His breathing quickend and he leaned down to whisper something to me. His hot breath caressed my ear, little to his knowledge. I savored every moment, until he finally grasped me around the waist tightly. I was ready for what was to come next, I knew I was...well...maybe not. Nobody ever is ready to be body slammed by Jeff Hardy. But this world's cruel reality was forcing me to be.

Okay, I know the first few sentences seemed as if me and Jeff were about to get it on, or maybe you thought you were reading something from an X-Rated novel. However, I must correct you and tell you that I was only wrestling, and he was simply telling me what he was going to do.

By the way, my name's Maria Kanellis. Sucky name, I know. Been told.

Well, you might be wondering how a diva like me, ended up in a match with a superstar like Jeff Hardy...well, it's a looonnngg story...a very long story. So, go get some popcorn, a soda, and make sure you aren't going to get caught reading a naughty story (and this story will get pretty...naughty...at times) but you can just skip over those parts. They aren't necessary. They're just for the lil pervies! XD

Anyway, this is how it all started...


I paced back and forth in the locker room.

"Good luck in your match tonight" Maryse smiled sweetly at me.

I tired to smile back, but it didn't work out. In the end it was just a half showing of teeth, and a 'WTF?' look on my face.

"Maria! You're on in 15 minutes, get out by the curtain!" a booker pounded on the locker room door "You can't just forget about this match!"

The booker was right about one thing, I couldn't forget about this match. I was so nervous. I was worried about looking tough, but sexy. Hurt, but not weak. It was a hard combination to pull off. Yet, I have managed to dazzle many fans with that tricky combination before, so why was this time so different? Maybe because of one thing I was lacking (and personally, didn't want), and my opponent had. And that was: a dick.

Yep, that's right. I'm facing a guy. What guy? Matthew Moore Hardy. I have only talked to him once or twice, but I have heard he is careful in the ring. But careful isn't what I needed. I needed looser pants, that's what I needed. What if I attempted a cross body and he caught me? His arm would be rubbing against my fuckin pussy! Oh man, I can't do this! I can't compete in this match. I wonder if faking a sprained ankle will work? Maybe I could saythat I was pregnant. Or maybe-

"Maria! You need to get out by the curtain right now!" the booker snapped again.

Maryse looked at me sympathetically, her eyes were apoligizing for my misfortune to get stuck going against Matt Hardy.

At Wrestlemania 25, there was a random lottery. And by random, I mean random! We all just pulled a name out of a hat to see who we were facing, and there was no storyline, no practice match, no nothing. Basically, you just had to go out, look good and hope you can pull off some extreme moves to make up for the lack of actual wrestling there will be against a new opponent.

"You're lucky, you get to face Nunzio" that was my pathetic attempt to procrastinate going to the curtain to await my week of pain following this match.

"Not really, Nunzio is an ECW original. Do you remember Little Guido? That was Nunzio" Maryse explained to me and she pulled up her tight shorts "Although, I am worried about him touching me all over. I don't care if he grabs me around the waist or something, but I swear to god, if there is any pussy touchin' I will actually punch him. No faking it, totally real."

Maryse had never had much luck with guys. They all turned out to be one night stand assholes.

"I remember Little Guido" I was actually happy that my obssessive watching of wrestling in my teens, paid off.

"So, how do you think Matt will be in the ring?" Maryse said it as if me and Matt were going out to the middle of the ring to fuck or something. Her cocky smile even showed that she had intended that question to sound dirty.

"I heard Matt was careful" I didn't want to say much more. I knew Maryse would find a way to turn everything I said into a dirty joke.

"Careful with what?" Maryse raised her eyebrows and smiled that same cocky smile of hers.

"Maria! Don't make me send someone in to get you!" the booker's voice was booming from outside the door. I grited my teeth together. Why are bookers so damn annoying and demanding? It's not like they're the ones who have to wrestle.

"I'm coming!" I hissed angerily. I hated being rushed, and I most certainly hated wrestling guys.

Maryse laughed and wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me closer to her "You're gonna' do fine, Ria. I know you will."

She sounded so sincere that I almost believed that things were going to be okay. Then I plunged back to the reality that I was facing a guy.

"Yeah, know I will" I lied, not bothering to move yet. The truth was that I didn't want to move away from Maryse, because if I moved away, I would have to go out the door and to that damned curtan.

Just then, the door shot open and I didn't bother to look at first, not until the person came up behind me and and grabbed my arm. Pulling me away from Maryse's safe embrace. I jerked my arm away.

"Don't touch me!" I snapped, still not looking at the person who was still grabbing at my arm, pulling me out of the sanctity of the locker room.

"We have a match, and it starts in 5 minutes! You need to check in with the booker and get over to the curtain. Right now!" the voice sounded deep and I was mesmorized by its soft touch. Even though the voice's hand was only on my arm, it still felt good.

Then it hit me. The voice said 'we'. We have a match. It was Matt. Wait, what the hell was he doing in the women's locker room? And what the hell was he doing, just pulling me away from Maryse like that? Damnit. I hate him already.

I turned around to look at him, my eyes still filled with shock and hate. I raised an eyebrow at him. Yeah, good job. Play it cool.

"What?" I asked, my voice sounded incredibly bitchy.

"I just told you" Matt's voice sounded annoyed at my reaction.

"Well tell me again!" my voice bitterly hissed at him.

"I...we...don't have time for this! We need to get out to the curtain!" Matt intertwined his fingers with mine.

What the hell? My mind began racing in about a million directions. Why was this guy, that I barely knew, holding my hand. I could understand grabbing my hand and dragging me out of the locker room, but he was just standing there. Looking at me as my eyes raced around the room, trying to avoid making eye contact with him.

"Good luck!" Maryse broke the uncomfortable silence and giggled as she glanced at mine and Matt's hand, and how our fingers laced over one another "I want all the details when you get back!"

Maryse playfully smacked my butt and with that, Matt was dragging me out of the locker room as I struggled to get on my half-hoodie. It was even harder since Matt was fast walking and I was just being dragged behind. I was struggling to put one foot infront of the other and then, about 20 feet away from the curtain, I fell.

Wait to go. I'm sure I looked graceful. I was sprawled out on the floor, and people were just looking at me. Well, Mark (Undertaker) and Michelle were laughing as they came over to help me up.

"I've got her" Matt assured them as he bent over and grasped my arms tightly, helping me up to my feet. As soon as I got up, I found myself clutching my side.

"What's wrong, Ria?" Michelle asked me as she fixed my hair.

"I think I fell on my ribs...ouch..." I twisted my waist a little to see if it hurt when I moved. It did, but it wasn't crippling pain. I figured that I could still wrestle, it wasn't that bad.

Michelle gave me a sympathetic smile, the way Maryse had earlier.

"You'll be fine, kid" Mark ruffled my hair a little. Kid? Oh well. He's Mark Calaway, the greatest big man ever. He has the right to call a short and tiny girl like me, kid.

"Mark, baby, don't mess up her hair" Michelle fixed my hair again.

"Matt! Maria!" Vince yelled from over by the curtain.

We hurried over. Well, Matt did. He just dragged me behind him.

I think Vince noticed that I was holding my side and wincing with every step I took. Okay, so maybe it was bad. But I had to...wait. This was the perfect excuse to not wrestle Matt tonight! Brillant! Thank goodness Matt is a fast walker, he just saved me from having to wrestle him, and he didn't even know it.

"Maria...are you okay?" Vince asked apathetically.

"My side really-" I began, but Matt's music started and he was quickly pushed out the curtain "...it's nothing."

I couldn't bail out now! Matt was probably already halfway down the ramp, and soon he would be waiting in the ring. If I didn't come out? Then I would ruin any hope for a major push for me...or Matt for that matter. Wrestlemania is the grand stage, I couldn't bail out.

Here she comes again, like good medicine...

The next thing I knew I was being pushed out the curtan, as Matt had been before.

One foot infront of the other. Don't forget to...oh man. I forgot to blow kisses to everyone. Oh well, this will be a brutal match then. I can make people think I have a personal vendetta against Matt and everything will be okay. One foot infront of the other. I'm almost there. I decided not to bother going up to the ropes to do my usual entrace. I had already forgotten to blow kisses to everyone, it wouldn't make sense for me to only do half of my entrance. Screw my entrance.

"This bout is set for one fall, to my right, he is the ECW Champion" Justin Roberts said, entusiastically, as usual "Matt Hardy!"

People cheered, a deafining cheer actually. Matt always got a big pop from the fans, people loved him. Especially when he did that version 3 hand symbol.

"And to my left, she is the Diva's Champion" Justin sounded even more entusiastic "Maria!"

Fuck. I forgot my championship belt! How could I forget it? Fuck, fuck, FUCK!! This was already going horribly.

"The ECW Championship is on the line" Justin announced as he took Matt's championship from him. He turned towards me, slightly dumbfounded to see that I didn't have my championship with me.

I was even more dumbfounded though. This is a championship match? Who's supposed to win? Nobody told me! Maybe Matt can fill me in. I'll put him in a side headlock and whisper it to him then.

Justin got out of the ring and the ref motioned for the bell to be rung. As soon as the bell rang, I charged at Matt. But he side stepped and I ran right into the turnbuckles. Damnit Matt. He wasn't going to make this easy. I could tell. I turned around so that my back was against the turnbuckles and my arms were drapped over the top rope.

Then, Matt went to hit me across the chest, near my collarbone. But I unfortunatly, stood up straighter and Matt ended up hitting my boobs. Ouch. Fuck. Shit. Damnit.

My boobs jiggled for a moment and I dropped to my knees, my arm stretched protectivly across my chest and I tried to catch my breath. I heard people booing Matt as I clutched the ring ropes, in attempt to stand up.

Matt was reaching for my legs, he was going to pick me up. No. No. No. I sprinted to the other side of the ring and Matt turned to look at me with much dismay. I shrugged and mouthed 'Don't touch me.' to him. He stared at me, bewildered. This was the perfect opportunity for the side headlock. I charged at Matt again, only to be grabbed between my legs and thrown over the top rope. By 'grabbed between my legs', I mean, he pressed his hand into my abdomen and right boob and threw me over. With the way his hand was positioned, I could have sworn that I felt his fingers linger over my clit for a moment. The meer thought sent a strange feeling all throughout my body and I tried to forget about his fingers...his soft fingers. His gentle fingers. Stop. Stop. Stop!

I shook my head and tried to become aware of where I was again. I saw Matt hoovering overtop of me and I realized that I was infront of the announcer's table. I remember that the booker had told me that at one point, I should be 'appear to be terrified'. I sat up and inched back until my head hit the announce table and I put my hands up infront of me, begging Matt to stop.

Matt leaned down beside me, his face was just a few inches away from mine. He put his hand on one side of me and the other one was reaching into his pocket to get something, he pulled out a thin blade, making sure the audience couldn't see, and slipped it into my hand as his head leaned towards my ear.

"Cut your forehead towards the end of the match, and by the way, neither of us win. John Morrison is coming down to insert himself into the match and then Miz will hold you back, in the process throwing you off the ramp into the big pool of water, and then, when John rolls me up for the three count, he and Miz head up to the top of the entrance ramp. I go up the ramp to attack John and then he and Miz push me into the water too." Matt explained "Now, try to make it like you'll do whatever it takes to not be attacked by me."

I pushed Matt down onto his back and straddled him, running my hands up and down his bare chest. I grabbed the mic off the announce table and spoke.

"Matt...we don't have to continue this match...do we?" I asked, trying to make my voice sound as seductive as possible.

Matt stared up at me in disbelief that I was this willing to try something crazy to 'get out of being attacked'. But Matt had one thing wrong, I wasn't willing. But I did want to get paid, and as the crowd cheered wildly, I knew I was gonna' get paid. So, I continued.

"We could go back to my place, and have a little bit of fun..." I suggested as I ran my fingers through Matt's dark silky hair.

I glanced up and saw Miz and John running down the ramp, I leaned down to whisper in Matt's ear "Make it look like you're punching me."

Matt obliged and flipped us over and began going wild with fake punches. But, it was ended when John pulled Matt off me and I rolled over on my stomach. I pulled out the blade, contemplating how bad this was going to hurt. Fuck it. I cut right above my forehead and shoved the blade back into my pocket.

By this point, John and Matt were in the ring and Miz was making his way over towards me. I struggled to my feet only to be held captive by Miz who was dragging me up the entrance ramp.

I screamed and thrashed, but Miz didn't let go. Everything's going great.

Miz whispered in my ear "Get ready."

I knew what he meant and I bite my lip. I was almost positive that the water would be freezing. Sure enough, I was right.

Miz shoved me off the ramp and into the icey cold water. My knees hit the bottom of the pool so hard that I just wanted to stay there and not move. But I surfaced anyway, only to see Miz walking over to the pool.

I looked over at the ring, John had beat Matt. John was rushing over to Miz. What was going on? I thought they were supposed to be walking up the ramp? Not coming at me with creepy smiles plasted across their faces.

I saw Matt grabbing his shirt and lazily walking over to the pool where Miz, John, and I were. He was faking being hurt, but damnit, I wish he wasn't. I really would love to know what the hell was going on.

Miz motioned for me to come over to the edge of the pool, where he and John were standing. I was hesitant, but I did.

John whispered "Look like you're trying to get away, and we're going to take your top, so that you're left with no top at all. Then, you'll turn around, kick Miz in the face, and I'll pull off your pants so that you're left with whatever panties you're wearing."

Now I understood why the booker told me to wrestle without any shoes. Damnit. I had to go along with what Miz and John said though, so I quickly turned around and Miz ripped my top in half in the back, and pulled it off me. I covered my boobs, with a suprised look on my face. I was actually suprised though, I was in a pool on national televison with no shirt on. How very modest I must appear.

I floated on my back in the water, still cover my boobs, and I kicked Miz square in the face. Well, not really, Miz's hand blocked it...but it looked like I kicked him in the face. He was doing a damn good job of selling it as if I had.

John glared at me, and his hands shot out towards the bottoms of my pants. I thrashed and the water splashed all around. Then, John was holding my pants above his head and I was shying away from the edge, and into the middle of the pool. What should I do? I have to use my hands to pull myself out of the water, and as of now, my hands had to cover up my shirtless chest. I looked up and saw Matt push Miz and John into the side of the ramp and then, I saw him jogging over to help me. What the hell was he gonna' do? I was in the pool, soaking wet, almost completley naked and my hands were covering my boobs.

Matt held his shirt up. Okay, so maybe he knew what he was going to do. I wadded over to the side of the pool where Matt stood. 'Help' I mouthed to him.

He set his shirt on the ground and opened his arms up "Come here, just give me a hug, and I can pull you out of there."

With my hands still covering my boobs, I leaned chest (with hands covering still) against his chest.

"You're gonna' have to move your hands" Matt told me.

Shit! I was hoping he wouldn't say that. I looked him in the eyes, as if to say no. His eyes told me that this is the only way.

I pressed myself against his chest, harder and slowly slipped my hands away, wrapping them around his neck. I jumped up slightly and Matt caught me and he lifted me out with two giant handfuls of my ass. He wrapped his shirt around my back and I pulled it over my chest as I pulled away from him. I felt my feet slipping because it was so wet, and Matt caught me. His soft fingers inched their way around my waist and pulled me closer to him. I gulped.

I didn't like this. The moment we got backstage, I was going to slip on the slippers and robe, that I already knew was waiting for me and take over running towards the locker room. I decided to do this, after looking around, and seeing people staring at me, taking pictures. I don't know, but it felt so weird.

We were almost all the way up the ramp, when I pulled away from Matt and slowly shuffled my way backstage. On the table by the curtain, there was a pair of slippers and I robe. I dropped Matt's shirt, I didn't care who was watching. I just wanted to get back to the fuckin locker room. I slipped on the slippers, just as Matt was coming through the curtain.

"Maria" he said, but I already took off running down the hall, to the locker room.

I heard footsteps running close behind me, and I sped up. Tears were forming in my eyes.


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