My note…this is a series of short little ficlets for Kelley, in honor of her sweet sixteen(today by the way...hey, that rhymes). It's a season 5 fic, focusing on the reunion between Jimmy and Spinner…more precisely, what led up to it.




It had been a year....a year already. An entire 365 days for me, but a lifetime for Jimmy. I know there isn't anything I can do to change what happened to him, but I need to do something.

So I go to this retreat...for Darce...and Linus corners me and brings up the shooting. Dick. So what do I do? I call Jay Hogart....the bane of my existence. I let him in my life. Again. And he fucks everything up. Again.

Will I ever learn?

Darcy helps though. She's there, she knows about everything, everything that happened...and she's still with me.

I don't deserve her.

"I love you Spin"

She shouldn't. Jesus shouldn't.

"How can Jesus forgive someone who got his best friend shot?"

"Because, he just does. All you need to do is believe".

Her voice was sweet and gentle, but it was hard to believe her at first, even though I wanted to so bad. I wanted to believe that I would be forgiven...that even if Jimmy couldn't forgive me, Jesus would.

"It's too late".

"No, it's not. We'll find Jesus together. Alright?".


I would do it. I'd make Jesus my priority. I'll earn his forgiveness, some-body's forgiveness....who knows, maybe even Jimmy will see that I've changed, that I could change.

For now, I can only hope that someday...I will finally find that redemption.

Horribly short, I know...and most of it is dialogue from RS, but this is just my starting point. And while I will be putting my spin(no pun intended) on the rest of story, I will also continue to use references/excerpts from other actual episodes. Like in the next chap, we have Jimmy, and since there was such a lack of real content from the writers about him dealing with the actual anniversary(not his art or his crappy relationship with Hazel) will be totally my work.

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