The Nightwatcher landed heavily on his feet on the street below. He drew up, shoulders back, hands closing around his heavy manriki and drawing them out. The ends fell, one at a time, to hit the city street. Before him, the shadows moved, rippled, and released a tall, dark form. A gust of wind caused a cape to ripple around its ankles.

"Mechagirl," whispered the Nightwatcher.

"Hello, Nightwatcher," murmured a sultry feminine voice. The form stepped into the light of the street. Cybernetic implants lined her face, dashing across her forehead to curl under her eyes before shooting back out to run over her cheekbones and curve over her jawline before tapering off midway to her chin. She wore black leather that could have been painted on. "I expected to find you here."

The Nightwatcher didn't back away as she stepped toward him. "What are you up to now? Scheming to take over the city again?"

Mechagirl's bow-shaped mouth twisted in a smirk. "Why Nightwatcher, you should know me better. I've set my sights on bigger and better things. Why rule the city when I can rule...I don't know...the world?"

The Nightwatcher couldn't restrain a gasp. "You monster! Not that I haven't heard that plot twenty zillion times before, so I don't know why I'm so surprised. You won't get away with it."

"I intend to do just that," purred Mechagirl, oozing forward, her large doe eyes half-lidded. She eased her hand onto the side of his helmet, her tapered fingers grasping the bottom edge. "And what's more, I intend for you to rule beside me."

The Nightwatcher suddenly found it difficult to breathe. "I...will never...join y--" he panted. "Oh Mechagirl! You're so OW OW OW FREAKIN' WEIRDO OW!"

Suddenly, Mechagirl was snatched up and popped into the mouth of a mildly irritated turtle. Raphael chewed the green gummy bear with a look of distaste and considered bapping his brother again. "You're the weirdo," he muttered, "playin' with your food an' makin' the Nightwatcher inta one a' your stupid superheroes."

Michelangelo woefully rubbed the back of his head and gazed upon the blue gummy bear in his fingers. "He's like Batman, though!" he protested. "A real-life Batman! That's WAY cooler than a real-life Superman like the Silver Sentry, although the Silver Sentry is pretty awesome. But the Nightwatcher is like, AHHHHHH!"

Raph chuckled, grabbing the bag of gummy bears from the table and popping a few in his mouth. "Who's Mechagirl? Some kinda cyborg?"

"What, you didn't think Seven of Nine was uber-hot?" Mike made a grab for the gummy bears.

Raph tossed them to his other hand and slipped them behind his back. "Seven of Nine...yeah, she was okay. But she ain't my type. Maybe she does it for geeks like you, but not for real people, and definitely not for the Nightwatcher." He plucked a red gummy bear from the bag, tossed it into his mouth, and lightly hit Mike over the head again before heading into the living room.

Stung, Michelangelo could think of nothing to do besides eat the Nightwatcher.