Author: devilishheat101

Rating: T (M for later chapters)

Summary: Life with Tony Stark was always complicated.

December 2008

Some months after Tony Stark's announcement to the press that he was indeed Iron Man, Pepper was entering in a small café, to buy two coffees for Tony and her before her attention went to a small TV placed in the farthest corner of the shop.

The reporter was talking about an Iron Man mission, about Tony and about a group of terrorists who were trying to hi-jack a plane.

Tony Stark was immediately called by the USA president, to try and stop the terrorists before something similar to 11/9/2001 was going to happen. Iron Man arrived in New York twenty minutes after the initial call, talked to the police and then flew into the dark, winter sky. The multibillionaire industrialist has turned out to be a great deal with the terrorist group The Ten Rings who confirmed the rumors that they were the group who kidnapped Tony Stark a year ago…

Pepper's mouth dropped in shock as she registered the words escaping the reporter's mouth. She quickly looked for her Blackberry and checked her messages. There were no messages from Tony neither from Rhodey or Jarvis as a matter of fact.

Pepper went outside to call Rhodey. She dialed quickly his number and when no one picked up she started to alarm.

"Pick up. Pick up, please." She muttered.

The phone went dead and a dry voice at the other part of the phone spoke.

"Hey, here is Rhodes, I'm currently busy so after the beep goes, you know what to say."

Pepper closed her Blackberry before heading in the café once again. She approached the TV and listened carefully. A girl who was sitting at one of the tables looked at her for a strangely at her for a couple of minutes before asking her.

"I'm sorry, are you the famous Pepper Potts?" She asked.

Pepper turned to face her, surprised that she knew who she is.


"Wow…" She said.

Pepper raised an eyebrow, looking intently at her.

"Hey people…" She started.

The rest of the café looked at her interested.

"She is Iron Man's personal assistant. Tony Stark's PERSONAL assistant."

The crowd dropped glasses and gasped at the woman smiling nervously back at them.

Pepper covered her face with her hands before turning to leave.

Ten minutes after

"Jarvis, please tell me Mr. Stark's location."

"I'm sorry Miss Potts but the radar doesn't identify any sign of Mr. Stark." Jarvis told her sincerely.

"What do you mean?" Her voice betrayed her.

"Mr. Stark asked me specifically not to tell you any details about his missions."

"Fine." She almost shouted as she hung up.

She placed a hand on her forehead and sighed quite audibly.

"I'm sorry Miss." A man voice came from behind.

She turned to see a handsome blonde man who was starring at her intently. She didn't blush, however when Tony did that, she would find herself blushing.

He gave his hand out for her to take it.

She accepted it politely.

"Jay – "Wink. " – Benz."

Pepper smiled widely at his attempt to seduce her.

"Virginia Potts."

Jay smiled.

"I was sure I met you before. You're Tony Stark's PA, right?"


"I thought so. Would you like to go somewhere, not to mention your boss isn't here to disturb you with daily activities?" He grinned.

"Of course." She smiled.

"By the way –"He started.

"- I'm Karl Benz's third nephew."

She looked confused for a moment but he seemed to register that.

"Do you know the auto trademark Mercedes Benz?" He asked hopefully.

"Oh, you mean that German car producer?"


"So you're…"

"The creator's third nephew." He cleared.

"Wow, that's some news." Pepper told herself.

Now she was accepting his proposal even if she was worried sick about Tony's little escapade with Iron Man back in NY. Well, she thought this may be a little cliché but she needed it. If only this would help her take her mind off Tony because since the little thing from the Fireman's Benefit, now Pepper was having a hard time restraining herself not daydreaming about him every time.

After two hours

"You sure you had fun?" Jay asked her.


Pepper's attention once again flew to a TV where some helicopters were filming the scene where Iron Man was trying to get the plane in a safe place, not anywhere near the city.

Suddenly the plane exploded and the image turned black for two seconds as Pepper's jaw dropped and her eyes wide.

"You okay?"

When she didn't respond him, he shook her.

"…my god." She muttered.


Before the TV turned on again, Pepper found herself exiting the door and heading towards her Audi.

"Hey, Pepper." Jay shouted.

"Call me later. I need to get to the mansion."

With that said, there was no speed limit for Virginia Potts as she managed to pull over at Tony's mansion in five point seven minutes.

Inside the house

"Jarvis!" Pepper shouted.

"Miss Potts please turn your attention to the screen."

Red flames and black clouds of dust and smoke were shown on the big screen in Tony Stark's living room.

"Tell me he's alright. Please." She pleaded as her knees didn't listen to her anymore.

She collapsed onto the marble floor, still looking at the screen.

The reporter came once again in the attention.

We're so sorry for the inconvenience but the explosion has caused damage to three major buildings in the Manhattan area and an helicopter crashed before the remains of the plane landed in the Central Park.

There is no sign of Iron Man…

Will this be the end for Tony Stark? Is his life complete?

The reporter asked rhetorical questions. Of course his life wasn't complete. She's been a foul denying his requirement. Every superhero needs to have a wrecked girlfriend.

Tony's words came crashing into her mind.

She stumbled to the couch and climbed onto it before starting to cry.

'Not again. I can't lose him once again.'

She was so mad at him because he didn't tell her where he was going and now – this.

"Miss Potts." Jarvis's voice intervened.

"I think you should look on your office desk. Mr. Stark has left you a note."

Pepper shot up quickly and ran to her office.

Miss Potts,

The world needs to be saved once again. I will be in New York trying to stop The Ten Rings (my kidnappers) from crashing another plane in another building, as it happened seven years ago.

I'll be safe. Don't worry yet again. I don't want you sad or something. Jarvis will tell you anything you'd like to know. I'll make it home before evening.

She stopped at those words. Anything. Then why didn't he respond to her inquiry.

"Jarvis. Tell me exactly what's wrong." She asked with her lips trembling.

P.S: I need you to get another dress because we'll be attending the fourth annual Fireman's Benefit.

"Oh, God." Now she was trembling head to toe.

"Turn your attention once again to the screen in your office, Miss Potts. You will find the answer yourself."

The dust cleared and now the helicopter was filming quite a scene.




A gold and red suit, very much damaged, lying in the middle of the street. The helmet was broken apart from his suit. Tony was standing there in an awkward position. Then her eyes noticed something else.


So much blood.

Blood coming from the back of his head, from his mouth.

From everywhere.


Ambulances, police cars and firefighters.

She stood and watched the terrible scene, paralyzed.

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