep breath, smelling my mate, safe and sound. We're both tired. Dead on our feet but neither one of us is willing give up the chance to reconfirm our love. At least, I'm not. I might have to convince Bells, but it's a mission I am more than up to getting done. It goes beyond a physical need right now. Our souls need it. My wolf needs it.

As if on cue, my scar starts to glow lightly. I hear Bella sigh in the bathroom. I push open the door and just stare. She's naked, sitting on the edge of the tub, adjusting the temperature. Her profile makes my heart constrict; the lust disappearing and being replaced with so much more. I can't help but be amazed by how much I love her. It makes me lose my breath and feel like I'm floating all at the same time.

She looks at me, shyly. "Is yours...?" I nod. She smiles. "Mine too. Take a bath with me?"

I start to strip. Like she even has to ask.

BPOV - - -

I watch as he takes his clothing off. My breath gets caught in my throat as I take in his nude form. I can't help but gush, "God, you're so beautiful."

He smiles my smile and all is well right now. "Not sort of?" I shake my head. "Not maybe?" Again, a quick shake of my head. "So I'm beautiful, huh? I don't know Bells. My wolf's not too happy with that. We want to be described as manly. Handsome. Sexy."

He has made his way to me and leans down to speak into my ear. Just his breath alone makes my heart race. I know he's smiling, hearing how he affects me. I can hear the smile in his voice, "Forceful. Virile. Masculine. Sexually potent."

I moan softly. "Yes." I lick my lips which have gone suddenly dry. I turn my head to look at him. My gaze looks down, groaning when I see that he's hard. For me. "All of the above, but don't forget gentle." I press my lips against his gently. "Caring." My tongue traces the edge of his jaw. "Loving."

He scoops me up in his arms, kissing me blind. God, just kissing him makes me throb with need. When his tongue moves away from my mouth to trace the scar of where he marked me, wetness gushes from me. I throw my head back and get out a strangled, "Fuck!"

Somehow we're in the tub. My back is pressed to his chest as his fingers dive below the bubbles straight into me. I cry out, rubbing my ass against his erection. My wolf devil Alpha tongues my mark with abandon, making the orgasm blind me with the unexpectedness of it. I sag against him.

His teeth nip at my ear, "None of that. We just started."

I giggle, before turning serious. I can't help but ask, "Do you think Leah's okay? I mean, with all the stress and having to phase and damn, have you seen Sam's foot? And what about the baby? Oh the other packs. God, what about the families of the dead? Is it horrible that I'm so glad none of our pack is..." I just keep rambling. The words spill forth in a sudden case of word vomit. "And what about Carlisle? I mean, losing Esme? His mate? His love? I would die..."

He just wraps his arms around me tighter. He's whispering in my ear, trying to soothe me, "Shh, Bells. Just breathe baby. Breathe."

I let go, knowing he'll keep me up. Tears spill out of my eyes. Huge, racking sobs that make my body shake. I don't know how long I cry. I feel his tears on my neck, running down my shoulder. We sit in our tub, crying for who we've lost, who we've saved and for those we love.

Finally, I manage to get myself under control. I turn my body around to straddle him. I grab his face in my hands and kiss his tear streaked cheeks. "We're okay. All of us, even if we're hurting, we've made it. I love you, Jacob Black. I will always love you."

He says nothing, but captures my mouth in a brutal kiss. I vaguely feel myself being lifted. I can't even bring myself to care that we're dripping water all over the floor. It seems so pointless to care about something so trivial. My back hits the mattress, with him between my thighs. He doesn't stop kissing me as he pushes himself inside me.

I break the kiss to throw my head back, allowing my neck to be exposed. His teeth find my, our, mark and he nibbles on it. I cum immediately. His name rips from my throat, "JAKE!"

He pulls away from my neck to look at me. The smile on his face makes my heart clench. "You're so beautiful, Bells." His thrusts are deep. Powerful. "So fucking beautiful when I love you. God, baby, how I love you."

His hands find my ass to tilt my pelvis up. He's so hard inside me. Our lovemaking is so pure at this moment. I don't know how to explain it. I can feel all his love for me merging with the love I have for him. It's so beautiful that when I feel the first tears escape my eyes, I welcome them.

His face becomes one of concern, but I wrap my arm around his neck to bring his face closer to mine. My legs tighten around his waist, pulling him closer because I need more. So much more. He groans into my mouth as I feel him erupt inside me. I follow, my head falling back as the pleasure sweeps through me.

He rests his full weight on me. I rub his back, welcoming it. It's the first time he's done this because he weighs so much, but now I'm some cool semi-phased fairy thingie, so it's all good. I feel tears prickling my eyes again. I furiously blink them away. What the hell is wrong with me? I'm an emotional mess.

His voice is soft, but steady. "It's okay, Bells. I got you. It's been a long night, day, whatever you wanna call it, but it's been long. We went through a lot. Then Vi's half a story after? Baby, I'm surprised you've kept it together this long as is."

I shove him back. I think the element of surprise being the only reason I pull it off. I get up, pissed as all hell. "Really? You're surprised?"

He just rolls onto his side. His wonderful, naked, and still erect body looks mouthwatering as he stares at me, "Yeah, because Bella this is some clusterfuck we're in. Or were in. I'm not sure how it all goes down now that the Volturi have fallen." He gets up and wraps his arms around me. His voice softens, "I've broken down a couple of times. Once when patrolling. The other time when you were sleeping. I just laid beside you and cried like when my mom died because I was so scared of losing you."

My hearts breaks the tiniest bit. I pull back so I can look at him, "Why didn't you tell me? And don't you give me any of that Alpha bullshit as an excuse."

He grins. "Because I figured I needed to be strong. Now, hold on before you go all women's lib on me. I was wrong. I should have told you how afraid I was, well more than I was letting on. I should have known that I could lean on you. For that I apologize. I guess I was trying to hold it all together for everyone. I hope that make sense."

I sigh, pressing my forehead against his chest, right where my name is. I speak against his bare skin. "I'm not going to waste tonight being pissed about that. You know you were wrong and I kind of get why you felt the need to shield me from it. You're Alpha-Alpha. The head honcho and you need to stay strong amid all the craziness." I tilt my head to look into his eyes. "But never again. I'm your wife. Your partner. Your homie."

He laughs which is exactly what I want. He kisses me gently. "Bells, you are many things, but you'll never be 'my homie'. My soul mate, my wife..." His voice drops to that panty wetting timbre. "...my lover..."

I bat my eyes at him all coy like. I yank his face down to mine. "Good, but know that I want it all. The Jake I fell in love with. The man you've become. Soft. Playful." I lick his lips before nibbling on his bottom lip. I let it go with a pop. "Rough."

His eyes darken, "Rough?"

I back away and climb onto the bed. I stay on all fours. Submission to my Alpha. I look over my shoulder at my husband. My mate. "Rough. I want the wolf Jake. No more holding back."

It's like I unleashed a caged animal. He's on me in seconds. His hands run along my bare skin making me buck my ass against him. God, he feels so huge as his erection settles between my ass cheeks. His body covers mine as he twists my nipples between his fingers. It stings, but in a good way. In a way that has me backing my ass against him in hopes of finding relief. He presses open mouth kisses all over my back as he slides his erection back and forth between my ass cheeks. I whine with want. He just nips at my shoulder to silence me.

He growls out, "When I'm ready and not before. You will not cum until I say so. Is that clear?"

I nod my head, but that earns me a slap to my ass. I can feel my core throb with need. I manage to bite out, "Yes. Oh god, yes."

He licks the column of my neck, going down my spine. I'm crawling out of my skin with desire. Finally he reaches the small of my back where it meets my behind. He palms both cheeks in his huge hands before separating them. I drop my head to the mattress so I can see what he's doing. That's all kinds of sexiness right there making me wonder why I haven't done this before. Then I forget everything when his tongue swipes down from just below my anus, past my nether lips straight to my clit. I jump, squeal, and press my body down on his face all in one movement.

He forces my body still before invading me with his tongue. Straight fucking me with it while teasing my other entrance with one of his fingers. My face is pressing itself into the mattress to stifle my screams. Seems that pisses off my Alpha because once again, I feel a slap to my ass.

I pick up my head as all his movements stop. His gaze is damn near untamed. His voice matches. "You scream all you want, Bells. I want to hear you. I need to hear you."

I oblige as he makes me his and only his over and over. His tongue is fucking me along with one of his fingers. He pulls it out to tease, wait, back it up, insert itself into my other entrance. I flinch but he holds me in place. I let out a breath, trying to relax. He pulls his tongue out of my pussy - see what a horrible influence they all are me? I now say pussy - to tell me, "That's right, baby, take it easy. I'll go slow and then when we get used to it, you're going to be begging for my cock in your ass."

I feel myself blush down all the way to said ass. He just smiles because he can smell, and feel, my sudden spike in arousal. Who wants candles and poetry when talk like that from your mate is just as good, or even better? He continues to slide that finger into my ass while his tongue finds my pussy once more. I thank my new and improved hearing when he growls into my vajayjay to cum. I explode on his tongue; in his face. I don't know how many orgasms later, he finally relents on his assault on me. He just sits on his knees while stretching me with his fingers. Yes, I said fingers. I think after cumming the fourth, or possibly fifth, time, I am eager for whatever he has in mind for my body.

I weakly, more like incoherently, say his name. "Jake..."

He just smiles and removes his fingers. I collapse to the mattress, my legs weak. He laughs and pulls me back up. His tongue slides along my spine, making my skin break out in goose-bumps. His voice is like sex in my ear, "No way wife of mine. I got you open and now it's time to claim that last part of your body. Make you all mine."

With that said, he pulls me up to all fours again. I look at him over my shoulder. I lick my lips as he strokes his hard length. I want this. Him. I nod and he smiles. He uses my juices, and believe me, after all that tongue fucking I'm a frigging river of lubrication, to coat his shaft. He uses some around my tight hole before pressing the head of his dick against it.

I force myself to relax. To simply breathe as I let go, allowing him entrance in the last place he has yet to claim. I don't know how long it takes for him to sheath himself fully inside me. It's not painful, well not utterly. A slight discomfort but there's something more.

He grips my hips to the point I know they will bruise. His voice is mostly animal, "Fuuucckkk! You feel so good, baby. So fucking tight." His voice drops to a whisper. "Can I move now? God, baby, can I move inside you?"

I look over my shoulder into my husband's eyes. My voice is soft, but he'll hear me regardless. "Yes."

He moves. Slowly. Allowing me to get accustomed to his intrusion. Finally, the pain fades to pleasure. Sure enough, I'm pushing back to meet each thrust. I'm screaming his name. He orders me to touch myself. I have no choice but to obey my Alpha. My hand finds my clit. I gasp as my head falls into the mattress. he just grabs a handful of my hair and yanks me back up. His balls are slapping my ass, hell, even managing to slap my nether lips as he takes us to new levels of ecstasy.

He's practically yelling at this point. "Baby! I'm going to cum! Fuck, Bells, come with me! NOW!"

I fall over the edge as he yanks my body to his. I feel every drop of his seed as it pistons from his Alpha dick shooting off inside me. We fall onto the mattress. He slowly dislodges from me before rising from the bed.

JPOV - - -


That was utterly beyond amazing. I have no words. I also might have no legs, but it was so worth it.

I get up, but stop to press a kiss to Bella's shoulder before heading to the bathroom. I turn the shower on and adjust the temperature so it runs more on the cool side. Now that Bella's running a bit warmer, no more hot showers, which is groovy because I'm fucking hot enough as it is. I don't need extra warmth, know what I mean? I head back to our bed and pause in the doorway to simply look at her.

God, she's beautiful. Simple and stunningly beautiful. Her face is pressed against the mattress, facing me, with her eyes closed. Her bare skin is glowing with our love.

She mumbles, "Stop staring at me."

I laugh and the sound feels foreign. God, has it really been only a few hours since we were fighting in the forest? Only a few hours since some of us died? Since I marked her as mine?

As if she knows what I'm talking about, she turns her head, exposing her neck to me. The mark seems to be shining brighter and it makes me harden. Mine. Mate. Wife. Mine.

She looks at me, love in her eyes, in her soul. "I don't think I've been loved enough."

Her words are a challenge. She smirks at me and my wolf growls. I manage to scoop her up without fucking her senseless against the wall, floor or any other hard surface, before getting us in the shower. I kiss her hard. She accepts it all.

I pull away to look in her eyes. "You will be."

I step onto the porch of my dad's house. I smile when I see Bells sitting on the steps. She must feel me before rising to her feet. They're bare and painted a light purple color. No detail about her ever escapes me. Her hand is held out for me to grab and I do just that.

She pulls me down the steps. I still find it slightly unbelievable that she's almost as strong as us wolves now. As the vampires. The wolf in me is proud of having such a strong mate. We walk down the familiar path to the beach. To our tree. The breeze makes the soft material of her white dress flit about her.

She looks at me with a serene smile upon her face. God, I always want her this happy. This at peace.

"She will be, young Alpha. By your side, she will be." Taha Aki stands in front of us in wolf form.

I bow my head in respect, not quite trusting my voice. Bella has no problem with words. "We thank you. For all that you have shared with us. We know it has not been easy for you." She adds as an afterthought, "Or for Violet."

He nods his massive snout. Before either of us can blink, he stands before us as man, in full Quileute warrior garb, like the Chief he is. He steps forward and presses kisses to each of Bella's cheeks before doing the same to me.

He takes a step back and motions for us to sit. I sit first and pull Bells between my thighs. He smiles at us. His face tenses for a moment before he starts speaking, "My niece, my Violet, may our gods honor her. She has had such a difficult life. I am sorry that I have played a huge part in making it that way, but she never wavered. Never failed, even when she disagreed with me. But know, young lovers, that she hurts. She hurts so deep inside her heart, that she sometimes does not know how let go of it. Be patient with my niece. She hides herself so deep inside herself. I know she has opened up to the packs in ways she never has before and for that I am grateful. For that alone, I am ready."

I ask before I can stop myself, "Ready for what?"

Out of the water, rises a figure. Bella gasps and when her face turns to me, all I see is joy. Taha Aki turns around and falls to his knees. His voice is shaky, "How?"

She's dressed in a white dress, similar to what Bells has on. Her black hair flows like ink down her back. Her eyes are on her husband. Only on her husband.

She reaches down to stroke his face with one of her hands. I feel like we're intruding and take Bella's hand in one of mine. Taha Aki rises and his beloved finally tears her gaze from him to look at us. Her voice is soft. Melodious even, and yeah, thank Bells for me knowing that word. "Thank you for all you have done. I cannot apologize enough or thank you enough for being strong when I was not."

She turns to her husband and presses her lips to his. "Come with me and let us finally be together. Forever."

He looks at us, "Tell Violet, that I am happy. At peace. And I only want the same for her because I love her dearly and always will. And young Alpha, young Jacob Black, you have honored me and your people with your strength. Now have mine."

It's a mind-fuck as his wolf rises from him, separating man from animal. The wolf's spirit runs around Taha Aki before running straight into my chest. I stagger under the power that flows through me. Bella holds me up. She always will.

They walk hand in hand towards the ocean. We watch until they disappear.

I sit up in bed, the sun shining brightly in our room. Bells is sitting beside me, tears running down her face. I touch my cheek, shocked that I too am crying.

She grabs my hand in hers. "She's...he's...god, Jake, they're together!"

I grab her face, morning/afternoon breath be damned and kiss the hell out of her. "Forever."

So I had to give the Great Wolf his own happy ending. Thanks for your patience. And yeah, LFC, I said frigging river of lubrication. ;)