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Summary: With the start of senior year, people are tired of Kaiba and Jounouchi's bitter relationship. When they involuntarily agree to a truce, will they become friends, or possibly more?

_italics mean flashbacks.

_Kaiba and Jou are probably going to be ooc.

_Warning:possible yaoi, later in the story.

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In a beautiful mansion in the wealthy neighborhoods of Domino, a sleeping CEO was jerked awake by an obnoxious alarm. Angrily, he shut it off. He hadn't had to wake up this early all summer. Unfortunately, today was the first day of school. However, it wasn't the start to just any school year- it was senior year. As he got into the shower, a dreadful feeling came over him as he remembered what he agreed to do today.

"Big brother, I've been thinking…"

"Thinking what Mokuba?" Seto Kaiba knew that whenever his younger brother was 'thinking' that he was up to something.

"This year is your senior year," Mokuba began.

"Your point being?" Kaiba grew impatient.

"This is the last year you have to spend with Yugi and the rest-"

"His little geek squad. I'm thrilled." Kaiba interrupted.

"Actually Seto, I was thinking that you should try being nice this year,"

"What? To those dorks, no way!"

"I didn't mean all of them. If you would stop interrupting me, you would know."

"I don't think I want to know your little plan Mokuba." Seto was met with Mokuba's infamous puppy eyes.

"Oh, fine." Seto sighed, giving in as usual.

"All I'm asking is for you to be nice to Jou." Seto spit out the coffee he had been drinking.

"You have got to be kidding me! Why him?"

"Because, you two constantly fight. You act like you're nine year-olds! It's time that you two grew up and started acting civil towards each other. Who knows? You two might even become friends."

"He starts it," Kaiba muttered. Mokuba glared at him. "You're getting pretty good at that, Mokie."

"I learn from the best. Now What do you say, big brother? Do this for your favorite little brother who you would do absolutely anything for."

Seto sighed, Mokuba knew he was Seto's weakness. "Fine, Mokuba, I'll be civil to that mutt, I can't guarantee anything else."

"And stop calling him mutt. Or anything that classifies him as a dog," Mokuba added, knowing his brother would try and find his way around it.


'What did I get myself into?' Kaiba thought. He got dressed and went to wake up Mokuba.

"Ready for today?" the younger boy chirped.

"Of course," answered Kaiba, quite sarcastically. Twenty minutes later, they climbed into Kaiba's custom-made blue Mitsubishi Eclipse. He dropped off his younger brother, as he was enrolled in private school, and it started early.


Not too far from the mansion, in the poorer area of Domino, streaks of sun glimmered through the window of Katsuya Jounouchi. He grabbed his pillow and put it over his face. His father came into the room. "Really Katsuya, you're seventeen and trying to hide from the sun?"

"Morning pops," Jounouchi smiled. His father had been sober for awhile. He even got a job, which paid enough for them to live comfortably. Jou even got new school clothes for the first time in awhile. They still lived in the rundown apartment, but it was home.

"My son, a senior," his father beamed at the thought of a Jounouchi graduating from school. "Breakfast is ready,"

Jou sat down to breakfast and smiled. Suddenly he frowned. Today was supposed to be a good day, but then he remembered his talk with Yugi the other day.

" You know Jou, I think you should stop this fighting with Kaiba."

"WHAT? Yugi, what's gotten into ya'?" Jou said, bewildered, shaking the younger boy.

"It's just that you've fought since the first day of high school. I think two years of fighting is long enough. Plus, if you're going to school in America, this is the last year you'll see him. I think you should be on good terms. What's the point in fighting?"

" I guess you're right," Jou sighed. "I don't think it will be easy though, Kaiba hates me."

"Katsuya, you haven't eaten." Jou's father was looking at him, concerned.

"Oh,yeah." Jou had been shredding his toast into small bits.

"Guess I'm not that hungry. See ya pops." Jou headed out the door to school.

He saw a familiar flash of blue. Kaiba, of course. All of a sudden, the car swerved, and reappeared in front of Jou. The window rolled down. "Get in," Kaiba commanded. "We need to talk."

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