It is true then…She has gone.

You really have no comprehension just how long it has taken me to believe that those words are true. To come to terms with this fact, I suspect, shall take still longer.

I know, very deep in my heart that she never could have loved me, could never have had the same passion I felt for her. Yet it pains me more now to know that any small chance that may have existed, has now been forever stolen from me.

My dearest, flame haired, beauty. How it devastates me to know that I shall never again be able to look upon your face. Such a senseless a waste to see you gone so young, with so much more life left to give, and to have died simply because you were 'in the way'.

To know you needn't have gone burns my blood, but also serves to make me realise how foolish I was in my previous attraction to such a life. I can find no forgiveness nor acceptance in all of his flippant reasoning that maybe once I would have been able to scrape up. That his cause has lost me the one thing dearest to my heart pains me greatly but makes me appreciate still more the choice I made to turn away from them when I did.

The old world, my old life is dead. With it I will try my hardest to bury the treasured memories I have of you, to move on and salvage for myself some shred of a life. But a part of you will always be in my heart, such a love can never truly be killed.

So know now, as I bid my love an eternal goodnight, this begins a new chapter. No more a 'Prince' now simply The Serpent.

A/N: Barely even a taster of the story to come, but there will be more I promise. I know my chronology may be slightly off but this is how I need to to work. If you like a Snape story then keep an eye out for more of this one.