This is the challenge fic for the phrase/words 'All Of A Sudden' to which I apologise I am late for again, but at least this reacts to the 100 word rule, or a double drabble qualifying strike...


Summary: Challenge fic 'all of a sudden'. Uriel's threat to Sam isn't unnoticed by Dean. Limp/angstyness

WARNING: SEASON FOUR spoileryness! sorry guys...

I'm such a nudge at temptation! I should be a sin...yay!

Disclaimer: Uriel threatened me if I said I owned Supernatural he'd turn me to dust, I don't know about you guys but he scares me...I ain't going against an Angel...or ya know...that one...

On with


Uriel's breath still hung around the room. Just as his threat.

Turn you to dust...

Dean was probably meeting with Castiel, talking about how Sam failed. Again.

Sam sat on the bed, all of a sudden his view on the whole world had changed.

Suddenly Angels were dicks...Angels.

And Demons were helping them. Demons.

It was absurd to think just last year, Sam was praying, begging, pleading to any higher power that gave notice and all along...Angels were smiting inoccent towns and giving out orders and threats just like simple words.

It amazed Sam that this was what Angels truly were and if that was what he'd been putting his faith in, resting his belief on all this wonder the world was falling, why the Angels were loosing.

They weren't who Sam had thought they'd be, then again what is?

If Uriel and Castiel were Angels of the Lord, Holy beings and Sacred creatures...Sam didn't want to walk upstairs and meet the big guy.

He was probably doomed for hell anyway. Sam rubbed a hand across his face and heard the door open.

Two sets of feet.


Sam's head shot up and he stood slowly.

"Hi...your uhm...partner was just here" Sam kept his voice low, he didn't have a doubt Castiel could be just as crude.

Dean stood at Castiel's side before walking over to Sam, face set and jaw clenched.

"I've just spoken with Dean about this town. You saved it...and I thank you. Even if the cost was using your was a risk I am glad you took"

Sam took in Castiels words and nodded solemnly. "Thank you"

Dean brushed shoulders against Sam. Giving mutual support.

"I hope you excuse my associate Sam, he doesn't understand how special this earth is"

A pause.

"I'd like it if we kept this meeting between us...thank you"

And without even a puff, he was gone.

The brother's shoulders sagged.

Dean sighed. "Uriel was here?"

"Yeah...your right Dean, he is a dick"

"You okay? He didn't do anything did he?" Dean frowned.

"No...freaked me out is all" Sam huffed. Fear shone in his eye's.

Dean let it go, for now.

"Okay...lets just hope we don't piss him off too much..."

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