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Chapter Fourteen

Harry woke early the next morning to the sound of quarreling. He had drifted back up to his borrowed bed not long after he had woken last night and had been surprised about how calm he was feeling. The quarreling immediately had him on edge though. He did not like arguments. Harry tossed off the covers and wandered downstairs. As he reached the first floor all of the vampires turned to look at him, which made his stomach squirm uncomfortably.

"Um, good morning."

Jasper smiled at him. Though the overwhelming urge to be close to his new brother had faded, Harry moved closer to the blonde. He was still uncomfortable here and it didn't help that they had been arguing.

"Did we wake you, Harry?" Jasper's Ma asked.

"No, ma'am." Harry answered politely. Esme made him uncomfortable.

Emmett laughed. "He even sound like you, Jasper! When are you going to start callin' ma, ma, huh?"

"He'll call her whatever he wants you inconsiderate arse!" Harry snapped. These people, terrifying or not, had no right to pressure Jasper to do anything! He whirled to glare at Emmett. Nobody laughed, though the picture of 5'7 Harry glaring down 6'5 Emmett was a slightly ridiculous one.

Jasper was tense and distressed behind him. "He doesn't mean anything by it," Jasper whispered. But Harry knew it bothered Jasper- that was part of the bond. The blonde could not hide from him.

"Some people don't feel comfortable with titles like mum and dad! The rest of the world should fucking get over them bloody selves! You called him brother last—oops."

"You overheard us." Jasper said.

"Oh god." Edward moaned and hid his face with his hands. Harry looked at him before tearing his gaze away.

"I wasn't going to fall asleep with him in there! And you were talking, so I cast a charm, I had to!" Harry defended to Jasper-knowing it was a private discussion that he had no right to listen to. Jasper glanced over at Edward who was still hiding his face, and then at the rest of the family who was looking on in confusion.

"I should have known." Jasper said, rolling his eyes. Harry gave a small grin at his brother, reassured that he wasn't angry, and turned to Edward.

"I am sorry Edward. I shouldn't have listened in. Um…maybe we should talk some time?"

Edward nodded slowly.

"All right, off to school you lot." Esme hurried, pushing all her children but Jasper out the door. They all forgot their arguments against going to school in favor of questioning Edward about the private conversation Harry had evidently overheard.

Edward did not have a good day. His siblings would not leave him alone. They questioned him in the car, in their heads, in classes and between classes.

The teachers all asked them about Jasper. The students all stared at them. And then there was the minor problem that Harry knew Edward loved him! Indeed, it was a very bad day.

He had been dreading and craving getting home to talk to Harry.

When he did pull the car up in front of the house, it was to find Harry sitting on the front porch, laughing while Jasper talked.

"…and that is the story of the abominable snowman of Oklahoma."

Harry's green eyes sparkled when he laughed and his cheeks were red from the cold March air.

"You never told us that story!" Emmett boomed. Harry jumped, and his eyes closed off. Jasper shot Emmett a look which had the larger vampire cowed in an instant.

"Sorry I startled you Harry." Emmett said. "I never have heard that story though."

"It's private." Jasper and Harry chorused, shooting grins at each other, sending a piercing kinife of jealousy through Edward. Damn them for being so close.

"Besides," Jasper went on, "We wouldn't want to give you any ideas, would we?"

Alice and Rosalie laughed, and Edward fought to hide his smile. Emmett pouted.

Edward was pleased to see Jasper in such a happy mood, and was even more pleased that Harry had been in a good mood. The moment passed, and an awkward silence grew.

"Well we'll leave you two lovebirds to talk." Alice chirped, dragging Rosalie and Emmet off and sending a pointed look at Jasper. Jasper bent down and asked Harry something Edward could not make out. Harry nodded though and Jasper disappeared inside after the others.

They stood and sat in silence for a moment, Harry's warm breath casting puffs of fog into the air.

"Want to sit?" Harry finally asked, scooting over to make room for him on the stairs.

Edward took the offered seat, but didn't know what to say.

"So…" Harry said, and Edward could tell he was gathering his courage. "You love me."

Edward ducked his head. God, this was so embarrassing.

Harry breathed out a long breath. "Edward…" He was going to get rejected. But he loved him, he really did.

"Fuck I hate my potions." Harry said instead. Edward blinked.

"What?" He asked in shock.

"Chosen bond. I could feel it if I was off my potions."

"You are my chosen then?" Edward breathed, and unfamiliar feeling swelling his chest like a balloon.

"I think so." Harry murmured hesitantly. "Wizards can't normally tell, but I'm not normal." There was a world of bitterness in those words. "But I do feel…drawn to you, I guess. Not so much as you do to me because of the potions."

"But you like me?" Edward asked desperately.

"I like you, Edward." Harry agreed softly. "But-" He cut in as Edward moved closer, and drew farther away again. Hurt cut into Edward, sharper than anything he had felt since he was turned. "But, we have to take this slowly. And I won't be alone with you until I'm not you're singer anymore."

"Singer?" Edward asked.

"Merlin," Merlin? "You guys are so secluded its mad. It means my blood calls to you more than others. It will fade naturally, but that's too long to wait for either of us I think. Remus can ward my blood so it's not appealing to you or your family, like it's not appealing to Jasper." Harry gave him a tight smile, got up and left.

Edward sighed and could not tell if it was from happiness, impatience or both..

He was not going to panic. He was not. Damn it, Potter, breathe.

Only a slight wheezing breath came through his longs. Jasper was by his side. Damn it, damn it, damn it. Flashes of vampires were appearing at the sides of his vision.

Damn it.

"Harry?" Jasper's voice broke in. It was too smooth. Damn it.

And then Emmett was there and he was totally fucked!

Damn it Potter, Jasper is not going to let them hurt you and they don't want to hurt you anyway. You do not need to panic over the thought of a romantic relationship, damn it.

Harry's inner chider had taken on Moody's voice, which was not effective in breaking this up. He tried a different tactic.

Think rationally, Harry. What is there to be afraid of here?

Vampires. Blood suckers. Monsters. Uncontrollable thirts for my blood.

And where is your wand?

Up my sleeve, where else?

Can you take five vampires? Six? Seven?

Of course-Oh. Brilliant, Potter.

He managed to take a deep breath in while Jasper led him to the kitchen and set a glass of water in front of him.

"And what were you going to do with that?" Harry asked, as he took a sip out of it.

"If necessary? Toss it over your head." Jasper said in a no nonsense voice.

Harry laughed. Today was a good day. He had managed to stop acting like a scared child, become closer to Jasper, figured things out with Edward and realized that there was no reason to be scared- he could take nearly anything the world through at him.

Of course, there was the 'nearly' in there, but he would worry about that later. Much later.

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