The next morning dawned to be one of the nicest of the year so far, even at the early hour that Eva awoke the sun was blasting in through the high windows of the Ravenclaw tower to heat the air and make it stuffy inside the small circular room. Eva was seeing daylight uncharacteristically early for her but something in the thoughts about the day ahead excited her and she found herself unable to sleep for any longer. It had taken an obscene amount of time for her to finally know in which direction her life may be turning from this point on, and though she was still unsure as anything about what sort of career path she was going to take she knew one thing, that her life was going to involve Severus in some way and knowing this made every other decision she would have to make seem that much easier.

Her trunk was already packed for the journey home she knew she would still have to take, but with the knowledge that she had reason and means to come back again the trip did not seem nearly so depressing. Their little talk the previous evening still ran wild in Eva's head, it had been just what she'd been desperate to hear and to have been able to touch him again was like a dream come true. The memory of it had plagued her all night long, she could still taste him on her tongue, feel his hard broad shoulders beneath her fingers and the scent of him filled her nostrils, it had been cause for a rather restless night but one that was filled with heat and passion riddled dreams that left her breathless. If the real thing could only be like what her imagination could conjure up then she would be one happy witch.

Eva pulled herself happily from bed, unable to keep the smile from her lips, and dressed in her Ravenclaw uniform for what would be the final time checked that she had left no belongings behind her and headed down to the common room to wait for what the day would offer her, and hoping that her meeting with Severus would be somewhere private again for she longed so much to kiss him again that she felt like a dying man in the desert craving a drink, just like the old saying absence really did make the heart grow fonder.

For want to pass the time Eva flipped open a book, Hogwarts a History as it happened, it had been left abandoned on the low coffee table beside the dead fire, but the words did little to filter into her brain. She was far too preoccupied, wild fantasies of what her life could be like from then on running through her brain, all foolish of course but it was fun to have hope and sculpt wonderful dreams from it.

"You're up early!" Came a sharp and abrupt voice from behind her. Eva craned her neck around and saw the familiar face of Judy.

She snapped the book shut and slipped it back onto the table, "Um yeah I just woke up and couldn't get back to sleep , y'know." She shrugged.

"Yes…well I think breakfast should be served shortly, by the time we get down there it should be out on the tables. If you were planning on going down?"

It sounded almost like a request, a reluctant one albeit, which surprised Eva immensely. Though Judy was always civil to her while the others were around they were not exactly friends. But then it was the last day of term and it was possible they would never actually see each other again, that could do strange things to a person's attitude.

Under any other circumstances Eva would probably found some way to politely decline, however that day she was keen to head down to the hall and any excuse to go as early as possible was perfect. She was naturally wanting to catch a glimpse of Severus and find out something more about when she might just see him that day, call her eager because that was exactly what she was but she was trying her best to keep her excitement in check and not act foolishly girlish and childlike, he would not be impressed by such things.

Rising swiftly off of the sofa Eva nodded to Judy, "Yes I was planning on just that, sounds good." She beamed taking the lead to the door and pushing it open. "I don't know about you but I'm starved!"


The Great Hall was still reasonably quiet when the two Ravenclaw seventh years arrived, one or two more early risers had taken their places at the long house tables but for the most part people seemed to be enjoying the slight lie in that could come with the last day of term and the prospect of no classes until September. As it seemed were quite a number of the Professors, Dumbledore was already there naturally, McGonagall beside him and tiny Professor Flitwick was also there the others however were as yet to make their presence. Eva couldn't help but pout a little, wondering just how long she would have to wait to catch a glimpse of Severus, nor how long she'd be able to convince Judy that she needed to stay at that table, she really wasn't THAT hungry.

Casting her dark haired companion a vague, nervous smile Eva sat down, flicked her dark red hair over her shoulders and sank into a seat. She had purposefully led them quite a fair way down the table so that she could easily see the staff at their table on the raised platform, that way she might just be able to catch a certain pair of dark eyes and see if he could get the hint that she wanted to speak to him again, and before it was too late and she was on the train home.

Eva tugged towards her a bowl of cereal and plunged a spoon into its depths after adding the milk, she went about eating as slowly as she could manage but the contents of her bowl soon turned limp and soggy and unpleasant on the palette. She'd just given up and begun to load her plate with slices of toast on which she would feign to nibble when a familiar figure breezed past her table in a swirl of billowing robes.

"Miss Maher," He said dropping a folded strip of parchment in front of her, his voice was sterner than she was used to hearing it, full on irritated Professor mode and for a moment she wondered what she had done. "Your appointment as you requested. Now you must realise that it is startlingly late to be requesting a careers advice meeting, but as you were one of my most successful pupils I am willing to overlook it just this once. Do not be late." He explained before striding off and taking his seat at the staff table.

"No sir, I will be there." Eva muttered just before he'd turned away. She peeked under the folded parchment and then unfolded it fully when she saw there was nothing written there but a time and a place in neatly curled script.

"Careers advice? Didn't you talk to Flitwick about that like last year sometime like we all had to?" Judy asked curling her lips in dismay.

"Yeah of course, he helped me choose my NEWT's but I really had no idea what I wanted to do. And well just recently I decided I wanted to pursue potions in some way and I figured who better to ask than the potions master."

"Hmph, well its your funeral, can't believe you actually asked him to have a meeting with you on the last day of term. You really know how to cut things fine Eva I'll give you that." Judy said with a sigh and a shake of her head. "Well I'm off, got a few things to pack, people to see and all that before the train leaves. See ya!" And with that she was gone.

Funeral? Eva thought to herself, did the rest of the school really think he was that bad? I mean sure he could be sour, bad tempered and strict but some Professors were just like that, and besides she knew that was not the entire sum of his personality. Shaking off this train of thought Eva flipped open the note again, 9:00am in his office, she had to admit it was a pretty good ruse he'd come up with Judy hadn't been in the least bit suspicious she just thought Eva was an even poorer excuse for a Ravenclaw than she already did, disorganised and unprepared which was actually pretty true. Perhaps I'd have been better off as a Hufflepuff…

With the note in her possession telling her where and when she would be able to see Severus again to sort out their possible future together Eva decided to leave the Great Hall. She'd eaten about all she cared to and figured one last walk around the grounds as a student would be nice. It was gaining on 8 o clock as she headed down the sun blushed lawns, just over an hour before she would have to be down in the dungeons, and a stroll around the lake seemed like the perfect way to pass the time. It seemed strange to be finally leaving this place she'd grown to love like a second home, but had a feeling that she'd be seeing far more of it still than most of her classmates.


The hour seemed to creep by at a snails pace and it was still far too early when Eva found herself at the door to Snapes office in the dungeon. She wandered around the lake, fairly quickly it must be said, and was obviously far too eager to get to her meeting. It was a quarter to nine according to her watch, early yes but still worth a try so she raised a hand and rapped sharply on the door.

It was answered after but a moments wait and Severus looked down at her from beyond the door frame, a vaguely amused look on his face as if he had expected her to be early.

"Now I know I said not to be late Eva, but this takes punctual to an entirely different level." He purred, stepping back and allowing her entrance into the room.

She stepped into the frame of the door, brushing inappropriately close to him as she did so and smiled up at his slyly. "Yes, well you should know me by now Severus I found it hard to stay away." She purred in what she hoped was a suggestive voice and then jumped suddenly as someone behind her cleared their throat.

Eva turned around and her mouth gaped open in horror, Dumbledore was sat in a seat opposite Professor Snapes desk looking mildly amused as Eva began to blush. "P-Professor Dumbledore! I, ah, I had no idea you were there, Umm I thought that, well…um…"

"Oh I quite understand Eva my dear, now do please pull up a chair." He said making one appear out of thin air with a wave of his wand. "I was having a little discussion with Severus here, he told me you would be coming down at nine o clock, have we been talking that long already Severus?" He asked quite naturally already knowing the answer.

"Um no I think I'm rather early Professor, I ahh, had little else to do and didn't think it would matter so long as Sev..ah Professor Snape was here."

"Well quite right, quite right and I see no reason why you need be excluded from the remainder of our conversation Eva, after all you were featured quite prominently in it."

"I was what, sir? You were here discussing me?" Eva knew the Dumbledore was more than aware of what had been going on since before Christmas, but it was still rather awkward and embarrassing to be faced with him and to actually discuss it,

"I have been explaining to Professor Dumbledore what we discussed yesterday Eva." Snape said in a blank tone as he retook his own seat after closing the door to the office. "Naturally if anything s to progress from our relationship it is imperative that he know and be supportive of it."

Put like that it sounded so clinical but Eva could tell he was simply trying to distance himself from the conversation emotionally and avoid any possible feeling of embarrassment, cool and controlled was his nature, most of the time.

"Ahh yes, I suppose you're right…and…?"

"You want to know what my response is?" Dumbledore smiled, "Well Eva I am pleased you managed to stick to the guidelines I placed upon you for the remainder of the term, and from what Severus says you have discussed things very clearly between you…" He cast a pale blue gaze towards the potions master, held it for a moment until Snape looked away, "And as it is what you both still seem to want I am certainly not going to be one to stop it. You are no longer teacher and student therefore the relationship will no longer be frowned upon."

"You don't have a problem with it then?" Eva asked, about ready to burst with joy.

"Eva my dear I never did, but now there are no restrictions or situations that make it inappropriate for the two of you to be together. Severus deserves to be happy, as do you. You are welcome back here anytime Eva, I wish you both every happiness." With that Dumbledore rose from his chair and made for the door, clicking it softly closed behind him.

For a moment or two they both sat in silence on opposite sides of the dark wooden desk. "So what happens now?" Eva asked, tentatively breaking the silence. It was exactly what she had wanted and now didn't know where to go.

She watched Severus for a moment, his face a strange and unreadable expression but then a small smile crept over him. "Whatever we want."

Eva grinned and stood to cross the room, circumnavigating the desk and slipping into his lap. Her arms encircled his neck and she felt his hands rest at her waist. "That sounds good. But what I mean is I have to go home today, in a couple of hours, when am I going to see you again?"

Severus settled her more comfortably into his lap before replying. "Ahh I see, well I believe you have signed up to come back for that Animagus course over the summer. I suppose it would not be unfeasiblefor me to find a reason to be here then."

"As long as I get the transfiguration grade to do it." Eva reminded, still not convinced by her performance on that exam.

"Naturally. And well, I suppose there is another way…"


"Well I do have a house Eva, it would not be unthinkable that you could come and visit over the summer."

"Oh, of course, right." Eva said rather liking the sound of that idea. "But, how would I get there."

At that question Severus couldn't help but laugh darkly, shaking his head. "You are a witch are you not Eva, you can apparate?"

Of course how could she be dense enough not to think of that. Blushing brightly Eva hid her face in the crook of his neck feigning the desire to kiss the delicate flesh there, well okay so it wasn't entirely feigned.

Severus blissed at the touch of her lips and purred, "I shall give you the address, as long as you concentrate hard enough you should find it with little trouble."

"I can't wait." Eva breathed raising her head to meet the lips she had grown to crave and she lost herself once again to his kisses.


They'd lost track of just how much time they had spent in his dungeon office, entwined in each others arms, lips barely parting but to draw a breath. It was only when a sudden glance at her watch as she dragged her hands through his pitch dark hair shocked Eva that she tore away from him. She felt breathless and unwilling to uncurl herself but the time had rushed on far too quickly.

Licking her kiss swollen lips Eva shook her head, "It's eleven thirty already, I've got to get down to Hogsmeade or I'll miss the train it leaves in half an hour." She said panting slightly from shortness of breath amongst other feelings that currently plagued her body.

"Of course," Severus purred, kissing her once lightly before lifting her and setting her down, noting the moan of frustration as he peeled her body away from him. "Here," He said handing her a scrap of parchment and tapping it with his wand. "The address for my house, visit any time you wish, but owl me first. You will apparate a short ways out of the village and I shall walk to meet you just inform me of the time."

She smiled brightly and tucked the parchment into her pocket, something to treasure very dearly until she learned it by heart. "I'll look forward to it." She said spreading her arms to hug him.

It seemed strange and sad to be saying goodbye, even if it was not forever, but to know that she wouldn't even see him at breakfast the next morning seemed a dismal thought. "I will miss you," She muttered into his chest.

"You will see me again soon enough." Came his reply, "Now you must go, or you will miss your train and your luggage will be abandoned in London without you."

"Goodbye Severus, until next time." Eva said kissing him softly and turning quickly for the door before she felt the urge to begin to cry.

"Goodbye Eva."

A/N: Weeeell people that is it! For this story at least, I certainly have a few more things planned for these two following this. A couple of short pieces will be coming soon, and then another longer piece set a little further on in time so if you want to read more about Eva and Severus then keep an eye out for those.

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