Hello everyone! Welcome to the first chapter of my new story, which focuses on Calypso. I think that there just aren't enough fanfics about her, and she was a pretty big character! But don't lose so much hope yet, because I promise that this story's main attention point is Percabeth! Read on to find out what I mean!

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Story summary: Percy's dreams leave him realizing that he misses Calypso. Percy bargains wtih the gods, and makes a descion that leaves Calypso stading before him. How will this effect Annabeth, and what will happen as the tension between Percy and Annabeth rises? Percabeth is promised! Takes place after BOTL. Read, enjoy, review!

(Percy's POV)

"No!" I sat bolt upright in my bed, shivering from yet another horrible dream.

A long time had passed since we came out of the labyrinth alive, and since my fifteenth birthday. The strange thing was that I hadn't slept peacefully a single night.

Grover stepped into my empty cabin, with a smile, but his expression slowly vanished as he saw my face.

"Whoa, man," he said. "Are you alright? You look like you've just came out of a battle straight from the underworld." And that's how I felt.

The cabin had a dim shade to it, and a cold aura. "Another dream?" Grover asked.

I managed to nod, as I took deep breaths, calming myself.

"What was this one about?" he asked, almost casually, as it had become a routine for him to ask.

"I - I don't exactly remember... but it was bad," I said, finally beginning to calm down completely.

Before Grover could talk, Annabeth appeared in the doorway to my cabin. She smiled.

"Seaweed brain's awake early; that's a new start," she laughed as she stepped inside and yanked open the curtains. Morning sun poured into the room, brightening the walls.

I rubbed my eyes; the room seemed warmer.

And I couldn't help but feel like it wasn't the soothing sun that had brought this calming presence, but my friends.

As Annabeth entered and let out her easy laughter, the tension in the air softened, and I smiled.

And smiling definitely was unusual at a time like this, when I had just seen a dream about Kronos taking over Luke and stabbing me repeatedly.

I pushed the disturbing thought away as I focused on my friends.

Grover told Annabeth that I had just had another nightmare, and convinced her to give me a minute to freshen up.

They exited, refilling my cabin with the cold harsh air.

I shivered, and dragged my legs out of the covers as I sat on the edge of my bunk.

Have you ever had this strange feeling, like your dream was so clear, but you still felt like you were forgetting a major part of it? Like you were forgetting something in your dream that you saw early in the night?

Well that's what I felt now. I could clearly remember my vision about the Titan Lord, but I had this giant feeling in the pit of my stomach that I dreamt about something far more important. And I couldn't quite put my finger on what.

I stumbled out of bed, and I sighed.

I was pretty tired, and not physically, but tired of my dreams, and waking up the exact same way: by a horrible image and a scream that jerked me upright in my bed.

As I took a step forward, a memory crashed back into my head.

It was the memory of my dream, before my vision about Kronos.

I had seen… Calypso.

Memories zapped back into me like bolts of electricity, and I saw a vivid flashback of my dream…

I was running, and the ground beneath me turned from rocks to sand. I immediately recognized it. It was the beach on calypso's island.

The dream progressed as I bumped into Calypso, and she steadied me. I heard gentle laughter.

The scene shifted 'til we were planting in her garden, and as I handed her a clump of roots, our hands met and we shared a smile.

But unlike reality, Calypso didn't drop her gaze, but she smiled, which gave me a warm feeling, and she said "Do you promise not to leave me, my brave one" Her voice stirred the deepest memories.

My dream self didn't answer her.

The scene shifted once again to me chained onto her magical raft. I frantically held out my hands, Calypso in tears trying her hardest to grab it, but an invisible force held her back.

And it was too late. My raft sailed away disappearing into the mist.

"Hurry up, Percy!" I heard my friends call from outside my cabin, and I returned to reality. I shook my head, packing all my memories of Calypso and my strange nightmare about her in the very back of my head, though I wasn't able to slow all the butterflies in my stomach, nor the darkness over my heart.

I quickly refreshed myself and changed from my night clothes. I met Grover and Annabeth outside, and we headed towards the dining pavilion for breakfast.

Like any regular day, the nymphs served breakfast and we ate.

But I found myself blankly staring into space as I shoved food into my mouth.

My thoughts surrounded my unusual dream.

It was the first time I had seen this dream...

I had a horrible feeling that my dreams were trying to send me a message.

But I didn't quite understand it.

I mean, I had left calypso, and yes I was sad... but I had friends here, and I was happy.

So what was still troubling me?

Then again, I saw a snippet of a flashback. Once again the same picture of me reaching out and desperately trying to grab her hand.

I understood… the fact that bothered me, was that in my dream - I had left Calypso against my will. And that wasn't what happened in reality… was it?

The rest of the day passed by slowly, as I went on with my regular schedule.

Annabeth met me at the sword arena, and we dueled.

Within just five quick minutes, Annabeth had me pinned down on the ground with her dagger at my throat.

She smirked in victory and lowered her weapon, while giving me her hand.

I took it and stood up.

"Seriously, seaweed brain, where are you today?" Annabeth asked as we headed over to the benches so that another pair could use the arena while we took a quick break.

"What do you mean?" I asked taking a seat on the benches, with Annabeth standing in front of me.

"I mean, Percy, you're not concentrating today. Are you okay?" Annabeth's face was full of concern as she looked at me, her eyes worried.

"Yeah, I just… have a lot on my mind," I admitted. "But, I'm okay."

Annabeth seemed to be studying me intently as if trying to figure me out.

"What?" I demanded.

She took a seat next to me. "Percy, are you thinking about your dreams?"

"Uh, yeah, sort of," I replied, trying to figure out where this was going.

She looked down nervously. "Were they … you know… I mean, were they about…?" Her voice faltered.

It had been about a good two months, but Annabeth still wasn't able to say Luke's name without exposing a big bubble of discomfort.

And I guess that fact bothered me more than it should have.

"Yeah, part of my dream was. But don't worry, I'm not thinking about that," I assured her, keeping my emotions towards Luke at bay.

She sighed. "Then what's on your mind Seaweed Brain?"

As I thought, I found that I couldn't even bring myself to think about Calypso in front of Annabeth, much less consider even saying her name. I mean, whatever happened, I would never want Annabeth to know I was on her island, even though she had her suspicions. I just couldn't confirm it for her.

And last summer, Queen Hera didn't help that fact when she said, "I sent you to Calypso's island." I was aware that Annabeth knew that I was there, but I was extremely careful never to bring that fact up again. It was easier not mentioning it or confirming it.

"Percy!" Annabeth said for the third time, and once again I realized that I had spaced out.

"You can tell me what's wrong, Percy," Annabeth insisted, knowing something different was on my mind.

"It's nothing." I playfully bumped my knee with hers, lightening the mood, and then I smirked, "Annabeth, you owe me a rematch."

Before she could press on, I pulled her back to the center of the arena.

And in our second fight, I concentrated. I wasn't really sure of anything though all my confusion, but I was pretty aware of one thing: Annabeth had actually managed to pull me out of my "Calypso-consumed" thoughts for a while.

Dinner came, and Grover stood in line behind me as we moved our way up to the fire to sacrifice a part of our meal to the gods.

As usual, I threw a fair portion in the flame. In a small voice I said, "Accept my offering, Lord Poseidon."

And then in a fainter voice, I found myself whispering," And wherever she is... whatever she's doing… I pray for her happiness."

I sat back on my table as Grover joined me a few seconds later.

"You wish who happiness?" he asked curiously, and I raised an eyebrow.

"How did you hear me?"

Grover shrugged. "I have good ears, and Pan's given me quite a few more abilities," he said proudly. He then focused back on me. "So, who were you talking about?"

I shook my head. "No one."

Slowly, dinner past.

I almost feared falling asleep again.

Throughout my whole day, I had finally come to one confession.

And it was that, maybe, just maybe… I was starting to miss Calypso, and it hurt.

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