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There's a Zombie in my Pocket


The Seasons

.-x Spring x-.

XxX- Day One -XxX

Howdy! I'm Demyx Strife, and I'm 12, tall and beachy! Beachy meaning that my skin is tanned, my eyes sea-green and my hair a sexy sandy-blonde. For the next few days, I'm being forced to watch some kid, while his parents chaperone on a field trip for his older brother. He's only four.

I have three brothers: Roxas and Sora, the younger twins and Tidus the older. Roxas, Sora, and the kid's older brother, Riku, are in the qualifying grades to go. You had to be on the honor roll to go, and I unfortunately didn't make it…
So anyway, both are going on a field trip, and both his and my parents are also going.

Tidus is staying though, but I highly doubt I'll see him barely at all, for he would surely be at his boyfriend Wakka's house. I might just call all of my friends up to help and hang around.

"He's going to be here any minute, are you ready?" Leon asked me from the kitchen. He was my other dad, my actual dad being Cloud. My mom and dad got a divorce; my mom totally understanding in the fact that dad was gay. Why she left us with him is beyond me.

"Yea, yea, I'm ready." I told him, as he walked out into the living room, dropping one of his bags on the couch. I walked over to the couch as well, plopping down and turning the TV on.

The Soup, my most favorite show in the whole wide world (Tidus and Roxas both say that Joel Mchale is not funny, but that's a LIE!), was to come on in ten minutes, and I was determined to watch it today!

Not Saturday, not Sunday, TODAY! Friday! It was then that the doorbell rang. Great, he's here. I ran over and opened the door quickly, startling the missus and the kid.

"KYAH! YOU SCARED ME!" She screamed as she whacked me in the head with a huge diaper bag. After I recovered, I looked back up at her expectantly.
"Oh hey there! I'm Yuffie Kisaragi-Valentine, and this is…Oh Zex, it's ok, come here!" She giggled, looking down and lightly tugging on a small hand that she was holding. Greeaatt…The kid was shy.

He was hiding behind her fancy white kimono (She looked like the kind of chick that will never be caught dead in a dress or skirt, but she's currently very pregnant, like eight or nine months!), and when she got him to come out, he was still halfway behind it, gripping onto the article of clothing.

To say that he was just cute was an incredible understatement. He was the cutest, most adorable, lovable human being on Earth ("And one hundred percent molestable!" I can imagine Axel saying)!!

Well, from what I could see of him anyway.
If he was this cute hiding behind something, then I could only guess how cute he really was. His hair was interesting. Sometimes it was silver, sometimes slate, or sometimes even blue or purple! Depended on the lighting, I suppose.
It was semi-long, about the same length as his mother's, and seemed to be falling in his face all the time. His eyes were also incredibly pretty; a nice shade of indigo.

He was wearing a baby blue t-shirt that had a chocobo on it, running; a small dust cloud behind its back foot. His shorts where beige, and also had a small sewed on chocobo on the corner of a pant leg. They also had clouds under the feet sewn on them. His shoes were those fancy Velcro ones, with; you guessed it, chocobos decorated on them. They flashed, too! Fan-cy! Also, he was holding a plushie chocobo, holding it by one of the legs.

"You must really, really hate chocobos," I snorted, Mrs. Kisaragi-Valentine laughing as well. "Well, yes. Really, he does." She said, patting little Zexion on the head, who had tilted his head like a confused puppy. He must not get the concept of sarcasm.

"Oh, let's get rid of that hair in your face…" She said, once I had invited them in. She grabbed a hair clip (baby blue with a little chocobo on it) out of his diaper bag, and clipped it so the hair that kept falling in his face was no longer doing its job.

"He still wears diapers?" I asked, and his reaction was immediate. "No diapers!" He screeched, jumping away from his mom and pulling down his pants, only to reveal red and white underwear with crabs on them.

Seeing that made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants.

"HA! You have crabs," I laughed, Yuffie laughing with me. "That's why I bought 'em!" She giggled. "But his daddy hates it!" By this time, he had pulled his shorts back up and had ran to hide behind his mother again, a small blush just barely visible on his face.

"Well, I suppose I should explain some things then," His mom told me, still giggling a bit.

"His favorite movie is the Princess Bride! I haven't the faintest idea as of why, it completely clashes with his personality! He has a weird thing chocobos and zombies, and loves to read! He like vampires too, but don't immediately think it's because of that one series, Twilight. Mention it around him and he'll go on about how bad it is. He loathes those books. He usually won't put up a fight when it comes to nap time, either, and he's really obedient! If he bugs you in anyway or he gets sad or if anything happens just put on the Princess Bride and give him a waffle or something. He loves that! He's obviously very quiet and shy…and he doesn't wear his emotions on his sleeve, like his dad. So he won't tell you if he's sad or anything; you're going to have to figure it out yourself…!" She explained.

"Yuffie??" questioned my dad's voice as soon as she had finished. "Cloud!!" Yuffie screamed, and waddled and or ran (?) Over to my dad, giving him a huge bear hug. "I didn't know we were watching your spawn!" He said, trying to make his attempts to catch his breathe through his nose subtle.

"Who's…the father?" He asked suddenly, putting his hands on her stomach without permission. She bopped him playfully, but let him feel the kicking of her daughter. I figured that if I did that, or if Dad did that to some random pregnant woman, we would become infertile. Before Yuffie could answer Dad's question, there was another knock at the door.

I bounded over and quickly opened it, only to find possibly the coolest guy ever standing on my doorstep. He had awesome black hair pulled back into a loose ponytail, and crimson eyes. He was also very tall, to the point where I had to move my head up to see his face.

His clothing was pretty simple: black Dickies, black and white long sleeved baseball tee and red converse. "Vinnie!" Yuffie squealed.

Zexion sheepishly went over to hide behind the fantasmic vampire dude, doing the same thing as he had done with Yuffie: Hide behind a leg and hold onto the clothing.

"You forgot some things…" The man, or 'Vinnie', said. Even his voice was fantasmical! I accidentally said that out loud, and Yuffie responded by saying, "I know, right? He's my sexy brooding bit--TER bunny! My sexy brooding bitter bunny!" while faking a laugh. She did a little cheer for being able to not say a bad word in front of Zexion.

"Long time no see, Cloud." The man said again. "You and Yuffie got hitched? Oh damn. How many all together?" Leon said, finally speaking up.

"You say that like it's a bad thing. And two; one on the way," Vincent said, crossing his arms and raising his eyebrows, a very small smile on his face. All adults snorted, and I noticed that Zexion was gently and curiously poking the hamster ball that had stopped in front of him, the hamster inside being mine, named Sex (Tidus named him).

Finally, Vincent came over to me and handed me a few DVDs, packets of hot chocolate, a box of chocolate chip waffles and a few thick books. "Just in case," He told me, and I nodded. "We should go, Riku is probably not very happy to wait," He then said to Yuffie, before bending down to talk to Zexion.

"We have to go now, Zexion. We'll be back in a few days, and you're going to stay here, okay?" He told him, kissing Zexion's forehead before standing up. Zexion stood up and immediately clung onto Vincent's leg. Vincent slightly chuckled. "Hey, it's only for a little while; Only a few days." He reassured him.

I felt something poke me in the side, and it turned out to be Mrs. Kisaragi-Valentine jabbing me with the Princess Bride DVD. I was only confused for a few seconds, before I realized what they wanted me to do. Grinning, I quickly grabbed the movie and jumped over to Zex. He jumped and his eyes widened when he saw me land in front of him.

"Hey, why don't we- OH MY GOD I'M MISSING THE SOUP!!!" I screamed, scaring the boy half to death. As I dove over the couch to the remote, he fell on his arse, clutching his chest and his eyes wide. "Demyx!" Leon snapped, whapping me on the back of the head. "What?" I asked scathingly, not happy about missing my show. Cloud walked over and unplugged the TV, causing me to give a strangled scream.

"Pay attention to our guests!!" Both he and Leon hissed. "But my show!" I yelled, only to be glared at. "Ugh…Fine…" I groaned, getting up and walking over to Zexion. "Hey. Let's go watch Princess Bride! Or… The Soup! You like that, right? Well it's on right now!" I cheerfully told him. He smiled a small smile and nodded ever so slightly.

"Ok!" I grinned, picking him up and running over to the couch. "PLUG IT IN." I demanded, Cloud rolling his eyes and plugging the TV back in. The screen immediately came back up and Joel Mchale was 'interviewing' Miley Cyrus.

"Go!" Zexion then demanded, pointing towards the door. "GO 'WAY!" Yuffie squealed, and glomped us to shower us with love. "Stop being so cute!!" She yelled, hugging us even tighter. "Hehe… Yea, thanks…" I mumbled, blushing. Zexion, I noticed, was struggling like mad to get from her grip. All the adults began to laugh at the scene, and just began disperse out of the room to chat.


"Ok, we're off. Bye Demyx, Zexion," Leon said, saluting us. We were left just watching the Soup, and when it ended, we were just sitting there. "Um, I really don't think you're allowed to watch the girls next door…" I said, turning the TV off.

I turned around only to find him struggling to get into the cushy windowsill seat thing, probably to just watch people outside. He pointed one finger at the window, it touching, and said, "Doggy! Biiiig doggy!" while looking out the window in pure awe.

I skipped over to see it, only to realize that that dog was incredibly familiar; and red. "Hey that's Axel and Reno's dog; Nanaki!" I yelped, immediately throwing the front door open and running outside to get the dog. I reached the red dog and greeted him, petting him and such.

"Come on Zexi! He won't bite you! Or eat you, for that matter!" I told the boy, who was shyly standing in the doorway, clinging onto the doorframe and hiding half behind it as if it were his lifeline. I brought Nanaki to the door and started to pet him, to show Zexion that he wasn't dangerous at all.

When I realized that he wasn't going to try and pet Nanaki anytime soon, I gently grabbed his hand and put it on the dog's fur. Zexi's eyes widened a little bit, but I kept my hand on his and began moving it in a petting motion. After a few moments of this, I let go of his hand and it continued on its own.

"See, he's not gonna hurt you!" I told him, grinning. He gave me a small smile in return, one that made me want to just snuggle him up right then and there!! But Nanaki beat me too it; He began licking Zexion's hands, and then moved to his face. This caused Zexion to genuinely laugh, which caused me to laugh as well.

"H-hey, l-lets go r-return Nanaki to A-Axel and Reno, shall we?" I asked him, through the laughing. "O-ok…" Zexion said, hugging Nanaki.

I picked him up and put him on Nanaki's back, before beginning to lead them down the street. Zexion was really quiet the whole time, the only noises he ever made were when he almost fell off Nanaki, and I had to pull him back up. After that little incident, he leaned forward and hugged Nanaki's neck, in a somehow comfortable position.


Eventually, we made it to Axel's; Reno 's boyfriend, Rude, was who answered the door. "Hey Rude! Is Axel or Reno home? Zexion spotted Nanaki outside my house and we came to return him!!" I explained. Rude merely nodded, letting us in and going to get either brother.

"Hey, man. Thanks for bringing him back. Axel would've been all devastated and stuff, you know?" Reno said, as he was the one retrieved. "So whose this, yo? You guys gonna hang for a while before me n' Rude gotta go to work?" He asked.

"Oh, this is Zexion; I'm babysitting him for a few days while his and my parents are going on that stupid field trip to Canada." I explained. "Really? That must suck, man. Who're his parents?"

"Apparently, really close friends of my dads'. Mr. and Mrs. Valentine-Kisaragi, or something like that…"
"Vin and Yuf? No kidding! Those two, together? And having spawned?? That's… amazing. You know when Vin got his first phone, he called Cloud and said that Yuf had no right to call it, and now look at 'em. Married with children. Funny!" Reno began rambling.

"Right, well, anyway, we're staying!" I said, interrupting him.

"Kay, well, you know where everything is… Axel will be home from wherever he is…eventually. You can go play with Red or something, if you want while you wait, yo. Just do whatever." He dismissed us. For some reason, their family sometimes called Nanaki Red XIII.

I grabbed Zexion and skipped off to Axel's room to play the Sims 2. In his room, we found the family cat, Cait Sith, cleaning himself on his bed, which was kinda gross. "Hey, Cait!" I greeted, petting the cat that they had found on a family trip in Leicester.

I put Zexion on the bed as well, and he seemed to become with friends with the cat instantly. He must be a cat person, as he immediately went to hug the cat. He pet it and was incredibly gentle with him, and the cat was in its own little world of happiness.

So, with Zexi occupied with Cait, I wandered over to the computer to play the Sims 2. I loved how Axel had all the expansion packs, even though he didn't actually buy any of them. When it loaded, I put in the main cheat and went to town in Axel and mine's shared neighborhood.

I noticed a new house, and I hovered over it to see what crazy family Axel had created without me this time. The family's name was… AkuRoku, that's a weird name. Looking at the Sims in the family, it consisted of only four people; one adult, two teens and one toddler. The scary thing was that the teens looked a lot like Axel himself, and my brother, Roxas.

I entered the house, and soon found out that the toddler was somehow Axel and Roxas' kid. The adult was just there for no reason, I guess. That made me begin to realize things… and of course, it was at that moment that Axel got home. "Hey man, what's up?" He asked me, dropping a bag onto his floor.

"NOTHING! NOTHING!" I yelled, jumping up and covering the screen with my back. "What're you hiding?" He asked, raising one of his shortened eyebrows. He shoved me out of the way, and looked at the screen. What he saw made him turn as red as his hair, and he immediately shut the computer down.

"I-I can explain!!" He yelled, hastily helping me up from the ground. "U-uh, yea, please do…" I mumbled, giving him a disturbed look. "…Ok, um…I created a family of me and Roxas on the Sims because…Hey, who's that?" He suddenly changed the topic. I didn't appreciate that, but I let it slide. I turned around and looked to where he was pointing.

Zexion was curled up in a little ball, hugging Cait Sith to him, both of which were asleep. "Oh, that's Zexion. He's the kid I'm watching. You know, Riku's younger brother, who is Sora's best friend, who will not hesitate to pummel you on my word for thinking rather awkward thoughts about his best friend's twin…" I narrowed my eyes. "Same thing goes for his parents, too. His dad is an ex-Turk. His mom is a ninja from Wutai." I added, purposely skipping the unnecessary information about her being pregnant.

Axel gulped and looked about to die. "O-oh. Yea, h-him." He choked out. "Explain. Now." I glared at him. "Ok, ok…I…I really like Roxas, ok?"

To say I was just shocked was a HUGE understatement.

"WHAT?! I mean, I don't care if you're gay, hell, I'm gay! But, you liking my little brother is just a bit creepy!!" I screamed. "At least I'm not a pedo!" He yelled back at me. "What?! I'm babysitting him, smart one!" Picking the sleeping Zexion up, I held him close to me.

"Well, whatever, we're leaving now!" I stomped out of his room, and caught Reno and Rude right before they were to leave for work. "Can you take us home? We need to go…" I asked, and they happily obliged. They dropped us off, and I took us back inside where I lay Zexion on the couch and went to the bathroom.

When I came back, Zexion was on his stomach on the floor, his legs in the air moving around, and reading a book. A rather thick book, at that. "You can read?" I asked him. He looked up and nodded.

"Well, whatchya reading?" He held up the book and I read the title. "The Count of Monte Crisco… by Alexandree Dumbass. Haha, 'Dumbass'!" I laughed, and he frowned. "Coun' of Monny Criss-oh, Ale-hander doo-mah!" He snapped, pouting and hiding his face back behind the book.

"O-oh, sorry," I chuckled nervously. "I-I'll just got make some hot chocolate then…and put on a movie." I left for the kitchen. I was just putting the marshmallows into the hot cocoa when Zexion waddled in; He seemed to be doing the potty dance, which in turn made me laugh hysterically.

"No' funny!" He snapped, kicking my shin.

"Ow!! Ok, ok, here, the bathroom is this way…" I led him to the bathroom.

"If you can read a book like the one you were, you sure a heck should be able to go to the bathroom without me!" I told him, and he nodded before closing the door in my face. In the meantime, I decided to finally get around to setting up our little campsite; I was planning on us camping out in my backyard with a portable DVD player! :D

So after really struggling with putting the tent up, I managed to do so without losing any limbs. I set up the mini DVD, got out sleeping bags and made lots of popcorn and did all that other necessary stuffs. After doing all of that, I galloped back into the house to look for Zexion.

"HEY ZEX, WHERE ARE YOU?!" I yelled, hoping he would come out like a good little lap dog.

But, he didn't. So now I must go hunting for him…Goody! I searched the whole house, looking in every nook and cranny for him! I started to panic when I checked my room for the third time. I walked back to the living room and collapsed onto our sofa.

"ZEX! WHERE ARE YOU LITTLE MAN?" I screamed, my voice cracking a small bit. Darn puberty… "Hm?" Came a voice that I was vaguely familiar with. I looked up, and found Zexion in the huge recliner. I could barely see his face over the arm of the chair, it was so squishy.

"H-How long have you been sitting there?!" I snapped, jumping up. He looked up at the ceiling in thought. "Sin affer ress-oom…" He shrugged, and I facepalmed.

"Well, let's go get ready for bed. We're camping outside and gonna watch movies all night!" I grinned, and he looked slightly scared. "Here, you can get dressed in your pajamas in the bathroom, ok?" I told him, grabbing his chocobo covered footsy and leading him back to the bathroom.

My pajamas were blue! And all fishy like, too! I was putting my top on when there was a soft pounding on the lower half of the other side of my door. I pulled my arms through the sleeves and went to open the door, only to find Zexion himself, in nothing but his crab-tacular undies. "Uh…Why aren't you in your 'jamas?" I asked.

He looked up at me, before looking at his feet, a small pink tint appearing on his face. He then attempted to get into his pajamas, which made me realize why he was here; He couldn't get in them by himself… He kept falling over and such. "H-here, you need help?" I asked him. He looked up at me and slowly nodded, looking about to cry from humiliation. "Hey! Don't cry now, I always had trouble getting these things on too!" I told him, truthfully. "R-really?" He asked softly.

"Yea, watch." I took the pajamas and 'attempted' to get one leg in them, but 'fell' onto the ground several times. Zexion cruelly laughed a lot at my antics. "Yer too big!" He demanded, (Evilly) grinning as he laughed. "Nuh-uh! I'm just proving how hard it is to get into these things!" I told him, grinning as well.

"Here, how about I wear a pair of these too so we both can look stupid trying to get them on?" He giggled again before nodding. "Yea! You look eben moar stooped!" He laughed. "Hey! I am not stupid! I'm just not a genius!" I snapped as I went to get a pair of footsy pajamas from my closet. I got mine on, after much 'struggling'.

"Here, now let's get yours on!" I said, and proceeded to help Zexion dress. "Jesus Dem, what the hell are you doing?!" Asked an awesomely familiar voice.

I looked up and grinned, running over to glomp the owner of the voice. "Hey uncle Xiggy!" I hugged him as tight as I could. "Yea, hey. What the hell are you doing? Molesting a 2 year old?" "Four!" Zexion corrected, crossing his arms. He was currently shying away and hiding on the other side of my bed.

"No, Xiggy, I was helping him get into his 'jamas. He needed help because everyone knows what a pain in the bunghole it is to get into footsies. So I got into mine too so we both look like losers. What are you doing here?" I asked him.

"Oh, Leon doesn't trust you being home alone with a toddler so he sent me over to help watch! How wangtabulous is that?"
"Oh cool! We're camping out and watching movies all night outback!" I explained, before glancing back at Zexion, who was examining Uncle Xigbar.

"This is Zexion! He's four, very shy and loves chocobos, zombies, the Soup, vampires and the Princess Bride! He's real smart too, and gets along with kitties!" I explained. Trying to summarize Zexion up as best as I could. "Oh really…" Xigbar smirked and walked over to Zexi, bent down and held out a hand.

"Hey bud, I'm Xigbar, the family's resident pirate. I'm gonna be watchin you too!" Zexion didn't answer, he only stared. "Hey look I got a pair of footsies that will fit even you, Xiggy!" I grinned, bounding over and handing them to him. He looked less than thrilled, but he went to change into them anyway.

"We'll be out back!!" I told him as I picked Zex up and went outside to our campsite. I noticed my little friend brighten up when he saw that I had put all his things in there: chocobo plushie, chocobo blanket, zombie pillow, and a whole bunch of other random blankets.

He immediately snuggled up comfortably in all of his personal heaven, and I lay down beside him in my own slice of heaven. I had all sorts of watery, fishy stuff!

I put the bowl of popcorn between both of us and started the movie. It was kind of hard to hear because of the thunder and rain that was going on outside though. A few moments later, a very wet uncle Xig finally joined us. "Hi Xig!" I greeted, waving. "'allo Unca Stig," Zexion greeted, waving as well.

"Hey little dudes," He smirked and plopped down on Zex's other side. We all watched about two or three movies before falling asleep (Princess Bride, Labyrinth, and the Italian Job). I unfortunately fell asleep first, then followed by Zexion I think, and Xigbar falling asleep last.

Around two in the morning, I woke up to Xigbar whispering something to Zexion. "Hey, it's ok. I'm only takin a leak. I'll be right back." And he left the tent.

After a few moments of silence, there was a loud SNAP from somewhere outside the tent, which ultimately caused Zexion to whimper and curl up in a ball of fear. Aw, poor kiddo is afraid of thunder and lightning? And the dark? Well that's not a huge surprise. Like, all little kids are afraid of thunder and lightning! And the dark.

"Hey buddy, it's ok. I'm here…" I mumbled to him, still half asleep. I scooched closer to him and hugged him close, and I could feel him relax a bit… Until a HUGE clap of thunder sounded off, causing Zexion to jump and actually start crying. I paid almost no mind to it until he started cutting of my circulation while gripping onto my arm.

"Ouch! Ok um… Let's fight off the storm!" I stupidly said, sitting up. He tilted his head to the side like a puppy again. I took the popcorn bowls and put one on my head like a helmet, some popcorn getting stuck in my hair while the rest fell to the ground.

Zexion giggled at that, and laughed even harder when I did the same with the other popcorn bowl, only on his head. I also grabbed the water gun I had hidden in here, just in case. I handed it to him, and he looked at it, examining it every which way, accidentally spraying himself in the eye. "Umm I'll be right back, I'm gonna go get my ammunition!!" I told him, getting up and beginning to run out of the tent.

Zexion immediately began to panic. "No! Don' leaf!" He yelled, diving for my legs. "Hey! Don't worry I'll be right back!" I told him. "If anything comes your way… Just scream… Um… 'PAPERCLIP MOOCOW COLUMN42!'" I told him, before dashing back into the house to get water guns.

While in my room I swore I heard ''A'ERCLI' MOOCO' COLIMFORETOO!!!' from outside and a 'WHAT THE HELL, KID!' coming from Xigbar, causing me to laugh insanely. I ran back out with my water gun and immediately began spraying Xigbar's head. "HEY!" He yelled, dropping a struggling Zexion. He began chasing me around with Zexion's water gun, and we had a water fight in the rain, Zexion laughing the whole time.

After we ran out of water, we all gathered back into the tent to shiver under our blankets. Seeing as it was too cold in there, we all just ran inside, Xigbar carrying an asleep Zexion who was bundled up in all his blankies.

We ended up all sleeping in my living room, all three of us excruciatingly sick with dreadful colds.

-X-x-X Day Two X-x-X-

The next morning, it was still raining out. Sneezing and feeling ultra crappy, it got a thermometer and took my own temperature. 100.5 Degrees F. lovely. I sighed and felt both Xig's and Zex's foreheads, that were also very warm. Groaning, I walked over to the phone to call and inform Mr. and Mrs. Valentine that I had accidentally gotten their child sick. But before I could do so, they themselves called.

"Demyx?" It was Mr. Vincent.
"What's wrong, are you sick??"
"Ugh, yes."
"Oh, well, could you possibly watch Zexion for a few more days? Um, Yuffie's water broke last night and we're in a hospital now…"
"Oh jeez! Gah, yea, I can watch him. It'll be fun!" I said.
"Thanks… We'll come get him once Yuffie's out of the hospital…"
"Mkay, bye…" I said, and we both hung up.

I walked back to the living room, collapsing back on the couch. I had barely fallen back asleep when the door opened, loudly. "Ugh…What is it and who do you want?" I moaned, not thinking about what I just said. "It's an Uncle Xaldin and he wants Demyx." My other uncle said in return.

"Oh… Hey Xal, whasup?" My speech was quite slurred. "What's wrong with you?"
"All three of us got sick…"
"We were having water gun fights in the rain last night," I sniffled a bit.
A sigh came from Xaldin.
"Where's the child?"
"Over here, asleep like Stiggy…"
"Well then shut up and go to sleep and get better!"


We got better the next day!


-X-x-X Day Three X-x-X-

"Hey, let's go to the zoo. Heard the kid's pretty fond of chocobos…" "Wut? Chobos? Whar?!" Zexion became incredibly alert, looking around like a Timone, or a mere cat. I laughed and nodded.

"OK, everyone git in the damned truck and let's go!" Xaldin snapped, picking up both Xigbar and Zexion and putting them over his shoulder. We all got buckled up in his new, huge, dark blue big ol' pick up truck and drove to the zoo in silence.

"Where we goin??" Zexion asked, watching all the scenery go by with his face planted to the glass windows. "Dizzylan'?" He asked seeing a billboard of said theme park. "No… I wish though, but we're too far away." I told him, ruffling his hair a bit.

Finally we made it to the zoo. I looked over to Zexion, whose eyes were wide, and he looked about to have a heart attack.

"CHOBOS, CHOBOS!" He screamed happily, bouncing around in his seat (an: You know those dark helium ball things in KH one? How they flip out and fly around insanely? Yea, like that), causing everyone else to laugh or chuckle in Xaldin's case.

"Don't worry, bud. We're gonna go ride on those, don't worry." Xigbar reassured him, which made Zexion even more excited.

"Ride?! CHOBOS, CHOBOS!!" "Yes, we're gonna go ride the chocobos," Xaldin said, smiling at him. We got out and paid for our tickets. We almost lost Zexion, who immediately ran off to look for his chocobos.


First, we had to look by the alligators because Xigbar demanded so. "Hey, Alligator face! Remember me?! MWUAHAHA, I'M BA-ACK!!!" He was screaming at them. We had to pull him away before he actually jumped into the water with them. Next were the birds and flamingoes. For some reason, even though Chocobos are birds, they weren't there. Grrrface.

"WOO malingagloes!" I cheered, having an affinity for flamingoes. Apparently, so did Zexy.
"Mingoes, mingoes!" He giggled, climbing into their pen.
"JESUS!" Xaldin yelled diving in as well to get him back.
"These are not for riding!" He scolded. We got followed by turkeys at one point, and Zexion got to feed a few stray squirrels with some left over Cheez-Its.

After Xaldin shoved him in the baby carrier that was on his chest, he got to peacefully and happily examine the exotic birds. And then finally we got to go to the aquariums!

Zex and I got to watch a lot of fishies all swimming around and around! It was great

And then, after much complaining on Zexion's part, we went and searched for the Chocobos.
Apparently that's what it started out as, was us searching for them, but I guess we got off track. When we found them, we were lucky enough to find that almost no one was there because of the big whale show thing.

We paid for the mini ride, and Zexion immediately ran in and chose a certain chocobo to ride on. It was black with light purple eyes and was named Karma. Zexion immediately attached himself to it, and he snuggled with it for a while. He even knew how to pet it and such, and Karma looked about as clappy as a ham can get!

The caretaker person finally came in and helped Zexion up, and soon he was squealing with delight as he was trotting around on his chocobo. I made sure to take lots of pictures too, for his parents. After a little while, the rest of us joined him and hopped on a chocobo of our own.

But when we had to leave, it was absolute hell trying to get him to go home.
It wasn't until he finally fell asleep on Karma. He didn't notice that he did until he actually fell off her and fell on the ground! He woke up, but he was still tired so he didn't fight to go home this time.

As we were walking out, Zexion was enjoying looking at all the Zoo lights. He even somehow manipulated us into buying him a lot of chocobo merchandise for him, too. That clever little schemer! He got a mask to match the hat I gave him this morning, plushies and a of couple foam figures.

Finally, about two hours later we left for home. "So, little Zex nut, how did you like today?" Xigbar asked about halfway home. "CHOBOS, CHOBOS!" Was his only answer, and Zexion began babbling nonsense about random stuff he knew about the birds.

"Well, once we get home, you're goin to bed. You've been up all day without a nap and I can tell you're tired; don't even try to lie, bud." Xaldin said in a very serious tone. "Wh-NO! Nononononooooo!" Zexion whined, starting to have a tantrum; yea, you could definitely tell he was tired, especially when he began to argue and rub his eyes at the same time.

When we got back home, Xaldin picked Zexion up and shoved him on the couch under a few blankets. "Go to sleep!" He yelled, scaring poor Zexion.

"Wait! Yuffie said if he was like this just to put on his favorite movie and get him something chocolaty!" I told him, and immediately began to shove Princess Bride into the DVD player. I then ran into the kitchen and began preparing hot chocolate.

When I made sure it was cool enough I ran back in and gave it to Zex, who immediately grabbed it and began chugging it down. When he was done, I helped him into his pajamas again, and tucked him in under his chocobo blanket.

After Wayne's World ended, Xigbar put in Cloverfield, made popcorn and snuggled up with Xaldin on the floor. By halfway through the movie, Xaldin was asleep. Zexion followed about ten minutes after. I came next, after cuddling up close to Zexion on the couch. I don't know when Xigbar fell asleep obviously, but he did eventually.

X-x-X Morning X-x-X

X-x-X Day the fourth X-x-X

I woke up sometime around eleven, I think. The first thing that went through my mind was, 'Why did I have a dream about finding a missing assignment in math?' The second thing was 'Oh! I should make breakfast for me and Zexy!'

But when I sat up and looked around for him, I found him gone. Not there. Poofed away. Up and disappeared like a fart in the wind. Even all his stuff was gone; the blankets and movies and hot chocolate packets… I sighed sadly, before noticing a note by my pillow.

Grabbing it, I read:


We appreciate you, Xaldin and Xigbar babysitting Zexion for us. We could tell just by the way he was sleeping that he enjoyed it here immensely. We will make sure to have you baby-sit him again next time we go somewhere with Riku. Yuffie's still in the hospital but I decided to take him off your hands by having his older brother watch him now. Thank you,


I grinned and ran to plaster the note on my wall somewhere in my room. I can't wait to baby-sit Zexion again, it was too much fun!! But now I am forced to clean up this mess that I made with the blankets and stuff, sigh. And all because Uncle Xig and Xal left early just so I would have to do this by myself!

Oh wait! Dad and…Dad are supposed to be home today too! I rushed into the kitchen, only to find my fathers and my siblings at the table eating brunch. "HI GUYS!" I yelled, tackle-glomping Sora and Roxas to the ground.

"I missed you, how was the trip?" I asked them all. "It was really fun, I wish you could've-"That's nice. I had a BALL with Zexion; he's the coolest person in the WORLD!" I squealed, interrupting Leon.

He didn't look to happy about me interrupting him, but after a few seconds of a cold, hard, stare down, he smiled. "Well, I'm glad you two had a good time. Vincent says that he'll be sure to bring Zexion over to visit some ti-"

"I'm just glad the house hasn't exploded." Leon said, interrupting Cloud this time. "Hey! And you get mad at me for interrupting!" I snapped, trying to give him a scary look. It failed though, epically.

"That's because you interrupted me," He deadpanned, taking a bite of his waffle. Oh well, I just can't wait to see Zexy again. Next time, we're gonna go to the park and the movies and the-

"Demyx stop spacing out and thinking to yourself," Cloud said, poking me with a spork.

Ok… Till next time then!