This is my last moment, my last chance in life, or death.

My very last moments on earth.

After nearly a hundred years, it all ends now.

I never wanted for this to happen.

Nothing worked out how it was supposed to.

I was supposed to suffer alone.

She was supposed to move on, to be happy.

She shouldn't have suffered.

I am the only one who should be paying a price.

She shouldn't have wanted to take her own life.

It wasn't meant to happen like this.

This is entirely my fault.

I drove her to such madness.

I pushed her until she no longer wanted life.

I pressed her into her untimely death.

Her untimely suicide.

And now, now her pain has stopped.

But mine has just begun.

Soon too end, but still just beginning.

It will be all over in a matter of minutes.

But the pain now, horrendous.

The thought of living without my love.

Causes much too much agony.

Which brings me where I am now.

Moments before my attempt at suicide.

Moments before the pain ends.

My life ends, my haunting.

I will no longer hunt.

No longer harm.

The world is released from one more monster.

As the last seconds tick past.

I begin to hear her voice.

It is resounding in my head.

Floundering through the crowd.

But it doesn't sound right.

It should be carefree and loving.

It is tortured and rushed.

Not even my mind can create.

Create my great desires anymore.

The last second is lost.

I take my step forward.

Not even a second after.

I move, I'm gone.

Removed from life, no existence.

I was sure I would be sent directly to Hell.

Damned for what I am, for existing.

Yet I found myself in Heaven.

My fallen angel in my arms.

Her sweet scent still tantalizing.

Her warm blood still a temptation.

But she is here with me.

That matters so much more then everything else.

Carlisle was right.

We do still have souls, a chance.

I have been so wrapped up in my own thoughts.

I never noticed.

My love trying to talk to me.




It all clicks as they appear.

Rushed into the shadows.

No words.

So much confusion.

I don't know how we'll get out of this.

If we will get out of it.

All I know.

Is that the world is right.

Now that I have my Bella.

In my arms again.

I am complete.