Warning: Idk. Probably something. It's dark, as always. It's rated 'M,' so whatevs. :3

[—Escape me—]

The icing of the swollen lion's tongue
flickers against the drowning leper.
Foreboding as it be and as demeaning as we are,
the crying prayers are still unheard at the altar.

(thump. thump. thump.)

Kiss of death,
betrayal sworn.

I'll outrun your demons for you.

(bang. bang. bang.)

'Tis the end of days
A frightened lamb
Stolen sight
Forgotten words

Breathe. Breathe.


I'll be your

&resent ourselves;






(Cling to life—)


(Weak. Weak. Weak.)




She cries and presses her tainted ruby lips to his.

"No one will ever know the truth."




Her breath skims and seeps and blisters the perspiring, scarred skin of the older man. The body on top of him collapses, her nakedness clinging to his own. She places a cauterizing kiss upon his pulse.

"You are an infamous man and a forgotten brother."

His hold on her tightens at her words, regret and worry and sadness dripping from their bodies.

"And, yet, you are the best thing that could have ever happened to him."


One of Sasuke's greatest regrets is waking up alone. He has done it almost every day of his life. When he wakes up alone, he realizes how alone he truly is. It reminds him of losing everything, losing everyone he has ever cared about. He watches the embers tear away at the family members and friends and broken homes in the depths of his mind; he watches and lives in the darkness with unnatural clarity.

There have been few people that Sasuke has awoken to.

The first one was his mother, Mikoto.

She would sing to him and caress him and love him until he fell asleep in her arms. He would wake up and she would smile, beautifully. Her smile would light up his world; eat away at any foreboding darkness that was building up inside of him. And, piquing his eyes open to that smile, he would feel fuller of love, of contentment, and of enrichment than he has ever felt.

The second one was his brother, Itachi.

He would protect him from the evil monsters under his bed, wade on him when he was sick, and read stories to him until he'd pass out in Itachi's bed. He would wake up to lazy onyx eyes and a light poking on the forehead. This gesture would make him feel stronger; it would warn him that this was just the beginning and how he still had a deceitfully endless path in front of him. And, whining to that poke, he would feel more respected, honored, and treasured than he had ever known Itachi to give.

The last one was his lover, Sakura.

She would cling to him when they made love, she would cry to him when she lost a patient—when she lost her parents—and she would cuddle up and fall asleep on him in the middle of conversation; he would grip her as though she were to disappear when they made love, he would rest his head upon her bust and remember all of the pain and suffering they have both been through—all because of him—and he could fall asleep next to her, because she was the only one who could cure his insomnia.

He would wake up to her scent, her body, her shining emerald eyes, and her radiating smile—the one that reminded him so much of his mother. And, adjusting his body to pull her closer, he would feel the most content that he could ever feel, because this was what he wanted, needed, and fully desired; and, this was what he had.

He had found the person he wanted to wake up to every day, for the rest of his life.

But, today, Sasuke Uchiha woke up alone.

B-R-A-V-E - N-E-W - W-O-R-L-D

Itachi could wryly admit that he hated the country of Suna. He felt it was one of the worst places to visit; not only was it extremely unkempt, it was unnaturally hot. Itachi loathed heated environments, it probably started back in the days when Akatsuki still existed—that dreaded cloak. He shook the thought from his mind, he was never one to actually complain about such menial things—though, then again, he was never really one to complain about anything.

His steps were steady, slow; his eyes were calculating, never missing a single detail; and, his mind was focused on one goal: finding Orochimaru.

That fool, Kabuto, was of no use to him. The kid died too quickly before giving any well-articulated whereabouts and information on Orochimaru's current status. Itachi inwardly scoffed, he never understood why Orochimaru had kept that kid around. He was alright with medicine, compared to that of Tsunade or Sakura, of average intelligence, lacked wit, and had absolutely no strength or endurance. Itachi laughed, mockingly, and muttered under his breath, "such a fool."

He marveled at the idea of following Sakura, of following Sasuke and Naruto and Kakashi; but, it was too risky. He knew that it would be easy to contact Sakura again; however, the process of attaining more information from her was growing more and more complicated. It seemed that his brother was placing a vice-like hold on the kunoichi, watching her so closely to where she was rarely out of his sight.

Then again, Sakura was a naturally independent character. The moment she starts to feel smothered—the moment she starts to feel like she's drowning—she escapes. And with the knowledge of Sasuke recently attaining his former wife, once again, Itachi knew that Sakura was bound to continually disappear on her team.

Even if Orochimaru were to be in Suna, trying to isolate any people that may catalyze a destruction of his formidable government, the likeliness of Orochimaru returning to antagonize his brother was more likely. The Uchiha's brow creased and a frown formed delicately on his lips.

Subsequently, the more Orochimaru were to antagonize Sasuke, the more Sasuke would be to lose composure and sight. Unlike Itachi, Sasuke was easily susceptible to antagonistic behavior, leading quick to brash, irrational anger—in turn, the involuntary reaction that occurs due to said emotions ruins the realization of potentially harmful consequences. This was a prominent dilemma in Itachi's plan.

The only weakness to Team 7 was, in result, Sasuke. He was the only one that was obdurate and hard-headed enough to walk a separate path rather than work and live in unison. If there was even a spark to rekindle the hatred and anger inside of the young Uchiha's heart, it would consequentially be the downfall of the team, yet again.

Itachi could only hope that Sakura had improved enough in the clarity of her memories and personality to be able to control the sporadically extreme emotions of Sasuke.

This was the only fruitless hope that Itachi would admit to clinging to.

The yellow canary sits on the tree branch above them as they catch up on long lost memories that each one of them should have been there for.

"The one time I remember dying was…"

The raven-haired boy looks at her, directly. His onyx eyes connect with her apple-green orbs, and he falls into the endless chasms of her pools.

He feels as though he is drowning.

Tweet. Tweet.

"…when you disappeared."

They should have been there for each other,

It was promise silently made.


Tweet. Tweet.

There was regret in his tone.

"We all make selfish sacrifices."

…life got in the way.



She shakes her head and smiles, solemnly, at him. Because, he doesn't understand all of the strife and obstacles that she has had to endure, and…she was pejoratively convinced that he didn't care. She glances up at the chirping yellow-bird as the saline streams clump her elongated eyelashes.

"No, we don't."


"Sometimes, I wish I didn't keep that kid alive," Itachi mumbled under his breath. A gust of wind fluttered past the man, sending his weightless straw hat into the darkening abyss. He didn't turn around, but instead he stared into the opaque sky with a forlorn look. "Emotions make a fool of us all."

As though on cue, the opaque sky drowned in pure black as Itachi watched the reckless crows take over. Surely he would be able to get a hold of Sakura soon, if not…

Well, he would just have to seek her out himself.

She felt a little bad, you know…for escaping from the motel room and not telling any of her teammates. Who could blame her though? She wasn't a child! However, she did feel absolutely horrible for leaving Sasuke after the night they had just had; in leaving him, she felt as though she had just had a one night stand. Of course it wasn't that, it's just…

It was Sasuke.

All she wanted to do was enjoy the scenery that resided just outside of the village, a serene lake that she had spotted out as they were travelling. Towards the heart of the lake was a small island that had a giant, sturdy oak tree inhabiting the center—one that was aged and had survived all of the harshest winters that have surely attacked it. It represented something to Sakura that she could not yet decipher. The darkened oak, indisputably from where it had been burned; the infinite multi-colored leaves, a reassuring sign of the impending autumn; and, the utter completeness that this tree radiated… Well, it…—

It enticed her.

Her back was leaning against the rough bark and her head was tilted downwards. She had been focusing on the past few days, especially on the past few days with Sasuke. They were lovers now, finally, and, well, apparently they used to be lovers, too. But, the most poignant problem was: she had drugged him. When she was contemplating on whether or not to do it, there was much turmoil; but, in the end, she couldn't resist.

Her memories, her Sasuke-kun—these were things that were simply too tempting to deny. She wanted to become the person she used to be; to love and be loved by all of the people she had met throughout the entire course of her life. She just wanted…to remember. And, she felt that via having sex with Sasuke she would be able to grasp certain feelings, certain emotions, and certain memories that would help her reach her ultimate goal. Which, in one sense, it did work; however, it didn't work quite as well as she had wanted.

And, one of the reasons she ran here before he woke up was that she didn't want to deal with the wrath of an angry Sasuke that was bound to be awaking soon.

He would beret her with insults about her intelligence and strength and wit for drugging him and seducing him; he would complain about her and ignore her for the next few hours of their upcoming mission; and, he would refuse to look at her—just cast casual glances at her when she wasn't looking. Even without being able to say she has known him for long (due to her lack of memories), she has apparently known him long enough to decipher and predict his impending actions and reactions.

She figured she would let him get out his anger a bit first, before she returned to him.

She looked further down.

Her fingers trembled and her bottom lip was tucked beneath her front teeth. Pressing the scroll that the "Sai" character had given her against her breasts, she contemplated on whether or not she should trust opening it. She knew that scrolls could have an unlimited amount of power, depending on who had constructed it… It was just… Well, she was unsure about what power Sai could have put within the roll of paper. Who knew?

Could she trust this character? She didn't know. She would never really know until she regained her memories; but, he did tell her to open it when the time was right. How was she supposed to know when the time was right? That was silly!

She had the power to open it whenever she pleased. "It's just…" Sakura began, her lip twitching under her teeth, "It's just I… I don't know." She shook her head. She was talking to herself again. She felt she had an excuse when she was hearing voices in her head, but she wasn't. She was just talking to herself.

Gathering up the courage she was unsure of whether or not she had, Sakura cautiously undid the beautifully crocheted bow that the man had made around the scroll's folds. As the strings fell to their residing sides, she took a deep breath and pulled the rolls to each of their belonging sides.




He told her to trust him, so she did. He told her to not worry when she imbibed the powder that he had poured into water, so she tried not to. He told her to believe in life when she started to feel the impending euphoria entrance her, but…

"How does it feel? To lose control and feel the world—to feel gravity disappear and believe in the sanctity of humanity?"

She couldn't.

She paused for a moment, thinking her words thoroughly. "It feels…" She hesitates, "…horrible. I don't like being lost in a fading hope for the world. I can only wish that it was forever…"

He eyes her, concerned and wary.

"…not futile."


She gasped, her breath hitching and lodging in her throat for an inconsequential amount of time. Apple-green eyes examined and analyzed the horizontal piece of paper to the best of their ability. The further her pools of emerald traced the paper, the duller her eyes grew.

(Target pulse rate . . . . 100.)

She traced her fingers along the rigid lines, along the wonderfully designed ink, along the pictures the retained so much of her soul, so much of her emotions.

In the first two minutes of her staring at the carefully drawn scenes, she had forgotten how to breathe.

(Target blood pressure . . . . 120/80.)

She didn't understand how…how to react.


There was a thrashing in his head—a pounding he has never gotten, and would never get, used to. Slamming his palm against his forehead, he felt as though he were drowning in the after-effects of mind-numbing sex and excessively overdone sake-soaked memories.


Sasuke shifted in the bed, burrowing his head further into the pillow.

He despised hangovers.


The last thing he needed was some wanton idiot bellowing out insults and exclamations, whilst at the same time he had to deal with the consequences of sleeping with the docile Sakura.


The blond wondered aloud, "Where's Sakura?"


"Wake up," Naruto grumbled, pulling the cold sheets off the Uchiha. Sapphire orbs widened to saucers and the boy's body did a complete turnaround. "Woah—! Bastard, you should have warned me you slept in the nude!"

There's a pause that drifted between the two men as Sasuke covered himself up and glared at the other.

"Wait…" Naruto contemplated. "Did you seriously sleep with Sakura?"


A scowl, the angriest, scariest scowl that Naruto had ever seen, appeared on Sasuke's face. "Get. Out."

"And you say that I'm the moron?" Naruto scoffed, "I can't believe you."

Venom was underlying his word: "Out."

However, the Uchiha was no longer competing for who could be angrier—Naruto's cheeks were beginning to redden. "Are you fucking serious, Sasuke?!" Naruto yelled, "We're on a mission to help her, not to fuck her!"

He bit his tongue. He bit it really, really hard.

And, then, he did the only thing he could to:

he thought.




"I really wanted to say 'I do,'" she mumbles into her cup of burnt tea leaves. "I had waited an entire lifetime to say those words—to be with him and smile with him and hold his hand and kiss him until I couldn't breathe."

With his visible eye, he watches as her hands tepidly shake, causing the tea to form volatile waves which crashed against the cup and over its rim.

"So, why didn't you?"

Tears are pooling in her eyes and she drops her cup, gasping as she watches the shards shatter into millions of pieces against the uglyugly dirt. Her face lifts up and she looks at her lover, presenting to him a despondent smile that radiated nostalgic scars and a hesitant future.

She cries because she doesn't want to remember—she just wants to forget and be happy in the now.

(She just wants them to be happy.)

"Because I couldn't love something that was already dead."

So, she kisses him.

"And then I noticed you."

He smiles—that crooked one that is so broken and yet trying so hard, but its the happiest smile he has left. She smiles—that heart-wrenching one that tears at the seams of any person's soul; because she is happy, but there will always be that underlying pain, that never-ending sorrow.

(Why did that have to be so hard to ask for?)


"I can't believe it," Naruto began laughing, dryly, "that you had the audacity to put your libido before your mission. Do you understand how vulnerable she is right now?"

It was seeing those disgusting, spinning crimson eyes that had Naruto pausing in his speech. Naruto threw his hands up in an exclamatory gesture that slightly surprised the Uchiha; but, he ignored it.

"You know nothing." Sasuke spat. The Uchiha tossed in the bed, reaching for his boxers. Under the sheets, Sasuke managed to cover himself to what he had deemed appropriate; and, he quickly stood up.

"Nothing," he emphasized, eyes narrowing even further and his brows furrowed.

The Uzamaki shook his head. "No, Sasuke," there was a minute of silence that filtered between the two men, "it's her who doesn't know anything. And, that's the worst part about it!"

Naruto laughed, "She doesn't even know who you are—!"

Sasuke walked past the man, his shoulder roughly slamming into Naruto's in the process. He snidely hissed, "Fuck you."

"She doesn't even fucking know who you are! Fuck, no one can see who you are, Sasuke," Naruto chided, sadly, "She doesn't know where you have been, all of the people you've ruthlessly killed," Naruto closed his eyes, his lips forming into a deep, sardonic frown, "and, she especially doesn't know all of the endless shit that you've put her through."

Sasuke eyed Naruto for a moment, the once simmering anger now rekindling as though it were struck with the metaphorical match of Naruto's words. "I don't care." Sasuke didn't turn around to look at Naruto.

"You're so fucking selfish," Naruto growled. "Fuck, I'd rather her be happy and loved with Kakashi again than to have her revert back to the heart-wrenching, mind-numbing shit you constantly put her through."

Sasuke's hands were balling into fists at this point, his knuckles becoming a paler white than that of Orochimaru's skin tone. Apparently those two had more in common than Sasuke realized.

"You're pathetic!" Sasuke laughed, psychotically."That dumb old man will never be worth anything; and, he will never be able to steal her from me again! I own her now, Naruto—remember that. No matter who she goes to, she will always come back to me. That's why she'll never love you, why she'll never fucking love Kakashi—only me."

A smirk formed its way on the Uchiha's lips, and it slowly turned into a cryptic grin.

"Only me."

It seemed more of a demanding plea to the heavens than a reassuring fact.

"That's where you're wrong." Naruto's eyes were no longer angry, just sad. Those cerulean orbs resembled the ugly, dead abyss that they were forever battling. Naruto turned around to stare blankly at Sasuke's back.

"Do you even love her?"

Sasuke didn't respond. He didn't need to explain himself to anyone; he didn't need to confirm his feelings for her. In his mind, he already knew what he could selfishly say, because he already knew that he would do everything in his power to keep her—he absolutely refused to lose her again.

He didn't need to explain himself.

"You're my brother, Sasuke," Naruto glowered. "But that doesn't change the fact that there's a part of me that hopes that she'll never know you again—the real you."

"Get this through your fucking thick skull, Naruto…" Sasuke's hand gripped the doorknob in a vice-like grip, twisting and pulling it off the door. He looked down at the bent piece of metal that newly resided in his hand; then, he let it fall gracelessly to the ground with a quiet thunk!

"I have no brother."

The door slammed.

The night he came back—the night he he had the audacity to walk back into those large wooden gates—the nightmares started.

His steps were greedy, indifferent; it seemed he didn't even care to acknowledge his leaving, his attempts to destroy their (Sakura's, Naruto's, Kakashi's—everyone's) home, his attempts to kill them.

Her whole body trembles as she watches with disbelief; and Kakashi's hand is on her shoulder trying to keep her from falling (again and again and again and...); and Naruto, that foolishfoolish little brother, runs up to the Uchiha and tackles him in a weary hug—a hug of desperation and longing, one that he has saved for years and years and years, because he finally has his brother back (the brother that never gave a shit, but does that really matter if you never acknowledge it?).

That night, with his sharingan ablaze, he pushes the "dobe" off of him and stares determinedly into blankblankbroken apple-green eyes, completely disregarding his former (useless, decrepit, old, pervert of a) teacher's presence, his smiling (you'll never be me, you'll never be enough for them) replacement, and his former blond (thick-skulled, weak, why don't you get it yet?) teammate.

"I'll make you mine,"

he breathes, he yells, he says; his tone thick as though it is a predetermined fact—as though the future hangs in those three spinning tomoes, caustically implanting silver cords into the triangular prisms of their spines.

She watches as a single beam of light insinuates itself into the pitch blackness, between the separation of her family and her runaway.

It seamlessly cuts through the darkness like a blade—the same blade he tried to kill her with those many years ago.



In front of her laid several scenes. The scenes were so intricately drawn, so alluring—all three of them. What confused her most was that each picture had a woman and a man, people she…knew.

(Initializing sequence . . . ACTIVATED.)

"A-Aah!" She groaned.

Looking back up, her mind went blank and she started processing the blankness that was trying to overtake her active thoughts. She brought her forefingers to her temples and a sea foam green glow began emitting. "This is my…chakra?" She wondered, the sickening feeling that was previously coming was now being usurped by a relaxing euphoria.

The first picture on the far left side was of a female with short hair, which she deduced as herself, and then a man she believed to be Sasuke. She was standing in front of him, the kanji of—

Her eyes brightened; a white, hot light flashed, blinding her sight.


"Don't… don't go, Sasuke." She breathed. Her whole body felt like it was dying, her senses completely ignored and destroyed. "You don't need too. I know that you think gaining power will help you—that it will help you kill your brother…but, I think there's more to all of this than you can see."

"You don't know anything, Sakura." Sasuke scoffed, turning his back to her. "You have no reason to be her, or to judge what is best for me. You don't know me."

"Revenge will just make you even lonelier, even sadder and angrier; revenge is going to kill you." Sakura cried. The bitter saline created unforgiving streams down her cheeks; it dripped like diamonds off her tongue and bit down at the pitiful child in front of her. "You can never see what's in front of you," she mumbled, "Naruto, Kakashi, even me! We are your family. I don't know why you keep looking for some replica of justice that can't, and will never, be served."

"You will never fucking understand me, Sakura!" Sasuke yelled, his composure completely fallen. "You don't know what it's like to have everything taken from you—even better, by your own kin! Do you understand how much I've been through because of the person that's supposed to be my fucking brother?!"

"Sasuke…" Her tears would, and could, never stop. A numbing feeling was taking over her body, but she thanked the Gods that she could still…still feel her heart. "My parents were taken from me too, by Orochimaru—the man that you are pursuing. How should that make me feel? The man who fully owns my heart is going to be the apprentice of the man who killed my own flesh and blood."

There is a long silence that filtered between the two of them. Something akin to regret seemed to be hovering in the onyx of his eyes. "Sak—"

She cut him off, "I love you with all of my heart, Sasuke. I know you know that, so I don't know why I'm even reiterating that. To have you follow Orochimaru, a ruthless bastard that has taken everything from me, and from so many others; to have you deny Kakashi, Naruto, and me as your family; and, to have you deny my, what I had initially believed to be infinite, love for you… You're right."

There was no reluctance, no uncertainty in her voice. "I don't know you."

"Sakura," Sasuke choked, swiftly turning back around to face her, "it's not—"

"Sasuke, go kill Itachi. I already warned you, so you can't come back and expect me to wait for you any longer. You're not going to feel any better; in fact, I bet you'll feel like shit!" She laughed dryly, psychotically, almost. She radiated anger, sadness, and defeat—something he had never seen in her before. "Don't worry though, because you know better." Sakura chastised, venomously, sarcasm dripping off each forlorn word.

She violently, in the most child-like manner she had shown in years, wiped the tears from her eyes, and she stomped up to the now straightening up Uchiha. "Am I worth nothing to you?!" It was almost a scream.

He thought.

In his mind, he was denying this statement automatically; but, everything he was able to deny so easily, he couldn't even begin to articulate. He couldn't be tempted to stay, to let Itachi have killed his family with no retribution; he couldn't let her convince him to live and be happy, to be happy with the new family he had formed with Team 7; he couldn't be tempted to live with the one who had finally broken down the barriers of his heart and soul, Sakura.

"Sasuke…" She was standing only a couple inches away from him now, the tips of her breasts touching the bottom of his chest. She was looking up at him, her emeralds shining like they could never be purchased and her petal lips glowing like rubies that could never be touched. "I love you."

His breath hitched. Somewhere in his mind, throughout the torrential downpour of thoughts which was tearing him apart, he realized that he had never told her how beautiful she was.

This is one of the most prominent things that Sasuke Uchiha would always regret.

Her feet were itching upwards, forcing her to standing on her tiptoes, and her chin tilted in an upward direction. She brought her right hand to his left cheek and sensually stroked it with the most tender touch—the same one that reminds him so much of his mother. Her fingers dragged further left, barely skimming the back of his ear, and she pulled his face down towards her own. "I love you with all of my heart," she breathed, drawled, seductively, enticingly whispered to him, "and, I know that there's something inside of you, something other than that angry, vengeful boy. I know…"

He would never admit it, but the moment he felt her softly tug his face down, he automatically dropped down and captured her lips. His lips caught hers in the worst moment, for the most merciless rain began to fall; however, that didn't stop either of them—especially Sasuke.

In this moment he had forgotten how to breathe. Everything surrounding them was everything to nothing; the only two people that mattered were him and her. And, without hesitation, he knew he couldn't care less about breathing again.

His lips hit the corner of hers and he watched her reaction, bemusedly Her eyes were widened, most likely out of surprise that he initiated the kiss, and her body melted, falling limply against his; in quick efforts, his hands surrounded her waist and he pulled her flush against him, eliminating any possible gaps that were previously between the two of them. Her eyes fluttered shut, the lashes creating elongated shadows that stretched down her face, the water dripping with the seemingly endless, forbidden shadow.

She thought she looked appalling, the way she was bawling her eyes out, tear-stained cheeks, make-up running, puffy, red eyes, sniffling, sniffling nose; and though he would never admit it, he was awestruck; he thought, at that very moment, she was the most beautiful she had ever been.

And, in this, he let his guard down for once, and he chose to close his eyes—he chose to take the chance of indulging in the most amazing thing that he had ever known. The most amazing thing he knew he would forever experience, cherish so dearly, and never tell a soul about. It was his.

Only his.

With her bottom lip between his, he eagerly dragged his tongue against the petal. Her lips parted acceptingly, and the hand that was against his cheek delved into the deep black void of his hair. Their tongues danced, creating a new tango unseen to man, something so forsaken and forbidden that only they would forever know and cherish.

Lungs pleading for air, they parted, gluttonously drinking up the rain and oxygen that they so desperately clung to. Sasuke still held her in his arms, hesitant and reluctant to let her go. He knew that the moment he parted from this woman, he would also be parting from everything he has come to know—family, love, and…


His hands faltered as he fought against his emotions, he needed to let her go and continue on with his life-long goal: revenge.

"I-I know you love me too."

Her arms were still gripping him as though if she let go, he would disappear into the harsh, crisp wind and ocean of rain forever. He didn't blame her.

Because he would.

"Sakura…" He drawled, it was a tone that was borderline of caring and of indifference. She couldn't tell, and she didn't know if she wanted to. "I…"

"No...—" She breathed, eyes terrified and lip whimpering. "Please— Please don't do this to me."

She was grovelling, begging even; and that shred his soul apart even more. It rapturously shredded the arteries from his shriveling heart, because they were in the wrong places. It was he who should have been the one begging her—to wait for him and pray for him and say she'll love him forever and ever.

But, he didn't deserve that, nor did she.

She deserved everything and infinity, plus one; and that was everything he couldn't give to her.

"Stay with me, please… Stay with me," Sakura mumbled into his chest. "Let me be with you forever, let me love you. Sasuke, let me…—"

He closed his eyes, vanishing before hers.

("Let me make you feel.")

"Turn away," the dark man groans with a desperate look in his haunted eyes.

She blinks, her feet stuttering backwards but her body does not seem to want to follow his command.

This is him, he's finally here—he's finally looking at the same sky as her and staring straight into her eyes and this time...this time she can actually see something in those eyes (the ones which used to be so dull and dead and sad and lost). She sees desperation and longing; but she also hears the sadness in his tone. This is her moment—this is their moment.

At this very moment they are at the center of the world and nothing can separate their unity. Nothing, but blood-soaked memories of their past and the opaque glass eyes of their future. Nothing can separate them from this moment of infinity, while everything will separate them for an eternity.

"Please...—" she whimpers, "Please don't do this to me again," she whispers, she pleads, she begs. Because she can't handle losing everything they have fought for again, and again and again and again. Because he's finally back.

He's back, and she is just feet away from holding and coddling him in her arms—

So, she reaches out to him; but, in response, he flinches back (as though he is absolutely terrified).

He raises a hand to her, postponing further action. He licks his lips and reluctantly warns, cries, "I'll die if you touch me."

—like he never left, like they could start over, like life was simple.

And, she turns around, hoping to the gods that the image of him would be burned, forever imprinted, on the universe of her mind for later generations.

"This is the only immortality we may share."

She can't breathe, she can't see; so she does the only thing she can do:

(The most important thing to remember about leaving the past behind is to never look back)

she jumps.

(no matter how tempting it might be.)


It was the breath in the wind; it kissed every inch of her body, yet the warmth forever vanished. "Thank you, Sakura."

Her world went black.

He couldn't give her any of the things she wanted, because he only knew how to take. So, he reluctantly, wistfully, accepted the fact that he would just have to take back what was his when he was finished.

And he wouldn't allow for anything to get in his way.


And when she blinked back into reality, she tried so hard to bite back the scream of anger and grief that was arising in her throat. She couldn't.

It was all too much.

All she wanted to do was lash out at the tree, the same tree which enticed her and she had admired so much moments ago, and pummel it to the ground—anything to delete it from this existence. She focused on gathering the green chakra to her fists and she spun around. She tried to reassure herself that she needed to get rid of that tree, because she needed to destroy something—she needed some salvation in this jaded life. She ignored the utter feeling of the eventual guilt conscious, because she knew that this wouldn't fix anything.

But, for the moment it would; and that was enough.

She threw a punch with all of her might, slamming her fist against the burnt oak's bark and sending the tree into a devastating death. She watched as the shards of oak flew about, surrounding her adrenaline-filled body; but, regretfully, it wasn't enough. Sending chakra to her feet, she jumped high into the air only to slam her fist back into the ground with brute force, causing a massive earthquake to erupt around her.

Sakura then stood there, blank and demure and breathing too hard; and, she didn't know what else she could do.

There was nothing left she could destroy.

So, she cried.

She cried because she didn't understand it quite yet; but the imminent warning of the kanji above the painting of her and Sasuke was the least reassuring thing she could have envisioned. Out of all emotions that could have been presented to her about her past relationships, she believed that Sai had found the most destructive one of them all.

The kanji of 'Fear.'


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