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Chapter One: Father and Son Reunited

"They're dead, my lord. All of these worlds are dead."

The Emperor of Man stared out at the world his flagship was orbiting, pondering this latest mystery. When they first discovered this cluster of systems, a Warp Storm appeared, enveloping the cluster. Or at least, that's everyone else saw. Even the Navigators had been fooled into believing the false Warp Storm. Only he had seen through the deception. Ultimately, he had to lead the Fleet through the 'Warp Storm'. As soon as they cross through the storm, it disappeared and a new threat emerged. A massive unknown Fleet emerged from nowhere and attacked. The entire Fleet had been crippled by the attackers in minutes. Or at least, that's what everyone else believed. In reality, they had been attacked by illusions. The damage only an illusion as well. The Emperor ordered the Fleet to only proceed forward on their 'crippled' engines. To their amazement, their ships responded, shattering the illusion.

Now there was this final illusion. Many of the worlds of this system were green and full of life. But yet again, only he could see it. All others only saw barren, lifeless rocks.

"They are not dead." he said. "Something is trying to keep us from these worlds. I am going to the surface to find out why. Inform the Vengeful Spirit that I am leaving for the planet."

"father of the Star Child..." a mental voice whispered, trying to speak to him. "please...I urge you not to go to those worlds...you'll contaminate everything..."

Father of the Star Child? Could it be that one of his sons was in this cluster?

"Who are you?"

"it is too much explain between minds...we will reveal ourselves if you swear to listen to us first...not destroy us..."

"I swear it. I nor will my forces take any hostile action against you. So long as you explain yourselves."

"we appear..."

The final illusion faded away, revealing the true worlds to the entire Imperial Fleet. Several of the plants were green, vibrant, alive.

"My lord, incoming communication from an unknown source." the comm officer said.

"Let us hear what they have to say."

"Vessels of the Imperium of Man, on behalf of the Ekichou, I welcome you." a voice said, in heavily accented Gothic. "Never had we thought that anyone would ever breach our Image Weavers' illusions. We know why you have come. There is much that needs to be explained. Please, don't land on any of the inhabited worlds. They must not be contaminated. Come to the moon of the world your fleet is orbiting. All will be explained there."

When they arrived at moon, they found that it wasn't a moon at all, but a vast space station disguised as a lifeless moon. A truly impressive feat of engineering.

A small envoy, consisting of the Emperor, Malcador the Sigilite, the Primarchs Horus, Leman Russ, Magnus the Red, Sanguinius and Rogal Dorn, who had been accompanying the Emperor's Fleet at the time, as well as Archmagos Kane of Adeptus Mechanicus and a handful of Astartes from the Luna Wolves, Thousand Sons, Blood Angels, Imperial Fists and Space Wolves to serve as bodyguards, arrived on a lone Stormbird.

A group of robed beings approached the Stormbird. The leader pulled back their hood, revealing...

"Xenos!" Russ roared. "What trickery is this?!"

The creature before them was humanoid. It's head was avian, with short white feather covering it's face and group longer purple and red feathers coming from the back of it's head, like hair. A thin, short beak emerged from it's face. It's eyes were yellow and devoid of a pupil. It's hands had only two fingers and a thumb, all tipped with short talons.

Russ drew his sword, preparing to strike the alien down.

"Hold!" the Emperor said. "I gave my word that there would be no hostilities until they could explain things. And I will honor that."

"I thank you, Emperor of the Imperium of Man." the Xeno Leader said, bowing it's head, a female from the sound of it's voice. "I am Arhisa of the Ekichou. Overseer of the Shinobi Project."


"Our future protectors. But I will explain that in time." she said. "You wish to see the Star Child, correct?"

"Yes. Show me this 'Star Child'."

"Arhisa bowed her head. "Very well then, follow me."

She lead them down a long series of corridors. The walls, floors and ceilings were all smooth, white and had a highly polished sheen to them.

"You see, our species are mentally power and highly intelligent. However, we are physically weak. We relied on hiding and illusions to keep us safe. But we knew that it wasn't enough to stop the Dark Ones that dwell in the Realm Between Realms. Then we found the humans of these worlds. They were a primitive, yet hearty breed. But as they were, they weren't strong enough to protect us. Worse yet, they were susceptible to whispers of the Dark Ones."

"Dark Ones?" Dorn asked. "What are these Dark Ones?"

Arhisa stared at the giant. "They are the Living Terrors that seek to extinguish the light of the universe and engulf it in eternal darkness."

"But what are they? Xenos?"

Arihisa shook her avian head. "Like children." she said. "You cannot comprehend the universe as it truly is."

"I will not have an alien talk down to me!"

"Enough!" the Emperor said. "You said they weren't strong enough. What did you do?"

"As you experienced, we hid this system and the others from the rest of the galaxy." she said. "We then used our vast scientific knowledge to strengthen the people of these worlds."

"Genetic manipulation on a planetary scale?"

"Yes. We made them stronger. Strengthen their mental defenses against the Dark Ones' whispers. And in the process, gave them abilities unlike any humans before them. See for yourselves."

Images appeared on the walls. Images of humans doing battle. A man in red armor with a motion of his hands, created a forest out of nothing and manipulating the trees with simple gestures of his hands. Another warrior breathed out a ball of fire, incinerating his opponent. A silver haired warrior with mismatched eyes was channeling lightning into hand. A warrior clad in a nobleman's clothes raised his sword, summoning a serpent of pure water out of the lake behind him. The man rode it into battle, like a knight from an ancient epic. Group of warriors from a vast jungle emerged from thin air, descending on another band of warriors. As quickly as they appeared, they disappeared from sight. These were but a handful of the images they saw.

"Extraordinary..." Magnus said. "Some form of psykers?"

"No. They have no..." Arhisa paused, saying the next word with difficultly. "Psykers, as you call them. They use the power in the bodies of all beings. The very energy that causes all living things to function. They manipulate it and shape it into the abilities you see here."

"It took seven human generations for them to evolve to the point you see now. But they weren't our only creations."

New images appeared. Three men and woman appeared, they did some kind of gesture. A giant snake, a giant slug, a giant toad clad in a coat and a giant black and white bear wearing a straw hat and a black and white coat, appeared from nowhere. A warrior clad in a black coat with red clouds battled a great seabeast with three tails. Jungle warriors stalked a great beast covered in a black armored carapace. A giant nine-tailed fox craved a path of destruction through a forest. Countless more images displayed various other powerful creatures filled the screens.

The group came to a pair of large, heavy doors. Arhisa placed her hand on a small display panel. "However, it was estimated that it would be another twenty generations until they were ready." she said as the doors hissed and slowly opened. "It was then that pod containing the Star Child appeared."

A cold breeze creped out of the opening door. It was a vast cold storage chamber. Walls were covered in vast shelves, containing vials of blood. In the center of the a separate cold storage pod. Inside was the body of an infant. A dead infant. One of his sons. One of sons was dead before even reaching adulthood.

"What is the meaning of this?!" the Emperor said, his fury barely contained. "Why is my son dead?!"

"When the pod was found, it was damaged. The infant dead." Arhisa explained. "We studied the body. He discovered the genetic modifications in the child. It was unlike anything we had ever seen. It's potential was great. We combined the infant's DNA with that of one of the greatest Shinobi to have been born at the time and impregnated his wife. Creating a new being. It was our hope that the reborn child would be the herald of their future as our protectors. Fate, however, seems to have an amusing sense of humor. We have watched him his whole life. His life so far has been difficult and trying, but he fought on, growing stronger and strengthen those around him."

"Bring me to him." the Emperor said.

"I cannot. Not yet anyway. There is still much you must see."

Arhisa took them to a great hall. "Bare witness to his life and understand." she said.

A giant nine-tailed fox, tore through a vast forest, leaving nothing but death and destruction. It was heading for a village in the center of the forest. Warriors fought and died, trying to stop the monster. But nothing could stop it. Suddenly, the giant toad they had seen before appeared, atop it's head was a blond haired man, holding a blond haired infant.

The man said something, in a language none of them knew. A bright light filled the screen for a few minutes. When the light faded, the fox was gone and the man on the toad was dead. Still holding the infant in his arms. Whisker-like marks adorned his face. A group of warriors and an elderly man appeared. The old man picked up the child and spoke in that same unknown language.

They watched the boy grow up, seemingly hated by virtually all in the village. But the child persevered, striking back at those that made his life miserable. Not with violence like some would, but humiliating them with childish pranks.

"Lively little bugger, isn't he." Russ said, chuckling at the boy's pranks.

"But why was he so hated?" the Emperor asked.

"The day he was born, the Nine-Tailed Fox, our greatest failure, was sealed into him. The village leader decreed that none could tell him nor those too young to have known what happen, that it was sealed into him. It was hoped that the people would see him as a hero, for being damned to forever keeping the Kyuubi imprisoned within his being. Sadly, while the decreed was not broken for many years, the people viewed the boy as the reincarnation of the Kyuubi and blamed him for death and destruction it caused."

They watched the boy train in an academy alongside other children.

"He persevered. Striving to become Hokage, the greatest warrior in his village, it's leader and protector. Then, the night he became a true ninja, he learned the truth of why he was hated. In the end, nothing changed. He still sought to become Hokage."

They watched him join a team of other children, a pale, black haired boy, a pink haired girl and brown haired boy with a sword, commanded by silver haired man. The blond haired boy and the black haired boy argued and fought constantly. Like rivals. Like brothers.

They watched the team's missions and battles. Ultimately, leading up the black haired boy's betrayal and the splitting up of their team as each trained under one of four powerful warriors that had once been teammates for three years. Many battles played out, all manipulated by a lone masked man seeking power and domination over all others. Black hair boy betrayed and slew his master. Then he battled another man. The grueling battle ended with the man dying. Then the masked man approached the boy, telling him something and winning over his loyalty.

In the end, the masked man had the boy attack his former teammates. The blond and black haired boys fought in a grueling battle. In the end, the blond won. The black haired boy fled back to his master with his former teammates following. The masked man attacked the trio, only for him to be betrayed by the black haired boy. The five battled in a long and vicious battle that ended with the masked man's death.

"That was only a few months ago." Arhisa said. "The boy and his comrades are still in the village, serving it and protecting it like all true ninja do. All Shinobi, whether on this world or on other worlds strive to protect their homes and their comrades, no matter. It is how we bred them. To be the ultimate protectors. There are those that turn against such beliefs, but ultimately, those are a minority. Most would die before betraying their homes and comrades."

Arhisa's gaze turned to him. "We have explained everything to you, Emperor of Man." she said. "Our fate, as is the fate of all of those on the Shinobi Worlds are in your hands. Destroy us. Use us. Leave us alone. Whatever you do, we cannot stop you and we accept our fates."

All in the room stared at the Emperor. Waiting to hear his verdict on things. No doubt, his sons had reached their own decisions on the matter. "Before I make my decision, I will have your council, my sons."

Magnus was the first to speak. "These humans, despite their mutations, could be a great boon to the Imperium. If what we've seen is true, than we should bring them into the Imperium. And if that boy is truly our brother, than let us welcome him back into the fold."

"These people have been the play things of aliens for years." Rogal Dorn said, his voice filled with disgust. "They nor these creatures can be trusted. They and their alien masters would slit our throats at the first chance. And that child is not my brother. My brother is lying dead in a pod."

"I advise caution." Horus said. "The abilities of these people could indeed be of great benefit to the Imperium. But we cannot overlook their origins. We should welcome them back into the Imperium, but we should also carefully watch them just to be on the safe side. Just as we should with the boy, if he truly is our brother."

"I must agree with Horus." Sanguinius said. "We should welcome them, but with caution."

"Bah. This whole thing is nothing but one big joke." Leman Russ said. "How do we know that this isn't just one big alien trick?"

"You raise a good point, Russ." Malcador said. "If I may, my liege."

The Emperor nodded. "Speak my friend."

"There is indeed the possibility that this whole thing has been one big ruse. I suggest that we see these abilities and this boy in person before you decide. If Russ doubts them, than he should challenge the boy. If he truly is a Primarch, than he should be able to hold his own for awhile against Russ."

"You want me to fight a little whelp?!"

"Why not? It would answer any doubts."

"I agree. We shall go see this child with our own eyes." the Emperor said, turning to Arhisa. "You will take us to his village."

Arhisa nodded. "As you wish. As I said before, we cannot stop you. Nor do we choose to."

"What is the boy's name?"


Naruto Uzumaki half choked on his ramen as Sakura shouted his name. "What?" he said, coughing.

"There's something you have to see." she said.

"What?" he asked.

"There's giant outside of Konoha, shouting in some strange gibberish." Sakura paused for a moment. "But he's shouting your name."

"What? You're kidding, right?"

Sakura shook her head.

"Really? Wow. I got to see this."



"Where is Naruto Uzumaki?!" Russ shouted.

The growing crowd of ninjas and civilians just stared at him. Unsure of what to make of the giant, armored man that was speaking a language none of them knew. The ninjas had yet to make any move against him as he had yet to make any hostile move. And until the Hokage arrived, they weren't going to make the first move.

"Well?! Where is Naruto Uzumaki?!"

Leman was beginning to feel like a fool. He had been shouting at these people for over five minutes now. And the boy had yet to show, nor any of these people doing anything.

"Come on, dammit!! I'm getting bored!" he shouted. "If you're not going to get me Uzumaki, than some fight me or something!"

At that very moment, Uzumaki and that pink haired girl appeared. Naruto stared at the giant. Clad in gray, unlike any thing he had ever seen. It was covered in various totems. Animal teeth and claws, wolf icons and the like. The man had a long, wild mane of reddish-brown hair with two braided ponytails framing his face. The man had a wild face with fangs.

"At last! Come! Fight me Uzumaki!"

"Hey Naruto." Kiba said. "You know this guy?"

"No. I've meet this guy in my life." he said, staring at the large man. "Why are you asking me about him? He looks more like someone you'd know."

Russ marched up on the group and in one quick motion, he grabbed Naruto by the collar. "Hey! Let me go!" he shouted, thrashing about in the man's arm.

Suddenly, something powerful hit his waist, denting his armor and causing him to stumble back. Naruto slipped from his grasp. It was the girl. A little girl had dented his armor with just a punch. Maybe there was something to these people.

Sakura winced in pain. She had broken some of the bones in her hand with that punch. But at least the giant had let go of Naruto.

"Thanks Sakura. You okay?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine."

"You want to fight too, girl?" Russ said as he drew his sword. "Fine!"

Russ swung his sword at the two. "Leaf Whirlwind!"

A force impacted the same damaged spot in this waist. He stumbled back from the blow.

"Naruto, Sakura, are you alright?" Rock Lee asked.

"Another whelp! I don't give a damn about you. I want to fight Naruto Uzumaki!" Russ shouted.

"Geez. What does this guy keep on rambling about?" Kiba said. "And why does he keep on saying your name?"

"I don't know. I've never seen him before in my life."

"Well then, he messes with one of us, he messes with all of us. Let's go Akamaru!"

Russ threw down his sword as Akamaru came at him. He wrestled with the large dog. The dog was strong, but he was a Primarch. He threw the great dog off of his body. At that moment, a cyclone raked across his side.

A dozen Narutos jumped on him. Russ swatted them off of him with ease. "Rasengan!" Naruto shouted, coming at him with a ball of blue energy in his hand.

Naruto slammed the ball into the damaged section of his waist, further damaging his armor. Russ looked down at the smoking hole in his armor. His father had told him to hold back, otherwise he'd snap these whelps in two. But these whelps were starting to humiliate him! He could image his brothers laughing at him right now.

"I'm through playing around!" Russ shouted.

Akamaru lunged at him again. Russ sidestepped the dog and drove his elbow into the dog's head. At only a fraction of strength, knocking the dog out.

"Akamaru!" Kiba shouted.

A second later, a cyclone came at him. Russ slapped the boy, knocking him unconscious as well.

"Damn. He knocked out Kiba and Akamaru with one slap." Naruto cursed. "This guy's strong."

Lee sat down, pulling off his leg warmers. He pull off his weights, stood up and dropped the weights. Russ's eyes widened in surprise. 'This kids has to be strong as an Astartes to wear such weights.'

Lee took off in a blur of speed. Though Russ could keep up with that speed, he couldn't match the boy's speed. He was hit by a barrage of blows. Further denting his armor. Russ swung his arm, catching the boy as he ran. The boy flew back, rolling across the ground.

"Two down. Two to go." Russ said, grabbing his sword.

Suddenly, a pair of crescents of black and white energy flew at him. The energy tore into his armor. A split-second later, a massive fireball engulfed him.

Kenshi and Sasuke appeared. "Well that takes care of that." Kenshi said. "So what was that all about?"

"No clue." Naruto said, as the fire burned. "That guy...Oh, you got to be kidding me!"

Russ emerged from the fire, singed a little but otherwise unharmed.

"No way!" Kenshi said in disbelief. "What is this guy made of?"

"Impressive." Russ said. "But not enough to stop me."

Something slammed into his abdomen. The front plate of his armor exploded. Russ fell backwards to the ground. Not since the time he fought Lion El'Jonson, had he experienced such damage. Worse yet, it wasn't some powerful alien. Nor one of his fellow Primarchs. It was a bunch of women and children!

"What the hell is going on?" Tsunade said, turning from Russ to Naruto and the others.

"THAT IS IT!!!" Russ shouted. "I'm not fooling around anymore!"

Russ let out a loud wolf howl. He backhanded Tsunade, sending the woman flying and rendering her unconscious. "Granny!" Naruto shouted. "You bastard!"

"He took one of Lady Tsunade's punches and knocked her out in a single punch." Sakura said. "What is he? And how can anyone stop him?"

"I don't know." Sasuke said. "I use the Kirin and get rid of him once and for all."

"No." Kenshi said. "It'll take too long you to just to generate the storm clouds needed. And we're too close to the village for you to use it safely."

Russ roared as he charged at the four ninjas, swinging his sword. All of them leaped out of the way.

"I have an idea." Naruto said, summoning two shadow clones. "Keep him distracted for a few minutes."

"Naruto! That move is forbidden!" Sakura said in alarm. "It could destroy your arm!"

"Don't about me. Just keep him busy."

Kenshi sheathed his swords. "Alright. Just be careful." he said, pulling out a scroll. "Oh, and if we manage to kill this guy, I want his sword, so try not to destroy it."

Kenshi summoned a huge sword wrapped in bandages. Samehada. The shark skin blade that once belonged to Kisame Hoshigaki before Kenshi fought and slew him, inheriting the sentient sword as Kisame had done before him.

"Of course." Sasuke said, drawing his own sword while Sakura moved into her own fighting stance.

Kenshi struck first, swinging Samehada. Russ blocked with his sword. Russ's eyes widened as Samehada moved and shifted underneath the bandages. Russ easily pushed the boy to the ground. "Children shouldn't be playing with weapons." he said, grabbing the sword.

Suddenly, spikes shot out of the handle, stabbing through his gauntlet. "Gah! What trickery is this?!" Russ shouted, letting go of the sword.

"Sorry. But doesn't like anyone but it's master touching it." Kenshi said, flipping back to his feet and grabbing the sword before it hit the ground.

"Chidori Eisou!" Sasuke shouted.

A blade of electricity shot out, piercing Russ's side. "Damn whelps." Russ cursed as the electricity coursed through his body.

His free gripped the lightning blade and slowly pulled it out. Sakura punched the ground, causing it to collapse underneath him. Russ pulled himself out of the crater, grabbing a chuck of earth as he did. He threw it at Sakura. Sakura tried to jump out of it's path, but it hit her ankle. Causing her to fall. "Sakura, you okay?" Kenshi asked.

"My ankle's broken. But I'm alright."

"I'm ready!" Naruto shouted, holding a ready Rasenshuriken.

"Chidori Senbon." Sasuke shouted, throwing the lightning needles at the giant.

The needles pierced his body. Numbness spread through his body. Russ found that he could barely move his body.

"Finish him." Sasuke said.

"Wind Release: Rasenshuriken!" Naruto shouted, running at Russ.

Naruto jumped up and slammed the Rasenshuriken into Russ's already badly damaged armor. The front exploded. Russ fell to the ground. Naruto stumbled back, landing on his butt. Russ's armor had been destroyed. Russ got up, tearing off chucks of his broken, useless armor.

"You're strong boy." Russ said, raising his sword. "Whether you're my brother or not, you've earned my respect. But it's over."

"That is enough, Russ." a voice said. "They've proven themselves."

Suddenly, a group of beings appeared. They were giants, like the first one, and two normal sized, robe figures. The first robed figure held a staff, topped with an eagle. Flames spot of the area of the staff beneath the eagle. The second robed being was completely concealed in their robes. The first one could be best described as an angel. A man with a noble face and long blond hair, clad in gold armor with two great wings emerging from his back. The next one was also dramatically different from the others. His hair and skin were red. And he was missing his right eye. The giant was clad in red armor with gold trim. The next one was clad in gold armor, and had short white hair and a stern face. The next one had black armor with gold trim. He had short brown hair and proud, slightly arrogant, face.

However, everyone's eyes were on the largest of the group. A man with shoulder length, dark hair. Clad magnificent golden armor. The man radiated power. Something struck at the very core of Naruto's being. A sense of familiarity filled Naruto. Like he knew this man. Yet he had never seen this man before in his life.

"Hello Naruto." the man said. "I have come to bring you home."

Everything changed after that.

Years passed since that day. All of villages and countries of Naruto's world joined the Imperium. Some initially resisted, but the Emperor personally spoke to their leaders, convincing them to join the Imperium. Save for one. The mysterious Village Hidden in Shadows. The moment, the Emperor and his party arrived in center of the ninja Village, the entire population went mad. Every man, woman and child attacked the group in a homicidal frenzy. In the end, the Village was wiped out.

But Naruto wasn't present for any of this. The Emperor had taken Naruto up to his flagship the very day they met. Samples were taken from Naruto, to create a new genetic blueprint for the Legion he would one day command. But, there was a mutation in the new gene-seed. A truly amazing mutation in the gene-seed. Females, born with what had been declared the Shinobi Mutation, could become Space Marines. Though they would be shorter and thinner than their male counterparts, they'd otherwise be identical.

The Emperor had also declared the Ekichou, a Protectorate of the Imperium. They had been charged with ensuring the genetic future of the Shinobi Worlds and aiding the Apothecaries of his future Space Marine Legion in the creation of their Space Marines. Needless to say, few people were happy with such a decree. Personally, Naruto agreed with it. If it wasn't for the Ekichou, he wouldn't exist. Nor would the Shinobi World exist. And they welcomed the Imperium and left their fates in the hands of the Emperor. So why should they wipe them out for that?

The Emperor taught him much, of war and strategy. Of culture and diplomacy. Naruto's body grew. Becoming larger and stronger. Naruto met his brother Primarchs, or at least those that had been found. Their reactions had been varied. Horus, Magnus, Sanguinius, and Leman Russ welcomed him with open arms. Lorgar, Fulgrim, Jaghatai Khan, Lion El'Jonson and Corax welcomed him, but were skeptical about him and the people from his world. The others were less than kind with their greetings. Ferrus Manus, Roboute Guilliman, Vulkan, Perturabo, Angron, Mortarion and Rogal Dorn, at best didn't trust him because of his connection to the Ekichou. At worst, they outright hated him. None more than Guilliman and Angron. Straight laced Guilliman had once called him 'nothing more than a moronic fool who was no more fit to lead a Legion than a court jester was'. While Angron simply called him a weak little boy. While he tolerated Guilliman and all of those that looked down on him, he hated Angron. As far as Naruto was concerned, the man was a bloodthirsty savage.

Though the strangest encounter he had, was with Konrad Curze, the Night Haunter. The pale, brooding man introduced himself and the two talked for a few hours. None of that unusual until afterwards when he learned that Cruze rarely ever socialized with any of the other Primarchs or anyone outside of his Legion. When he later asked Cruze about this, the man replied that they more alike than the others. After that, they had developed a bizarre friendship. Often playing ancient Terrain wargames while debating military strategies. Both agreed that fear was an effective tool. But both disagreed on the others methods. Naruto felt that Konrad's methods were too excessive. And that a several smaller forces could be far more effective. They could infiltrate a planet and reek terror and havoc on the enemy before the main force was brought against the planet. They could even inflict enough fear in the enemy, that they surrender to a force a fraction of their size.

"You are ready, my son." the Emperor said, leading him down a hallway. "Ready to command the Legion that has been yours since the day you were born."

The doors before them opened, revealing a stage and podium, in a massive hall. Fourteen Astartes stood in two rows, flanking the podium. They were clad in dark gray armor with black shoulder pads with an emblem of a white medieval knight's helmet. They wore black capes and some wore black robes over their armor. Company Captains. His Captains. The rest of the hall was filled with Astartes clad in armor of the same color and some with black robes over their armor. None wore their helmets, but all but the first row, were armed. Standard Bearers, holding aloft great banners of the Legion, were among the various rows of Astartes. All of them stood at attention. Obviously, the entire Legion wasn't present. The Legion numbered in the thousands. Most were watching this aboard their ships.

"The Eleventh Space Marine Legion, the Shadow Legion, are yours to lead." the Emperor said.

The Shadow Legionnaires were experts at nighttime combat. Like a wave of silent shadows, they struck at their enemies in the dead of night, crushing them with overwhelming and brutal force. But they were cut from the same cloth as Guilliman's Ultramarines and Mortarion's Death Guard. Inflexible and bound to strict military doctrines. Naruto knew that it would be difficult to successfully integrate the current Legion with the new warriors that were joining the Legion from his world, and the other Shinobi Worlds when they were brought under the banner of the Imperium. But to him, it was just one more challenge to overcome. To prove his worth to his Father and his brothers.

Naruto approached the podium. As he did, the entire Legion knelt down before him. But they just weren't just Astartes. Standing in the front row was group of neophytes. Warriors still going through the process of becoming Space Marines. All wore somewhere on their bodies, a ninja forehead protector. Most bore the Hidden Leaf symbol.

His friends. It had been several years since he had seen them. He wasn't surprised that they were there. They would have been the first in line to join the ranks of the Astartes.

Naruto smiled. Whatever the future had in store for him, he would face it with his Legion and his friends at his side.

"Astartes of the Shadow Legion! I am your Primarch, Naruto Uzumaki!" he said, vox-casters sending his voice across the room. "Rise! I will have none bowing before me!"

Some of the Shadow Legionnaires were confused by this, but all complied. They all stood up and at attention.

"We are all equals, my brothers and sisters!" he said. "From the mightiest of Captains, to the lowliest menial! We all equally serve the Emperor! The Imperium! And above all, Mankind! Creating divisions will only weaken us! Even I serve the Emperor just as the rest of you do! I am not different than any of you!"

More expressions of shock and confusion filled the hall.

"I know most of shocked and concerned over the gene-seed's mutation, allowing the creation of female Astartes! As well as those from my world and their abilities! I know thought of the Ekichou being a part of our Legion, disgusts many of you. I know you fear for the future of the Legion! Do not! This is not the end! This is a new beginning! We have not come to destroy the Legion! We have come to strengthen it! Together, we will forge a new Legion! We will prove to all who doubt us! All who question our strength! All who look down on us! That we strong! That we true warriors! That we are worthy of being servants of the Imperium! FOR THE EMPEROR AND THE IMPERIUM!!"

"FOR THE EMPEROR AND THE IMPERIUM!!" the entire hall shouted back.

"Is that when you renamed the Legion?" Miriallia Torian asked.

"No. That came later." Naruto said to the remembrancer. "My first action as Primarch of the Shadow Legion was to bring the other Shinobi Worlds under the banner of the Imperium. Now those some interesting times. To be on worlds so familiar yet so different. I often wonder what would have happened had I been born on one of those worlds instead."

"What happened?"


That's all for now.

There's some amazing drawings of the Emperor and all the Primarchs, save for Angron, done by Noldofinve of DeviantART. I highly recommend them for any Warhammer 40k fan.