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I have not set this story in any particular time period within the series but after watching CLOAK and DAGGER I can see it fitting in right after those two! This story is rated M for a bedroom scene. The song Ziva is liking so much is "Here for the Party" by Gretchen Wilson. It's a woman's partying song if there ever was one.

Here for the Party


Ziva critically examined herself in the full length mirror hung on the back of her bathroom door. She ran her hands through her hair again, giving it a more tousled look. She shook her head and the large gold hoops in her ears swung lazily. Her blood red-colored halter top clung to her breasts and left an expanse of flat midriff exposed; she knew most of her back was bared as well. Her tight black pants were low slung and flare-legged, allowing her to wear her tall black boots with the stilettol heels, which also allowed her to take her backup gun in one boot and a long knife in the other.

She smiled at herself liking what she saw. She was dressed to kill tonight. She turned and looked over her shoulder at the rear view. She bent forward. Yes, she'd been right. No panties. The pants were so tight and so low even a thong would have been unacceptable. So she decided on going guerilla as Tony and McGee said. No, wait, that wasn't right. What was it? Oh yes, commando. She was going commando tonight.

She picked up a tube of dark red lipstick from amidst her other makeup spread out over the counter; as she started to apply it she thought back to the catalyst of this night out.

She'd been driving home yesterday, totally frustrated with her coworkers when she'd heard the song. Gibbs had been unbearable all week, Tony and Tim not much better. A marine had been killed. At first Gibbs was sure the wife did it. He always thought the wife did it. Ziva believed his multiple marriages had something do with how he always thought it was the spouse. But as they'd investigated further they'd found the marine also had a string of girlfriends in and around Norfolk. She herself had interviewed five of them. Every one they brought in seemed to be more beautiful than the last and to have larger breasts. Tony had been on a lust-driven high all week and Tim not far behind. She'd been ignored, overridden or blatantly insulted almost every time she opened her mouth. So when she heard the deep, throaty voice of the singer belting out what had to be the ultimate party anthem for women everywhere she'd been drawn to it immediately.

She'd stopped on the way home and picked up a copy of the CD at the local mall. She listened to the song all the way home. In fact, she was listening to it now. She sang along with the chorus.

"I'm here for the party and I ain't leavin' til they throw me out. I want to have a little fun. I'm going to get me some. Oh yes, I'm here for the party."

The song had made her think about the last time she had had sex. Months? It had been months. She knew why. She worked all the time. Dating coworkers was forbidden by Gibbs and when did she have time to meet anyone outside of work? And if a man did evidence interest in her at work Tony was always right there to somehow spoil it. She had thought it was jealousy at first but now she'd come to believe it was just some form of over protective big brother act like McGee had with his sister, Sarah. Ziva was also naturally reticent about letting strangers inside her personal space. But the biggest reason, the dumbest reason, the real reason truly making her crazy was her infatuation with Tony, her partner, who had exhibited no interest in her as a woman for such a long time.

She saw as well as felt her eyes brim with tears as she looked at her reflection. She reached up and gave herself a hard slap to the back of the head, a la Gibbs. What had he said, a slap to the back of the head was a wake-up call? Well, she certainly needed a wake-up call. She had to get on with her life. Tony was obviously not interested now, if he ever really had been.

She was a young healthy woman who had physical needs. Lately she had not been sleeping well. She would fall asleep normally but wake up a few hours later body aching with unsatisfied sexual hunger as she had still another erotic dream involving Tony. Then she would masturbate, take a cold shower or get up and run even if it was the middle of the night. Some nights the images were so intensely exciting and disturbing she had to do all three.

Tonight she was going to do something different, though. Tonight she was going to have a little fun and get her some. Ziva David was determined to have sex tonight and God help whoever got in her way. She put the lipstick on and smiled at herself in the mirror then ran her tongue over her lips. Yes, she would be the hunter tonight. Let the prey beware.

She heard a knock at her door.