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There is a kind of summary inside this chapter when the Doctor talked to Jack, so you really don't have to read 'Fantasies and Dreams' to understand the story. I would be happy, if you did though ;)

Jack wasn't planned when I first had this idea, but he is the kind of spice, the story needed.

Some quick background information:

Ellis Island is a small island in the near of New York. In 1892, it became the main entry facility for immigrants into the USA.

Jack said in 'Utopia', he was shot because of an argument on Ellis Island in 1892 and realised then for the first time that he can't die.

Would be a shame not to use that, wouldn't it? ;)

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So there will only the hints at most but nothing explicit.


"You didn't!" Jack exclaimed, looking wide eyed at the Doctor and spilling his hypervodka all over his white shirt.

"I did! Queen Abofallagoroga, ruler of three galaxies, covered in tomato juice... and she wear a white dress, mind you."

Jack snorted with laughter. "Bet she didn't like that! How did she react?"

"Like that Queen from Alice in Wonderland," the Time Lord answered and added in a screechy voice, "Behead him! Behead that filthy little cretin!"

"And? Did they do it?" Rose tried with all her might to look serious and concerned but her twitching lips betrayed her.

"Sitting here, aren't I? There is no regeneration when you lose your head... literally. Anyway, there I was, looking at the empty glass inside my hand in disbelief, then at the stained dress and approaching guards..."

"What did you do?" Jack asked, pouring them another round of drinks.

"Said red was a lovely colour for her and ran for my life of course!"

Rose and Jack burst out laughing and clutched each other for support.

The three of them sat currently in the TARDIS' kitchen, drinking to celebrate their reunion and sharing stories from old times. It was just yesterday that the Doctor and Rose travelled to Ellis Island in 1892 and met Jack amidst terrestrial and extraterrestrial immigrants. After a teary reunion, he told them how he wanted to immigrate to the USA and by a happy coincidence discovered the race of Ashoron who wanted to do just the same. Knowing that aliens with tentacles would probably not pass a medical examination, he tried to reason with them and found out that they were indeed of the peaceful sort.

Well, if the Doctor was honest, the ex-Time Agent had everything under control until he arrived and insulted the clothes of Lord Gruggel Guggel (Rose's mouth still hurt from trying not to laugh when he introduced himself). From then on, the aliens showed teeth (literally) and the argument ended with Jack getting shot in the heart and returning from the dead. Witnessing his revival, the aliens vanished as fast as their teleports could manage and the remaining three had a very, very long talk.

The Doctor explained everything that happened on the Game Station, got a good beating from Rose for leaving Jack, a quite vivid Jack... behind without telling her anything about it, and was called a few names by the immortal, the TARDIS simply refused to translate. After Rose apologised over and over to Jack for making him into what he was (he forgave her from the start but that didn't keep her from repeating the apologise), the Doctor too asked for forgiveness and the three of them exchanged hugs and kisses to make up. Well, the Doctor and Rose exchanged kisses... kisses with lots of tongue and wandering hands which made Jack wonder, what else he missed out on while he was gone.

Now, after a night of good sleep, they decided to spent the day inside the TARDIS to catch up and get reacquainted with each other again.

"Enough from those stories now," Jack said after a long tale about a werewolf, the Doctor and Rose encountered recently. "What about you two? When did you get together? I mean, it was always pretty obvious that both of you had a thing for each other, but I thought you would be too stubborn to do anything about it, Doc."

"Doctor, not Doc. Or am I calling you J?" He took a small sip from his glass and glanced over at Rose. "But it's quite a fun story, actually..."

When Rose blushed furiously and tried to hid her face, the Doctor had Jack's attention completely. "Oh ho! Do tell, Doctor. I think, I will love to hear this."

"Well, it all started in Rose's bedroom when she had this interesting little dre-"

"I think, Doctor,-" Rose interrupted him abruptly, looking throughout embarrassed. "-you don't have to be that explicit."

The Doctor pouted adorably, knowing Rose was a sucker for his innocent look. "But it helped me to put everything together! Leaving that out would be like J. K. Rowling not scattering hints all over her books!"

"No chance. You just want to look all great and clever again and make me look pathetic in the process. Jack has definitely not to know about that part."

"But Jack would love to know exactly that part," Jack said, grinning like a Cheshire cat. "I'm a little confused, though. I thought you wanted to start at the beginning... Rose's bedroom sounds more like the place it ended."

Rose swatted his arm playfully. "Oh, you are so full of yourself! What happened then isn't important. Just had a dream, is all. Maybe I should be the one to tell the story instead..."

The Doctor looked quite shock at that and Rose had the impression, he waited the whole evening for this part. "Please, let me! I won't say anything bad, I promise."

The Doctor pulled that teary-eyed face again and Rose just couldn't resist him.

"Alright. But keep it short, will you?"

Beaming at her, he continued his tale. "Well, we wanted to have some danger- and running-free time, so we visited Omoron and-"

"Omoron?" Jack was the one to interrupt him this time, a dreamy look placed on his face. "You visited a pleasure planet like that with Rose? Before being an item?"

Now looking slightly peeved at being cut off twice, telling the same story, the Doctor answered, "We visited it in 4012. The planet became a pleasure planet in 5010... eight hundred years after your lot invaded it." He sighed heavily, remembering who many people died in the wars, but carried on at once, ever the one to move on. "Anyway! Rose and I got a room with two Fantasy Cabins. Bet you know about those..."

"'Course. Spent half my puberty in one of them." Jack grinned from ear to ear, thinking about the hours and hours, he enjoyed his fantasies in those machines. When he thought about that one with the maid and butler...

The Doctor rolled his eyes at him, knowing full well by the look on the other man's face, what he was thinking about right now. "That. Explains. Everything," he muttered before scratching his head. "Yeah, where was I? Rooms, Fantasy Cabins, right! So, we both enjoyed a session and fantasied about each other. After an interested talk with the machine in my fantasy, clever me found out that Rose had feelings for me and I decided to do something about it."

"In the most humiliating way possible..." Rose mumbled slowly.

The Doctor looked apologetically at her. At least he knew, he had been wrong for once... "I'm still making up for it, aren't I?" he said, grinning and nudged her shoulder with his own.

Rose grinned back. "Every night."

They shared a not quite chaste kiss and Jack had to get their attention back to the matter at hand with clearing his throat. "As much as I hate disturbing you two... and you know I do," he said winking. "I would like to hear the rest of the story before you are entirely forgetting I'm here and start shagging on the kitchen table. If you don't intend to let a poor immortal guy join in, that is."

The couple jumped apart like on fire and blushed furiously.

"Strange. Here I thought you would enjoy watching..." the Doctor said after regaining his composure.

"Oh, I do. But it isn't as great when your only chance of release is your right hand."

Blushing again, the Time Lord looked at Rose and pointed at Jack. "See? He is too explicit in his tales! Not me."

"What he says doesn't concern me, so I don't care. Continue or I will."

Mumbling some incoherent words like 'humans ganging up on him', he did what Rose said. "Right. So, after that I bought a ring, which was able to amplify psychic abilities. While wearing it, I'm able to sent images and feelings into Rose's head. Boy, you should have seen how she squirmed!" he said grinning widely at Jack, before... "Ouch! Rose, did you just kick me under the table?"

"Bad boys have to be punished," she answered, tongue between her teeth. Rose apparently didn't forget about the dungeon fantasy, he had inside that cabin... In bed, they had a long talk about their 'preferences', after leaving the planet.

Jack groaned suddenly, causing the other two to look at him. "You both don't need a ring to sent images and feelings to me! Stop the teasing or you two have to face the consequences," he said suggestively, a leer already in place.

Again pointing at Jack, this time with his thumb, the Doctor said to Rose, "You sure, you want to keep him? He seems to be worse than last time..."

Rose snorted in return. "Don't talk about him like a dog, Doctor. You are only making it worse for the poor thing."

When said person underlined her statement with another deep groan, the Doctor ruffled his own hair in embarrassment and said, "Right. Sorry. Carrying on." He took a deep breath and continued. "So, there I was, teasing Rose with all those little perverted images in public, making her all hot and bothered when the tables were suddenly turned! Images backfired and I was also caught in the fantasy... on the dance floor no less! Then I managed to pull out, Rose found out what I did and made me promise to make up for it." The Doctor grinned suddenly, looking ever the smug Time Lord. "Was never more fun to make up for something. Rose is quite... inventive in her wishes and-"

"You don't want to elaborate that," Rose said, squinting her eyes at him.

The Doctor swallowed. "I don't want to elaborate that," he repeated her words, looking at Jack like a kicked puppy.

Jack laughed at him. "Guess I don't have to ask who the dominant one is in your relationship. What happened after Rose found out? Anything else, you can tell me without getting slapped?" he asked grinning.

"Well, the ring served another purpose in showing her the worst of my memories... about the Time War, how many people died because of me and so on. To my astonishment, she accepted it all at once, without batting an eyelash. I thought, she would run away but instead, she took my hand and... well, we spent some very enjoyable days on Omoron, didn't we?" asked the Doctor, grinning cheekily at her.

Rose grinned back and answered, "Didn't see much else than our room from the planet, though."

"Oi! Why am I the only one who isn't allowed to say anything... juicy?"

"Because you are a rude alien with an oral fixation."

Jack's ears perked up at Rose's words. "Oral fixation?" he asked, grinning.

"Yep, he has to lick everything. And I mean everything... can even say which blood type when he licks it. It's a new quirk, he got after his regeneration," she answered his question and thought about what else the Time Lord liked to lick... especially certain parts of-

"Someone is thinking naughty things again~" the Doctor interrupted her thoughts in a singsong-voice.

Rose rolled her eyes. "And his smelling sense became better... too good, if you ask me."

Jack snorted with laughter at that and took another sip from his glass. "You two are too cute! But I already said that, didn't I? Seems like another lifetime now..."

"Well, it is in a way. For you and me at least," the Doctor mentioned, thinking about the time when he was a different man.

Rose looked at both of them and sighed. "The last of the Time Lords, a human who can't die and a London shop girl... not to forget the most amazing ship in the universe." The TARDIS hummed in contentment and Rose patted her wall fondly. "We make quite the team, don't we?"

The Doctor choked on his drink when he saw sudden shine of gold in Rose's eyes... he blinked and it was gone.

"What is it, Doctor? You look like you have seen a ghost..." Rose smiled at him, completely normal and fantastic like he knew her.

"I just thought..." he started but then shook his head. "Nothing... maybe I really saw a ghost."

"What I would like to know... Do you still have that ring? Could have some fun with that..." Jack interjected.

"Nah, don't think so. Only works for people with strong psychic abilities... and it lost quite a bit of power when we left Omoron. Think it was fed by all of those psychic energy flying about..."

"Wait a minute..." Rose said slowly, looking scrutinising at him. "Didn't I tell you to throw that thing away?"

Like a little boy caught with his fingers in the cookie jar, the Doctor evaded her eyes. "I did throw it away... Well, not exactly 'throwing' per se... more like putting away. But it is in a fairly unreachable place, out of the way... which is the whole point of 'throwing things away' isn't it? So, you see I did, in a way, what you wanted me to do, didn't I?"

Jack looked at him in wonder. "Wow... he got quite the gob, didn't he?" he asked Rose who shrugged in response.

"You should have heard him when he had regeneration sickness. Mum had to put Valium into his tea to calm him down on Christmas."

"That's what tasted so strange... And I thought, Jackie wanted to poison me..." the Doctor said.

"Nah. You are in her good books for sending me back from the Game Station... Won't be any more when I tell her, we are a couple now, though."

By the look crossing the Doctor's face, Jack got the impression Rose's mum had to be a terrifying person... Then again, most mother-in-laws were... and the Doctor and Rose's relationship seemed to be quite serious.

"Do we have to tell her? I will only end up getting slapped again..." the Time Lord whined and Jack realised for the first time how much he really changed... The old Doctor, though often having that manic grin on his face, was more serious and distant, while this one seemed like a man free from his burden, always laughing and joking around... All of that was probably more because of Rose than the regeneration, though. Jack knew out of experience how people can change when they are in love.

"Of course, we have!" Rose's voice interrupted his thoughts. "She is my mother. And anyway, don't change the topic. Where is the ring?"

"Somewhere safe, don't worry."

"Oh, I only worry about you using it on me again..."

"Come on! Why should I do that? You have the real thing now, don't you?" He grinned smugly and leaned in for a kiss but his lips only met her outstretched hand.

"Maybe, but you are too cheeky for your own good. I could end up talking to my mum and suddenly getting perverted images again. And wipe that innocent look off your face, you aren't fooling anyone!" The Doctor's puppy-wants-a-treat-look vanished at once.

"But it could help us some day..." he whined. "I could confuse pursuers with illusions for example."

"You told me yourself, the ring has now a reach of a few inches... How would that help us?"

The Doctor opened his mouth and, ruffling his hair, closed it again, being obviously lost for words.

"Right," Rose said. "Just get rid of it tomorrow, okay?"

"But I don't want to! It's a great reminder of the start of our relationship and I grew really fond of it... I will keep it inside my pocket without using it. Promise."

"Well said, Frodo!" Jack laughed and patted the Doctor's shoulder who seemed quite smug at being finally able to stand up to his girlfriend.

Rose in turn, glared at them and emptied her glass in one gulp, making both men's eyes bulge out. Most humans couldn't drink five hypervodkas without waking up in a stranger's bed (Jack experienced that part quite a few times) and she just downed her seventh glass. No slurring, no stumbling when she went to get something to eat, no kissing anyone else than her boyfriend (meaning no kissing Jack, who was quite disappointed) and she didn't even begin to tell dirty jokes.

Frowning, the Doctor took the bottle out of her hand when she made to pour herself another drink. "I think you should better not drink anything else, Rose..."

"Why? I'm in better condition than Jack... and he had only two and a half. This stuff doesn't really do it for me, anyway. When I went out with Mickey in the old days, I only had to drink three beers and he had to carry me home."

Both men's eyebrows raised even higher after hearing that statement. The Doctor immediately took out his sonic screwdriver, changed the setting and held it to Rose's forehead.

Rose swatted his hand away, when he continued to buzz the screwdriver up and down her body. "Stop it, will you? What's wrong with you all of the sudden?"

Ignoring her, the Doctor looked at the sonic screwdriver's readings, frowned again and then turned to Jack. "Everything normal... but that's impossible! Well, not exactly impossible but highly unlikely..."

"Well, my friend John managed six without batting an eyelash. Maybe, she can just really hold her liquor..."

"Have you ever heard of someone who was able to take hypervodka but not beer?" the Doctor asked in a slightly snappy voice. "There has to be something wrong with her..."

"Hello~o!" Rose tried to get their attention, waving her hands. "Confused 21th century human here who would like to know what the fuss is all about. You had over nine of them, Doctor. What's the problem?"

"The problem is that I'm a Time Lord and alcohol doesn't affect me. You on the other hand are human and hypervodka is the most potent alcohol in the whole universe for your lot."

The Doctor wanted to continue his explanation but was interrupted by Jack. "Hey! You didn't tell me that alcohol doesn't affect you, when we had that drinking match in Cardiff!"

"You didn't ask, I didn't tell. Fair as square," the Doctor said, looking sheepishly at him and turned back to Rose. "When was the last time you got drunk?"

"Dunno. We aren't exactly travelling the universe to get pissed..."

"Think, Rose. Please!"

Rose shrugged. "Has to be before I met you... I drank quite a bit at Christmas, but didn't feel anything. That was kind of strange, when I think about it..."

Startling the other two, the Doctor suddenly stood up and said, "Right, that's it. To the infirmary, you go. I have a theory and I'm not sure, I like it..."


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