Hello. I'm going to try something different again. I usually write Zelda fics and they are usually oneshots. But now i'm going completely different! A FULL LENGTH GREEK MYTHOLOGY STORY!! :D enjoy and please comment! No flaming please!

He looked down at her now-sleeping form. Her chestnut hair fanned out beside her, spreading over the green silk pillows. He sighed, brushing his cool fingers over her cheek; he was alarmed to find that her skin was nearly as cool as his. He kissed her cheek and gently took her into his arms. Her could see the shallow rise and fall of her chest and feel the slow, but steady, rhythm of her heart. Giving her one final kiss, he placed her into the arms that awaited and said his final goodbye.


I was born a special child. My mother, Lady Demeter, had said it had been a while since the Olympians had seen a baby goddess. She named me Persephone; she told me that the gods loved me dearly. My father, Lord Zeus, would always come to play with me. He would hold me in his arms when we went to the Earth. Mother would plant seeds and father would create a rain storm to make the seeds grow. I always had someone to play with. Athena would make puzzles for me and give me tapestries. Aphrodite even took a liking to me and loved to cuddle me in her arms, praising my true beauty. When I was old enough, my mother taught me how to control my gift. We started out small growing small patches of flowers. Then I began to create whole fields of flowers and make the birds sing in joy, the weather would warm and the days would grow longer. The Olympians deeply loved me; the women took care of me and were happy to spend the day with me; the men followed my beauty and air of innocence that came with my youth. Men tried to woo me but mother usually wouldn't allow them. Father never told us though, of the god who approached him and asked for my hand. Father trusted him and gave the god his blessing.

Even Lord Zeus was fooled by this god however; he said that he had wooed me and that we loved each other. But I had only ever glimpsed him. That is until the fateful day. Father was busy so mother was taking me to Earth to practice my skills and so she could help the crops there. I was enjoying growing the flowers and decided to pick some for a few of the other goddesses. I remember the ground rumbling and quaking. I fell to my knees and dropped the flowers. A crack began to form in the ground and soon it was a gaping black vortex, staring back at me, drawing me in. I couldn't move. My body was frozen to the spot and my voice couldn't express the terror I felt. Then out of the gloom rose a chariot carved of black marble. Skeleton horses were stationed at the front and seemed ghostly and transparent in the sunlight. The driver quickly stepped out and reached me in two large steps. Wherever he stepped the ground froze with a sheet of black ice and the plants lost their color. His skin was pale and his cold touch reawakened my voice. I screamed as loudly as I could. A look of panic spread across his face. He quickly gathered me into his arms and hurried back into his chariot. Within a minute of his arrival we were leaving again. I screamed louder when I saw the ground heal itself above us; closing off my only exit and taking me away from the world of life I so cherished. He set me gently on the floor of his chariot and took hold of the reins.

"Who," I managed to whisper.

He turned his dark eyes to me. "Do you not recognize me?" His voice was low but held a menacing tone. I shrank back from it. "I am the king of darkness, I am Lord Hades."