The sweetest desert just for you!

Chapter 1: The new worker


(Normal POV)

People were conversing, the sounds of the footsteps were echoing and people were crowding to each other. Today was like an ordinary day; clear blue sky, birds were singing and people were talking to each other.

People were crowded everywhere until one girl came. As soon as everyone sighted her, they were so speechless. It was because of her.

A girl named Hinamori Amu.

A 20 years old girl, with a stunning, exotic, light-pink hair walked in the middle of the crowds and they immediately backed away, so she wouldn't get irritated with bunch of people and most importantly, so they can observe her.

She has the soft, flawless skin and her lip was as if it was breathed on the stars to give its lights. Her eyes are the same color as the heavenly body of the shimmering, golden ocean and she has a perfect curved body that was around the average model's body. There were a lot more expressions mixed in her eyes; intelligence, kindness, over flowing energies and sweetness. Together, it created the recipe named 'the illusion'.

She was wearing a plain white miniskirt with the cute red ribbon around her waist for her belt. As a result, it was showing off her slim thighs that every boy just had to stare. She wore black high heels that weren't too high or too low; the heel's heights were perfect and wore a dark-blue tank top and a white jacket, so it won't show off her bare, slender arms. She had the full meaning of the word 'temptation'.

'Where is this girl going in such a stylish fashion?' most of everyone chattered in their mind. Maybe she is going out with a guy? Is she the new model that was heading to the model office? No. All of them were wrong.

She was going where nobody could have guessed - the bakery shop. It wasn't just an ordinary bakery shop. This was the Etoiles pastry shop. All the celebrities buy their desserts here for someone special. Strangely, the 2 best bakers at Etolies were very young. They were under the age 30 to be precise. It was very hard to compare who was the better skilled baker because both of them were amazing.

When the girl made her entrance, the smell of the sweet cake tickled her nose. Everything here was like heaven. There was a cake that looked heavenly which made her drool. There was an air conditioner on, so the scent of the cakes flowed around the atmosphere. Everything was more than just perfect. However, she didn't saw anyone at the register.

"Excuse me! Is there anyone at the bakery shop?" she shouted. No one responded, so she repeated many more time, still no one came. She hesitated and headed to the door until she heard footsteps. When she turned around, she was completely mesmerized by this strange man.

He has the silky, smooth, azure hair that was made out of the space's atmosphere and has a pair of the starry, amethyst eyes that was created by the angel's shadow that captured her pure, golden eyes. The mysterious man had a baker outfit, so it indicated her that he was the baker here. He had smooth, ivory skin that looked like a vanilla ice cream. He was taller than her and he looked thin like her too. His face was like the diamond in the eye. She had to admit it that she starred at him like a complete fool. But she knew that anyone could resist him. It was because he was drop dead gorgeous. Any girl would want to be this man's lover at any cost after they just look at him for the first time.

(The mysterious man's POV)

Who is this girl? Is she the angel from the heaven? She was just too beautiful. When I heard her voice, I just had to know who it was. Good thing that I made it when she was about to leave. She had the fresh strawberry hair that reached till her shoulder and the lovely face that kept me motivated. If I eat her right now, this would be my sweetest desert that I will ever have. I had to admit. She was drop dead cute!

Whoever she is, I have to know her. I tried to make the first impression to her, so I tried to be a gentleman for my first time. So I just said this as sincere as I could. "Hi my name is Tsukiyomi Ikuto and sorry for the wait. What would you like to buy?" Before she could have said anything, he just had to come in. Why is he always interrupting me at every single thing? Argh…

(Normal POV)

"My name is Tsukiyomi Ikuto and sorry for the wait. What would you like to buy?" His voice was husky and very attractive. He was trying the best to be polite to his inter- I meant customer. But then, another man with a baker uniform came out of the kitchen. He had a shimmering blond hair that made her flinch and his beautiful ruby eyes allured her face, which caused her to blush a little bit. He was shorter than the mysterious man, but taller than the diamond girl. "We are so sorry! Please look around the cake! I am Hotori Tadase and what could I help you with today?" He had such a tender smile that every girl wants.

"I am sorry, but I didn't came here to look at the cake." the peach girl replied. "Then what did you came for? Waiting for somebody?" "No, I am here to work at the Etolies."

This one simple sentence made the 2 stunning men completely shocked. The air became breathless for them to reply.

"Sorry, did I heard it right?" the starry boy asked. She sighted and took something from her bag.
"I saw this help wanted sheet outside this store, and I would like to help you." "Sorry, but you can't." the blond man replied. She frowned. "Why not?" She made two puppy dog eyes and both of them blushed. "We can't have somebody who doesn't have the skill to bake!"Ikuto said half serious and half joking. Then, the girl abruptly fumed from inside and outside.

"I do have skills. If you don't believe me, I am going to show you how good I am!" she shouted back. Ikuto shouted playfully to her. "Okay, you are on!" Ikuto accepted her and led her to the kitchen.

The girl was in awe. The kitchen was so humongous! There is the freezer that was labeled with numbers, a huge oven, big kitchen tables and a lot more than that. There were three bakers there. Amu first saw a girl that had the blond hair with two ponytails. She had the velvet, violet eyes that were simply cute.

Next to her, there was a girl that looked completely like a cute, cuddly doll; she had a small body and light-wheat colored hair. She was pretty short and has the same golden eyes like her too.

The last person she saw was…she couldn't tell whether if it was a boy or a girl. He or she has a long, thick, violet hair and has light amber eyes. He or she was cute too. Everyone was.

"Who is this fine girl, Tsukiyomi-san?" The purple girl or boy asked him. Her face became the color of scarlet red as the word 'fine girl' vibrated in her ears.

"We are going to determine whether if she is good enough to become one of us." Ikuto put on a playful smirk and her face told her that she was prepared.

"So she saw the wanted help poster? You know that if she isn't good enough, this will be the 10th time today. I am curious if she's the right one, so we will let her use the kitchen." A blond hair girl commented.

"All of the things you need are putted here. Your time limit is 2 hour. Think you can make it?" Ikuto asked confidentially. "That's more than enough. In fact, I am going to start right now." When Amu started, everyone was pale. They were thinking as if her hands were touched by the goddess.

She was already in the process of the mélange. She didn't waste any bits of ingredients that were on her fragile hands. While she was waiting for the sponge to be cooked, she was creating a strawberry whip cream. She added a drop of the vanilla essence, chocolate extract, white sugar, the smashed strawberries and an egg inside the bowl and whipped it until it was creamy and rich. She putted inside the refrigerator and labeled the temperature as 0 degrees to cool it off quickly. After 10 minutes, the sponge was finished, so she took out the chilly whip cream. She poured the whip cream into the sponge and made it look like a log, using the fork. She added some red cherries to make it pretty. And wala!

A cute cake has just made; its color was light brown but smelled like strawberry and chocolate. "Wow! It looks so cute and delicious!" the blond boy remarked. "It seems like a simple design. Let's see how good you are then…" Ikuto took out a knife and cut the cake into 5 pieces. He gave each to his friend and he each of them took a bite. Everyone stood like a statue, but Ikuto was shocked the most. It was utterly wonderful. The sweet strawberry and the chocolate were merged together and created the sweetest flavor he has ever tasted.

"This is simply amazing. It just tastes like the cake Tsukiyomi-san and Tadase-san made together. We have to plead her to become the baker here!" The long haired girl or boy complimented with such dazzled eyes. "No offense, I like this cake better than both of your cake." The doll said in a sweet, innocent voice. "She is good enough to be like us. What's your comment on it?" The ponytailed girl asked Ikuto.

"I actually made the recipe three years ago. This cake….when I eat it, I remember how my parents would smile if they eat mine." Amu said it in such a sorrowful voice. "…So did I made it?"

"I will just say this to you." Ikuto was saying in an angry tone. Everyone gulped and sweat dropped. What will he do now? Will he terrorize her and kick her out permanently? Amu trembled repeatedly and shut her eyes, hoping that everything will end now.

"What is your name?" He questioned her.

"H-Hinamori Amu…" She replied, still keeping her eye closed. He gave her a sweet smile and lean closer to her.

"Congratulation Amu. You have passed the test." Before Amu could thank Ikuto and scream in excitement and over flowing happiness, she realized that something was on her cheek. Everyone was starring what was on her smooth cheek and she already realized what was on it. That sadistic man's lip. Amu was too shocked to push him away. Ikuto stepped back at told this to her with a fake, warm smile.

"Let me start over from the beginning. Welcome to the Etolies, Amu..." Everyone stood like a complete frozen sculpture with their mouth open.

However, one of them, were beaming to Amu with jealousy with her velvet, violet eyes. The girl with two ponytails have transformed into her face to a darkest devil anyone would have not been familiar with…


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