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Chapter One

Chapter 1:

Harry sighed and looked out the window again. They were starting to land, and he could pick out some buildings amongst the green. He didn't particularly want to be here, but when the Headmaster wanted something you didn't deny him; especially when it had to do with Harry Potter's safety.

The war had ended only two weeks ago, on January first. Voldemort had attacked Hogwarts, but thanks to Snape's spying the Order, Aurors and D.A. had been ready. Now that it was over though, there were hundreds of Death Eaters who wanted to kill him and thousands of crazed fans and journalists who wanted a piece of him. The ministry was begging him to join the Aurors , promising head positions with good salary. Harry wasn't interested in it. He just wanted a nice peaceful life away from the reminders of the war and his dead friends.

For those reasons, he was pleased to be here. America wasn't as much as a magical center as the UK, and the west of the country was barely touched at all by the Wizarding World. So Dumbledore had sent him and Remus to a tiny, rainy, quiet town in Washington called Forks. The nearest magical center was in Hollywood, so there was very little chance of him being discovered. They had taken all tracking devices off his and Remy's wand and made both of them unplottable, as well as their new house just to be safe.

"We're almost down," Harry muttered to Remus, who was gripping his stomach, looking ill.

"Thank Merlin," The man muttered tiredly.

Moments later the plane landed, and Remus gave a sigh of relief. They exited the plane together and Harry led them to the baggage claim. Their rented car was waiting outside when they got there and Harry climbed into the driver's seat, while Remus got into the passenger seat. Harry had taken a crash course in all things muggle the last few weeks to make up for his time away from the muggle world; the course had included driving, money and a high school education. Harry had always been a quick learner, at least when he wasn't trying to hide his smarts from the press. Can you imagine, not only the boy who lived, but brilliant as well? The drive from Port Angeles to Forks took about an hour, they passed it in silence, Harry allowing Remus to conk out against the window, his soft snores filling the car. At some point they would have to buy a car, but for now the nondescript car fit their needs.

Harry was enrolling in the local high school for his junior year, and he let his thoughts wander in that direction. It would be nice to go to school where he wasn't famous, get a little rest, slide behind the scenes, stay out of the lime light. That would be nice. Remus had taken a job at the local police station, who had nicely given him the day before, of and after the full moon for religious reasons, of course. It seemed it would be easy for Moony also to slide behind the scenes. They were just a nice, normal family. Sure, Harry was adopted and they followed a strange religion, but no one would pay them much attention, right?

Wrong. Very, very wrong.

Everything had been seeming to settle in nicely. Dumbledore had bought them a small house outside of city lines, backed into the woods so Moony would have plenty of space to run. There were two bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, bathroom and small office. It was pleasantly decorated and they were both enormously pleased. Hedwig had met them there, settling onto her perch as soon as they opened the window for her. They had both fallen happily asleep as soon as they got home, the jet lag dragging them down. They woke early the next morning and prepared for the day. Harry dropped Remy off at the police station.

They talked that morning, filling the car with their chatter. Remus was one of the only people Harry could stand to be around. He understood how it felt to lose your best friends, to have your world drop out from under you like that. After Remus had given Harry a quick hug, and hurried off to work with wishes that his day would go well, Harry found his way to the high school. It was easy enough to find, and he pulled into a parking spot in front of the main office. Pulling on his plain black rain jacket, Harry made his way inside to find it pleasantly warm. He walked up to the counter, a woman with false red hair (something he could easily pick up on after years with the Weasleys) smiled brightly at him.

"Hello! You must be Harry Potter." Harry nearly groaned.

"Yes, that's me." His British accent stood in deep contrast to her own voice and Harry sighed. It seemed he would never escape being different.

"It's such a pleasure to have you here, it's been a long time since we had any newcomers to the town... here's your schedule and map. I hope you have a good first day!"

"Thanks," Accepting the papers, Harry personally thought that it seemed less and less likely that he would have a good day.

"Oh! Before I forget, your guardian has mentioned during our phone calls that you need a private desk?"

"Yes, Ma'am." Harry answered not looking up from the map of the school. Simple really, compared to Hogwarts.

"That's been set up, except for in Biology. There is only one spare seat, I'm afraid. If you need to be excused..."

"I'm sure I can manage, Ma'am. It's only an hour."

"Very well. Have your teachers sign this slip," She handed him another paper, her voice returning to it's previous cheer, "And return it at the end of the day."

"Thank you, Ma'am. Have a good day." At that he turned from the office, returning to his shiny blue pickup truck. The rental was pretty nice, Harry admitted to himself as he climbed into the cab. Following the line of traffic, Harry found a parking place right in front of his first class. The school was made up of a series of building, with each class having it's own building. Harry's car stood out a tiny bit just from how new it was, but Harry was used to standing out more than just a tiny bit, so it didn't bother him. The first class of the day was English, taught by a Mr. Mason, Harry found, glancing at his schedule.

As he stepped into the classroom, many eyes studied him curiously. Great, he thought, a sarcastic edge rising in his mental tenor, looks like I won't be sliding into the background here. He spotted what was obviously his desk in the back, the only personal desk in the room. Luckily it was in the corner too, which meant that nobody could sneak up on him.

The English teacher gaped at Harry as he signed the slip and handed him the reading list. Harry was happy to take his private seat at the back of the desk. It was perfect, he thought with a sigh, settling into the chair and studying the reading list.

A lot of it Hermione had forced him to read over the years, if only so she could have someone to talk to her about muggle literature. Of course we'll never talk about literature again, forced or not....Harry shook his head swiftly, driving the thoughts from his head. Now was not the time to be thinking depressing thoughts, no it was more important to listen to the teacher. The bell rang, and the last students took their seats, all glancing curiously back at him.

Harry kept his eyes firmly fixed on his desk, and listened to the teacher intently. He was no where near caught up, really, and he needed to focus. When the class ended he hurried out. He didn't want to make contact with any of the muggles and he didn't want to make any friends. Everyone ended up dying and he wasn't sure his heart could take any more pain.

The time until lunch passed fairly quickly. Harry managed to avoid curious muggles and keep up with the classes, so it seemed everything was going well; until he entered the cafeteria. So many people... Harry hated crowds. He absolutely loathed them. They tended to make him anxious and tense.

Moony had packed him a bag lunch, so he didn't have to bother with the crushing line- he just had to find an empty table.

Luckily for him there were two, one on either side of another table. Harry glanced over the occupants swiftly, and then turned his eyes back once he had glanced. Merlin! They're gorgeous.

There were five of them, exactly the same but perfectly different too. Harry studied them as he made his way to his chosen table. His mind had already assessed them as a non-threat, so he was free to be admiring. They were all pale, with deep shadows under the eyes that resembled the ones Harry wore underneath the glamour. There were three boys: a blond one who looked like he was concentrating pretty hard on the table, a very muscled brunette, who was staring longingly at one of the girls, and the last boy who was probably the most beautiful, with odd bronze hair and the dark, black eyes they all shared in common.

All three were muscled, the blond and bronze haired ones with more lithe, cat-like muscles not unlike Harry's own build. The two girls were perfect opposites with blond and black hair and different heights. Now that he had fully admired them, as well as reached his seat, Harry dropped into the plastic cafeteria chair and opened his lunch. Sitting on top was a small scrap of paper. Harry lifted it out of he brown paper bag, and glanced over it.

Afternoon, Cub. It read,
Hope your day is going well so far. I know I'll miss you, eating all alone at lunch.
Eat you whole lunch, okay? I'll know if you don't. And yes that does include the chocolate, scrawny.
Love you,

Harry sighed, and smiled. Remus was truly the best guardian a boy could wish for. Investigating his lunch Harry found a turkey sandwich, a yogurt, pecans, and a bar of chocolate. The yogurt went down his throat first, followed by the nuts and then the sandwich. As he was peeling back the foil on his chocolate bar, he became aware of someone invading his personal bubble, which was, admittedly, much larger than others. He glanced up, it was a tiny girl with lots of brown hair. Fan-girl, his mind concluded dully, and he turned back to his chocolate.

"Hello," An annoying voice broke into his quiet reverie, "Harry, right?"

"Yes, and you are?" Harry said tersely, concentrating on his chocolate.

"Jessica. I'm in your Spanish class." She prompted, not at all subtly.

"Hmm." Harry replied, and was enormously relieved as his new cell phone vibrated in his pocket, "Excuse me," He said to the girl, and flipped open the phone, "Remy?"

"Harry. How are you doing?"

"Miserably." Harry answered, rising from his seat, and gathering his lunch up to throw in the trash.

Harry could hear the concern in his voice as Remus replied, "Did the seating work out? If it didn't you can leave. That's fi-"

"It's fine." Harry said, exiting the cafeteria and starting towards the Biology building. " It's just crowds you know?"

"I know, cub. But you should try, this is a new start for you; try to find something worth living for."

"I'll try Remy. But it's hard... they're all so... innocent."

"I could see how that might be tough for you, but they are your age Harry. You just grew up too fast. Try and be a teenager for a while, it might be good for you."

"Okay, Rem. How's your day going?"

"Good, good. Pretty boring though, nothing happens in this town. Been sitting around doing paperwork."

"Oh, and we all know how much Remus Lupin minds paperwork." Harry teased.

A soft growl rang across the phone line. "I've gotta go, Remy. Class."

"Okay, see you soon."

"Yeah, bye."

"Love you, cub."

"Love you, Remy."

And Harry stepped into the Biology room. The teacher was at the front desk and glanced up at him.

"You're the new student?" The man asked.

"Yes, sir."

"I'm sorry we couldn't sort out your seating arrangements in this class."

"I'm sure I'll manage, sir. It's only an hour."

"Yes," The man agreed, "If you need to leave, please do so."

"Yes, sir."

"Hmm, good. Your table is the second from the back, left side."

"Thank you, sir."

Harry settled into the chair not on the aisle, and tried to get comfortable without glancing behind him every few seconds. He nearly jumped out of his skin when the other students started pouring in, hanging up jackets and chatting loudly. Someone slid into the seat besides him and Harry glanced up. It was one of those gorgeous teens from before, the bronze haired one. Harry gave a slight, tense nod, and turned to the front of the room, just as a cold breeze brushed past his face. He could feel the tension grow. Glancing back to the boy, he found him leaning away from him, looking murderous. Immediately, Harry's instincts tightened, and he patted his arm reassuringly, feeling the comforting presence of his wand. He turned from the bizarre boy, instincts screaming that he take the boy down. He ignored the instincts. There had been no attack, he had no reason to believe that this boy would hurt him. Stop being paranoid, Potter.

The class passed extremely slowly, Harry aware every minute, of the tense, hateful glares the other was shooting him. When the bell rang, Harry was out of his seat faster than you could say Quidditch and out the door. He hurried away from the building and found a bench between this building in the next. He huddled down into the seat, arms shaking with restraint. He wanted to take the boy down. Stun him, keep him away from Harry. He couldn't. Still trembling, Harry pulled out his phone, and pushed his speed dial for Remus.

"Cub?" The familiar voice asked after the first ring, "What's wrong?"

"Distract me, please." Harry whimpered.

"Alright. I'm filing a speeding ticket at the moment, boring, didn't I tell you? I might go fishing with my boss this weekend, you're invited of course. I was thinking you could cook some pie tonight. Chocolate-banana pie. Doesn't that sound good? Sounds delicious to me. Of course, we have to get nutrients in you. Meat of some sort, what are you in-"

"That's good Moony," Harry broke in, as his trembles subsided some.

"What's wrong cub?"

"There's one class I have to sit with someone, 'cause there's no room for a separate desk. But this guy- he looked like he hated me. Like he- he was going to attack me. I had to convince myself not to hurt him. I don't know what I did."

"Shh, cub. It's probably nothing. You're a paranoid kid, remember?"

"Yeah. Yeah." Harry sighed.

"He was probably just a bit disgruntled about having to share, which you blew out of proportions, and then you reacted to the perceived threat."

"Yeah. Maybe."

"Don't worry about it, cub. The stress isn't good for you, but it will settle down soon and then you'll see; we'll get you back to normal."

"Alright, Remy."

"Can you go the rest of the day without hurting anyone?" Remus asked, worry slipping into his voice despite his attempt to make it light hearted.

"Yeah, it's just gym; then I can go pick up some groceries, then you."

"Okay, see you then." Harry closed the phone and stuck it in his pocket. When he walked out from in between the buildings, he found his Biology teacher pacing worriedly outside his door.

"Sir?" Harry said.

"Potter, there you are! Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, sir. Thank you for asking. I have to get to gym."

"I can see if I can get you another seat," The teacher went on, "I don't know what was wrong with him; he's usually a perfectly pleasant boy."

"I'm sure it was just an off day, sir. It'll be fine."

"Yes, very well. Get to you next class." Harry nodded and turned towards the gymnasium.

The teacher told him to just sit on the sidelines today, which suited Harry fine. If people were throwing balls at him he was sure to curse something, no matter what he told Moony. Finally the day ended; Harry made his way to the truck, climbed into the cab, and sped off. He needed a break from all these teenagers.