The sweetest deserts just for you!

Chapter 4: First love


(Ikuto's POV)

Did she just faint? I shook her again, to wake her up from her Netherland world. I was going to remind her that she called me for the first time 'Ikuto'! This can't be it! No response could be heard from her. I shook her again and still no response.………….

I sighted deeply and looked at her calm self again. She was like a sleeping beauty; her face was like a blooming rose, her body was delicate ad her calm face was attempting me. She has such a calm face and I can't help myself and lightly kissed her on her forehead. Although it only lasted for a seconds, I enjoyed it. It was like kissing a freshest, juiciest strawberry that could be never found and I knew that I would enjoy more if I did it on her lip……which was completely impossible for me to do it.

Now that I think of myself, I had to admit, I had such a perverted mind. I still wondered…what was I to Amu? Just a friend I guess? My hand slowly clenched into a fist with a thought of Souma Kukai. Amu, is Souma Kukai just your neighbor or more than that? Could it be lover…? Suddenly, an image of them kissing was forming above my head. I quickly erased it, but….why was I feeling this? Was it because of overwhelming jealousy?

The only thing I heard was a chuckle from her mouth. I wonder what kind of dream she's having right now… Her smile widened and made my heart beat raced even faster. She was such a natural play girl.

"…" Wait! Did I just hear it right? She just said my name and that made me even more curious about what she is dreaming.

"Please……" What do you mean 'please' by that! I became more anxious about what she's going to say next. What is it! Could it be…? My mind was in high spirited and I was starting to lean closer to her. Could it be!

"Please….just one more cake… I can…not resist……"


What!? What did she just say in her dream? I was baking a cake for her in her dream? How many cakes did she eat in her dream now? I tried to hold back my giggle, but I let it burst it out from my mouth. My giggle transformed into a big laugh. This incredible sensation was running through my body and I was laughing so hard that I was pounding on the ground with my hands so hard that my palms reddened. This was too cute! Still wondering, but what am I baking her next in her dream? A single tear oozed out from my eyes as I laughed hysterically.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

I heard a chime…from her bag? I searched inside her red bag and what do you know? Her cell phone was ringing. She has such a bad taste of music unlike me. I flipped the phone open and…

"One-----------------------------------------------chan!!! What took you so long? I am starved to death! Get your but over here and give me ten push-ups!" My ears got violated by a childish girl's scream. Who is she?

"Sorry, but one-chan is hurt now." I sweetly said to her. "Who are you and what are you! What did you did to my sister you perverted moron! I am warning you, I will call the police if you don't let her go!" The girl shrieked at me, as if she is really serious. I doubt it although. I was down a little bit about what she said to me…'perverted moron'……."sigh"

"Okay and number one, I am not a perverted moron, hear me, little girl. Number two, I am her friend and she's…well in pain. I will bring to your one-chan right away. And number three, where is your home?" I said it with a sincere voice.

"Our home is at 113 Raven-tree roads and our room number is 809 at the 8 floors. I am still not sure whether you are a perverted moron, so don't think that I approved you, yet! What do you mean that she's in pain? I am warn- " I hung up the phone. No offense, but it was getting way too annoying; before she can call again, I turned off Amu's cell phone's power system. Why did she call me perverted moron? I am not; even though in my mind, sometime I do…I guess I am….

A stronger aura oozed out from me again… She was too gullible, if I wasn't her sister's friend, and was another guy, she was done for it. She could have led a stranger to her house. How old is she? *sigh*

I lifted her up and placed her on my back, gently. Wow! She is heavier than she looks. I wonder how much she weighs. I had my violin here right now, so it was assisting the weight to get heavier. We are not too far from here, so it would take me around 5 minutes to get to her apartment.

(After 5 minutes…)

I reached to the apartment and this apartment looked so old. There isn't an elevator here too!? I sighted deeply and walked up the stair with Amu, still on my back. I gulped and started walking without any hesitation.


I….I finally reached here! It took more than I expected. I hope that that girl doesn't get too cranky though… Let me see, room 108…Ah! There it is! I spot it at the end of the hall…

Why did it have to be so far? It was located at the very end of the hall. I started crawling after half way. I am exhausted…I need water.

I finally reached and I ringed the door bell. At this point, I was already lying on the floor…this was so uncool… Suddenly, a door was opened. "It took you more than 30 minutes? Are you a…!" I immediately stood up and looked into her eyes; she was pretty cute, was she Amu's little sister? Her eyes widened and became blank. Her lip was frowning in disappointment and just now, it was curving into smile all of a sudden. Oh god…

"Are the Ikuto from the Etolies and the Ikuto and the great violinist!? Oh my god! I love how you play your violin too. Its melody is sad and melancholic, but it is very beautiful! I want to hear you playing your violin afterward. I am so, so, so, sorry that I called you a perverted moron! My name is Hinamori Ami! I am pleased to meet you. I can't believe that one of the greatest baker and great violinist is my sister's boyfriend!!" She was thrilling and huffing. She had a light, brunette hair tied up and she was adorable. Great, she was both fans of baker and violinist… Ami was beaming with joy and happiness; such a full of innocence. She'd be cutter only if she didn't talk too much though.

"Well, I should put your one-chan in her room. Where is her room, Ami-chan?" I asked her. Her smile widened and she pointed over that room.

"Next to the bathroom is my one-chan's room. Please, what happened to her? Her clothes are filthy." Ami asked her with worries.

"I will explain to you after your one-chan is comfortably placed in the bed and I will cook you something, so be patient."


As I placed her teriyaki chickens (requested) on the table, she was biting her lips; her lemon quartz-like eyes were defeated by my words. Her face was layered with tears and flustered with you know what. I didn't tell her any further of the happenings. She suddenly clenched her fists.


Both her fists were slamming on the dining table, again and again. The teriyaki-chicken's sauce was spilling a little bit, each time her fists crash into the table.

"…Being angry like this won't help, you know?" I hesitated and came closer to her. She turned to me, and looked me with rages and anger.

"Ikuto-san, do you think that I cannot be angry to myself because of what happened to one-chan when she's already in love!?" She was hyperventilating just like how Utau did today. Wow…my sister and her sister do have a lot of things common…I hope that she won't turn into Utau.

I wonder…

"What do you mean 'already in love'…?" I asked her, and her face became blank. It was as if she couldn't say another word from her mouth ever again. Could it be me?

"………………………………………………………………………………………………" Was I too curious? Maybe this wasn't the time to ask her.

"…I cannot say this to you. Why don't you ask one-chan? After all, she never told me in dept about her first love anyway." What!? First love!? Who was her so-called first love? Again, my brain was forming another man's face with her. I quickly shook my head and erased it.

She grabbed a chopstick and started eating the teriyaki chicken and avoided a conversation with me. I hope that she won't ask for more since this was her fifth plate…she sure is one big eater… Stress eating doesn't help you ease your mind, right?

"Why don't you go to bed now? I will take care of your one-chan until she wakes up. Don't you worry, okay? Remember, brush your teeth, little Ami." I patted on her head and her lip cracked into a crocked smile. Now, she was a true angel in front of me. This was the face that I always wanted Utau to look at me always, but now it seemed completely impossible to see her so happy after that time.

"Thank you and please take care of my sister from now on, my soon to be brother-in-law!" With that, she hopped inside the bathroom and slammed the door. She was too hyper, no doubt. I placed her leftovers inside the refrigerator, wrapped of course. I tiptoed over to Amu's room and found her still soundly asleep.

"Please….don't do it…!" She suddenly mumbled. I knelt down and came closer to her bed. I took her hand and squeezed tightly. I thought she was having a dream of eating my cakes, but now what was she dreaming now? Tears raced down to her cheek and she was sweating, and I mean a lot. This had to be another dream of her, being raped by a perverted old man. Okay, now I had to wake her up. I just can't possibly see her drifting down in her worst nightmare of all time.

"Amu! Amu! Wake up!!" I shook her hand violently, but she won't come back to reality.

"Amu!" I shouted on top of my lungs and she suddenly shot back to reality.

Thank god…


(Amu's POV)


I suddenly stood up, my eyes wide opened. I realized that I was in my room, but how?

"Amu! Thank god, you are awake!" I saw Tsukiyomi-san with an extremely worried face. I smiled at him and I just noticed; he had a pair of teary eyes. Wait, teary eyes? I wonder, how long did I sleep that reached at the point that he was almost about to cry. When my mind was in other place, I suddenly realized that there were both arms of Tsukiyomi-san around my upper body. Crimson, red rose lit up on my cheeks all of a sudden. Good thing that he didn't noticed me and if he did, he would tease me as always.

This hug……it was indescribable to tell how it was different from the normal one. This warmth…how long did I resist this same hug? Perhaps days? Perhaps weeks? Perhaps months? Perhaps years?

I hugged him back, and caused him to tighten it. Our hearths got closer and surely he can hear how fast my heart beats was racing right now; I was flustered with embarrassment and nervousness, but somehow, I felt protected and secured. Just like that time.

I can slightly smell a weird scent from his shimmering, sapphire hair. I didn't mean that it was smelly, but it smells so strange. I figured it out; a boy shampoo. It doesn't mean that I don't like this scent, but it smelled…so strange, in a good way though. I thought that I would drive myself crazy because if he doesn't loosen this hug, than I would completely be lost in this aroma and probably for eternity.

He loosened my hug and looked into my face with his starry, midnight eyes.

"Amu! You made me so worried, what were you dreaming. You were sweating and crying at the same time a few seconds ago. What was happening in your dream?" When he said that, I slightly touched my cheeks – watery and slippery. Yup, he was definitely saying the truth.

"It's nothing, Tsukiyomi-san. It was just some nightmare about that time." I simply said to him. Maybe I shouldn't have put it as virginity. Was it too much?

Tsukiyomi-san's face expression abruptly changed – angry, outrages, cranky, atrocious and more synonyms to it. This was too hysterical and I couldn't help it but giggle a little bit.

"Why are you giggling, Amu? Aren't you afraid and horrified instead of giggling right now?" Ikuto lectured me and narrowed his eyes. Geez, he was too serious about these things.

"It's nothing, Tsukiyomi-san. And besides, I am okay. I always had this dream. But how did we get to my house?" I replied to him and he was about to shout me again. I better cover my ears this time.

"What do you mean it's nothing and you have this dream often? Your sister told me your address and you were safely sleeping until now…" Crap, I shouldn't have said that. Better avoid the subject of that time.

"Oh, it's nothing. No need to worry, Tsukiyomi-san." I faked me smile and looked at him again.

"Don't you dare lie to me, Amu and your sister said that she cannot tell me about it since she doesn't really know about your so called fist love!. What happened, back then?" Tsukiyomi-san said with semi-angry tone. I am so going to curse Ami for it and she must pay. No more teriyaki-chickens for her, ever!

"…….It was like this…"

(Flash Back)

Setting: At the park

13 years ago

Snowflakes landed on my shoulder. This only meant one thing, winter! I can't wait till I make Mr. Snowman; I had a carrot, and pebbles for its buttons. I dashed to the tree near slide.

I took one chunk of snow and rolled till it was huge and round ball and I decorated Mr. Snowman's body with the pebbles I brought with. I rolled a smaller snowball and lay it on the first snowball, and then decorated its face- his nose was an organic carrot, his eyes and smile, decorated with other pebbles I used to put as buttons! As for my final touch, I took out my pink, winter hat and put it just on top of his head. Sorry Mr. Snowman, but I don't have any other hats! I giggled as I looked at my master piece proudly.

Just then, I saw someone. I suddenly flinched and stared at that someone. It was the bullies from my school. "Hmph! That's the best you can do? That is not a snowman, actually! It's a piece of junk!" A mean looking boy told me with mean voice.

"If so, then why not crash that worthless thing?" Another boy snickered. "Good idea. Let's do it then." The last boy with white skin said it and they came closer to me. I immediately stretched both arms and legs to protect it, but they pushed me aside and started to destroy Mr. Snowman.

"Please don't do it!" I cried helplessly as Mr. Snowman crumbled into pieces. I started sobbing and my nose started to run. They looked at my face, and smirked wider. The only thing I could do was to hope some miracle would happen, but it never did.

"Ha! Look at your face, cry baby. Guys, I think that this is enough for now. Let's go troops!" With that, they went of marching to another place, leaving me being masochistic and crying. Then, I heard footsteps near me. I looked up and saw a boy older than me. He was looking into my eyes with warm friendliness.

"What happened? Are you okay?" A boy that I didn't even know tried to comfort me.

"*hick* Big, bad bullies destroyed Mr. Snowman…*hick*" I managed to reply into his question.

"Stop crying, it hurts whenever I see someone cry." A boy pleaded me and looks further into me.

He put his hand on my cheek and kissed lightly on my fore head. "There, do you feel better now?" He asked me sincerely and I nodded for response.

I blushed a tint of red and avoid his gaze to not let him see my scarlet cheek. He reached out his hand and held my hand.

"Let's go and fix your snowman." He pulled me and dragged me to Mr. Snowman. It didn't take long when we finished fixing it. It looked better; the body was rounder than the previous one I made and he decorated better than me. To be honest, he did all the work.

"Yay! Mr. Snowman is alive!" I yelled in glee and I saw the boy smiling too. "I am glad that we were able to finish it in time. Oh no, I'm late! I have to go now, so good bye!" He suddenly ran the opposite direction and without thanking him. It's already good bye? Why did he have to go so soon? Without thanking him for Mr. Snowman, I was only able to give him this message.

I shouted at him. I saw him slightly turned back and ran. I wonder who was my prince.

(End of Flash back)

"I still can't remember my first love's face though… And the next day, the bullies apologized me about the snowman all of a sudden and we became friends, but I had to move to America the next day, so I never had a chance to play with them. I still wonder…why they apologized to me."

Tsukiyomi-san was making a weird face - wide eyes, mouth dropped and…I got nothing.

"Earth to Tsukiyomi-san-!" I shouted into his ears. "What is it Amu!" Tsukiyomi-san was tempered. Too funny! He finally paid attention to me.

"So…do you think that I will meet him someday?" I fidgeted my hair, blushing. He patted on my head. "If you believe that you can see him again, then you will." He smiled at me and my blush deepened. His smile….have I seen them before?

"Just to remind you, for the first time you called me "Ikuto" when I came to rescue you." He said it with a wide, evil smirk. I immediately realized what he meant and I shot back a glare.

"For your information, I thought that you were a nice person, and now, you show no quality of it!" I stuck my tongue out and he smiled playfully.

"That's the face I always wanted to see. Why don't you do it often then? Ms. Easy tempered, gullible girl?" Great, now he was playing with me. 100% for sure that he was so not my flan prince!

"Why you!" I started hitting him and then, he was suddenly unbalanced and crashed his head on top of my lap abruptly. I suddenly panicked; did I hit him too hard? I heard a small breath from his mouth and this only meant one thing. Great, he's asleep. He must be really tired from all the works. Sometime, I wished that he would be like this all the time. I looked at his calm face and started to feel oozy. Without any control, I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep. I didn't bother the fact that Tsukiyomi-san was still lying on my lap…


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