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Edward never saw it coming. She hid it well, with a subtle smile and a flicker of her thoughts - their younger brother never caught on. But Jasper always knew. It was inevitable. The way Alice moved around her, like a gravitational pull…Bella was her sun. Everyone else spun around her, around and around. Jasper felt it from everyone. Edward's attraction was the strongest. But Alice gave him a run from his money, she hid it so well. He sat as she flew around the new Bella, with that pale, pale skin and red eyes that didn't match the Bella they all knew.

The Bella she loved.

Jasper crossed his arms, watching her dance. She'd throw her hands up in frustration; secretly, he knew how much she loved dressing Bella up. It had nothing to do with the clothes, the fancy silks and the beautiful cashmeres. It was just an excuse for Alice to touch her, caress her shoulder when Edward was away, kiss her seconds longer than necessary and savor every moment. Nothing pleased Alice more than knowing what she could get away with now that Bella was one of them.

How she adored the new Bella.

Jasper never said a word.

After all, Alice may have loved Bella, but she always had Jasper, never willing to break his non-beating heart - never willing to fight Edward for her. Jasper kissed Alice on the forehead, and she smiled. He didn't worry about Bella. He wouldn't worry about Bella. Alice would always be his.

Mine was the single thought that Edward heard from his brother, and one of his eyebrow rose, but Jasper's sight never left Alice's. His hand entwined with hers, and her smile grew. She pecked him briefly on the lips, and Edward cringed. If only he knew. But Jasper never saw it coming. Edward knew, though. It was inevitable.

He looked over, over to his loving wife. Sitting unaware, completely unaware of just how beautiful she was. Completely unaware of how he wasn't the only one completely head over heels (such a human phrase; it doesn't even begin to fathom…) in love with her. Alice may think she had fooled everyone, but she had another thing coming. Edward knew, and he let his sister love from afar. He let his sister play her subtle kisses and oh-so innocent brushes on her skin. He let her because he loved her, and he let her because she loved Bella. He could relate.

He even let her kiss Bella goodnight.

Alice's lips brushed on the corner of Bella's mouth, and she thought it was a little redundant - after all, she didn't sleep anymore. But Bella let her, because, somewhere, she knows: Alice loves her just a little too much.

It was inevitable.