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Summary: Dean can't protect Sam when there's a higher force at work. Uriel, hurt, sick Sammy and protective worried Dean this chapter.

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"Sam? You can go to sleep buddy I'm not gonna' let anything grab you..."

Sam sighed and sat up straighter on his bed. "I'm not tired"

Dean laughed, changed the channel but it was only background noise. "Yeah, that's why you look sooo good today...Sleep Sammy, ya' don't have to worry"

Sam shook his head. "Maybe I don't wanna' sleep..."

Hard eye's hit Sam. "You can't stay up forever Sammy"

A pause.

"I'm gonna' take a shower..." Sam said as he stood, albeit slowly and he wobbled on his legs but Dean let him make it to the bathroom and shut the door before he spiked Sam's coffee with some sleeping tablets.

"Sorry man, I don't want you freakin' out on me later from lack of sleep..." He added the small white capsules with a frown but only two. Just to get Sam to rest.


Sam splashed some ice cold water from the tap on his face, it numbed his skin and refreshed his eye's.

Sam glanced in the mirror, at the dark circles under his eye's the way his skin looked way too pale and a flicker behind him in the mirror caught his gaze.

"What the...?"

Sam gasped as Uriel's smile flickered back at him. He gripped the edge of the sink. Trying to slow his breathing.

"Samuel Winchester...thought you could escape me?"

Sam dug his nails into the porcelain. "What do you wan-"

"You know what I want Sam...You can't defy an Angel and simply walk away..." He shook his head. "That's not how it works"

Uriel's hand touched Sam's shoulder and he tried to stop himself shaking. "What's more, you and your brother's defiance with Anna...she was nothing to do with you, and you chose to fight us? You just declared war on something you were never gonna' win"

His voice got deeper. "Maybe I should just send Dean back..."

Sam's eye's blew wide in the mirror. "No...please. Not Dean" He tried not to beg but Uriel could and he would take Dean away...just like that.

Uriel's other hand clamped on Sam's free shoulder and Sam tensed.

"What are you doing?" Sam whispered.


Dean heard voice's from the bathroom, low and hushed but he knew Sam was alone.

Dean crept to the door and leant his head against it. As soon as he heard the name Uriel, Dean bolted back and raised his foot.




Sam tensed against Uriel's death grip, he felt like he couldn't move. He heaved in a breath and belted.


The door held fast as Dean kicked, and then splintered on it's hinges as it swung open.

Dean's eye's grew wide and he scowled as he saw Uriel holding Sam.


With a smirk Uriel flickered and flashed in a dazing white light, the mirror cracked and bucked as Dean lunged for Sam to pull him out of the way.

Glass shrapnel exploded outward as Dean yanked Sam's sleeves. Sam cried out against his brother when shards scraped over his back and stabbed at his arm's.

Bit's glittered through the air skimming Dean's knuckles as he held fast on Sam.

They fell together in a heap just outside the bathroom door, tangle of limbs.

Dean beneath, and Sam's heaving chest upon his own, Sam's neck resting on his shoulder as he grunted and clenched his eye's shut.

"Sammy?" Sam lifted his head slightly. "You mind gettin' off me? " Sam heard the concern lacing his words and shoved up with his arm's ignoring the warmth of blood on his chest and the strain his arms felt.

Dean kept hold of Sam's sleeve and when Sam made it to his knee's Dean sat up and helped his brother stand.

"Sammy? You okay?" Checking eye's over his too quiet little brother Dean pulled Sam toward him as the light blew in the bathroom and more glass littered the floor, suddenly a black room looked ready to swallow Sam up and Dean pulled him away from the threat.



"Nothing..." Sam sat on the bed and blinked. "Uriel's...ugh...he's not exactly slowing down huh"

"Sam, shit your arm..."

Dean picked the first aid kit from under their bed, made it easier after all and balled up a spare shirt from his bed to press against his arm. "With the friggin' church glass the other day and now this...your never gonna' heal Sam" Dean shook his head, pressed a little harder.

Sam hissed, biting his cheek. "S'just a cut..."

"Sam, a mirror friggin' exploded on you, a hell-bent Angel is after you...a friggin' big-ass demon is after us...should I go on?"

Sam just sat there, breathing a little shallow and too pale for Dean's liking. "Sam? talk to me man..."

"He...he was...he'd said he'd send you to hell" Sam whispered. "Just you..." Sam looked at Dean in fear. "I can't go through that again Dean...please"

"Sammy, hey's okay. I promise...I am not gonna' leave you...not now, not ever" His held Sam closer, could feel the shivers wracking his brother's frame.

"Sam? man, Jesus..." Dean checked Sam's temperature and was alarmed at the sudden heat he felt there. "Sam?"

"I don...feel s'good Dean..." Sam shuddered a breath, closed his eye's and sagged back.


Pulling his brother further onto the bed Dean started to cut off Sam's shirt so he could clean the blood away.

There didn't seem to be much glass actually in Sam, only a few tiny peices that had scratched his arm and the shimmery dust on his shirt and in his hair.

There was a shallow cut on Sam's cheek, some grazes on his back but nothing too deep and nothing a few butterfly bandages wouldn't fix.

Sam still didn't wake up though, not even when Dean had to re-stitch his arm and bandage it.

"I just hope your safer in your dreams Sammy..."

Dean frowned as Sam shuffled in his sleep. Moaning softly his eye's rolled and he turned his head toward Dean.

All of a sudden Dean thought back to Castiel's meeting from before. Maybe be could...nah. Would Cas' even show up? and after the big showdown with Alistair, could Dean even trust Castiel again?

"It's better than exploding mirrors still..."

Sam suddenly whimpered and Dean scooted closer. "Sammy?"

Pressing his palm on Sam's cheek he was suprised to find the heat on Sam. Fever maybe? But it was too soon...maybe his wounds from before were infected...?

Sam grunted and clenched his fists in sleep, his chest raising in shallow breaths, eye's crinkling.

Shit, this is not happening again. "Sam?...Sammy, you okay?..."

Dean shook Sam's shoulder's careful of any cuts and patted Sam's cheek. If Uriel had got to him again...



Dean's screams echoed around him.

"Sam, you shouldn't be so knew what I'd do to Dean when you went against us..."

"No please...Dean listened to you, I'm the one who disobeyed please....don't take Dean away from me"

Hot flames licked around them, around the room and it was getting hotter...

"Dean doesn't deserve hell...he never deserved hell Sam, it was all put on by you wasn't it?"

"Yes...okay, yes. Dean went to hell because of me, please just don't take him...please..."

Uriel knew Sam was desperate. "I can send you both to hell without a single you understand me? You become an itch on my side one...more...time...Your brother suffers..."

"I won't. I won' you...please just no...not Dean. Not because of me"

"You might wanna' wake up Sam...Your brother's gonna' worry...and you wouldn't wanna' worry him in the time you've got left would you...?"

Uriel smiled down at Sam and reached his finger out to Sam's temple.

"NO! wait!"


Sam gasped, eye's snapping open. The fire cracking in his dream became silence as his ears rang.


Dean's concerned face came into view...

Sam was sweaty and pale and he felt sick and tired. "He let me go..." Sam heaved.

"No way he let you off the hook that easily..." Dean padded Sam's forehead with a cool wet cloth.

Sam frowned, what the hell did he mean by 'time you've got left'?


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