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It had happened again. Another fight between Kouga and InuYasha. It was happening more and more frequently now that Kouga was sticking close to the village until Naraku could be defeated. It had been Kagome's idea of course, but the wolf demon certainly didn't object, unlike the very verbal protest put forth by the inu-hanyou. That fucking dog was just so…frustrating, in more ways than one. Kouga growled as he sat cross-legged at the top of the ridge overlooking the village. He knew that fights were getting in everyone's last nerve, but he couldn't help it! He didn't really know any other way to express how he felt. Well…that and the fact that he loved the way InuYasha looked when he was angry; his muscles tensed, his eyes a deeper shade of amber… The youkai held back an uncharacteristic blush. He just wanted the dog to notice him, maybe give him a second look, but no~. The only time InuYasha noticed him was when was angry at him. Any other time and the hanyou didn't give a flying fuck. He crossed his arms, hunkered down, and glared at the village below him. Of course, the object of his thoughts wasn't down there. He had gone through the well with Kagome. Damnit! He was good looking, hot even, so why couldn't the dog-eared idiot just give him a chance?! He hated himself for thinking this, he sounded so weak, but again, he couldn't help it.

His keen ears picked up the sound of giggling and looked down at some open space outside the village. It was Sango's turn to watch the village children and, just like always, Miroku was right behind her. How was it that a damned human monk could have an easier time getting a relationship than a strong, powerful, handsome youkai like him? He glared even harder at the man. Suddenly, an idea struck him and his eyes popped wide. Why didn't he just…ask him? As much as he hated asking for advice, this situation called for it. The wolf's blue eyes narrowed again. Now how to get him alone…


"Oi, Monk, I need to talk to you." It had taken almost twenty minuets to figure out that the direct approach was probably best. It worked best with his usual commanding, tough-guy attitude. Miroku turned towards him with a surprised look before turning back to Sango, shrugging at her questioning look, and moving to follow him. Kouga led him into the woods near the huge tree InuYasha always sat in. Neither spoke. Kouga, annoyed scowl set on his face as though the monk had been the one to drag him out to the woods for a private talk, dropped to a cross-legged position on the ground. Miroku followed suit, still confused, but kept his sage appearance. After a few moments, Kouga finally cut to the chase. "How do you get someone to notice you?" Honestly, it sounded more like a demand than a question.

This surprised Miroku, to put it lightly. "What?" he blinked, "Notice you in what way Kouga?"

The wolf became notably uncomfortable, shifting his position and looking away from the black-haired human. "Like…romantically."

Miroku's face lit up, a mischievous smile growing on his lips. "Ah, I see. Girl troubles, hm?"

Kouga swallowed and shifted nervously, still trying to keep a semblance of a scowl on his face. "S-Something like that." he mumbled.

Violet eyes narrowed as Miroku got suspicious. "I won't help you if you're speaking of Kagome. She is in InuYasha's care and belongs by his side in more than friendship."

The ookami youkain let out an annoyed grunt. "As much as I disagree with that statement, it's not her."

"I see…" Miroku lit up again, "Well then! Who is the lucky lady?" he asked, always ready for some good gossip.

Kouga glared. "That doesn't concern you. Now will you help me or not?" Embarrassed? Get angry.

"Alright, alright. No need to get touchy." The monk raised his hands in surrender. "Ok, how submissive is this person?"

Kouga thought of all the fights he'd ever had with InuYasha and smirked. Submissive? "Not very."

"Hmm…" Miroku sat back in concentration and brought a finger to his chin. "That does make things more difficult."

The wolf grunted. "Yeah, tell me about it."

Miroku paid no mind, however. He was silent for a few minutes. Kouga, not being the most patient person in the world, showed his frustration by rapidly bouncing his bent knee and scowling more intently at the man. "Alright." He finally spoke. "First and foremost, you have to make your affections known."

Kouga choked.

"Maybe not say it outright, but the person has to at least suspect that you fancy them." Miroku nodded to himself, and then a mischievous grin blossomed on his face. "I always like showing them that I find them physically attractive. Some don't like it, but it get's the point across in no time!" He seemed all too bright. "Of course there is also doing nice things for them, offering to help out, showing concern, compliments…they're all part of gaining someone's romantic attention." He folded his arms, closed his eyes, and nodded to himself. Through the trees, arguing could be heard in the direction of the dry well. "Ah, well it seems our friends are back. If you don't mind, I will leave our session at that for now. And get back to my lovely Sango." He got up and started back the way they came. He stopped momentarily and turned black with a grin. "And if you get anywhere, I want details!"

Kouga snorted. "Yeah, as if." He, too, raised himself to lean against the old tree, and waited for the inu-hanyou and the miko to reveal themselves.

They were still arguing as they came through the trees. "Really, InuYasha, you're being unreasonable."

"I'm being unreasonable?! You're being just as stubborn as me!" He looked over at the wolf leaning against his tree. "Waddya want Wolf?" he growled.

Kouga looked away. Deciding that this was just as good a time as any to put what Miroku told him to use. He didn't rise to the bate. 'Be…nice.' He clenched his teeth. "Nothin'. Just wonderin' when the hell you two would get back is all." His tone was obviously a little annoyed, but hay, it was a start.

InuYasha narrowed his eyes and stared appraisingly at his rival. 'The hell…?' Not sensing any trickery, he relaxed slightly. "Keh. That's stupid."

Kagome, however, had noticed the change as well and was a bit more cheeped out by it. This was the first time she could remember that the two had spoken to each other without actually cursing or insulting the other. Something was odd. Suddenly, she heard Sango yelling and children laughing in the distance. She began walking faster toward to village since it seemed the two canines had something weird going on.

"Oi, Wench. Were do you think you're going?"

"Oh, please, InuYasha. It sounds like Sango needs some help and you two are in close enough vicinity to get to me before I even know I'm in danger." She continued on her way. The youkai watched her go until she was hidden by the trees. InuYasha looked at the ookami, grunted, and then followed after her at a subdued pace. Kouga followed after as well, keenly watching the hanyou's lean yet lithe form.

"The fuck you starin' at Wolf?" Kouga had been so engrossed in the way the object of his thoughts moved, he failed to notice when the hanyou had stopped and looked back, feeling eyes on him. Kouga grunted and sped up a little. InuYasha watched him and didn't move until they were shoulder to shoulder. They walked like that without talking, each giving the other the odd sideways glance every now and then. They came up to the ridge where Kouga had been sitting earlier and stopped. InuYasha looked out over the village he now pretty much called home. Children's laughter brought his attention to the field were Sango was chasing Miroku with Hiraikotsu and it looked like Kagome was trying to keep the children's attention away from the 'bad examples'.

Kouga, on the other hand, was taking this time to admire the hanyou next to him, subtly of course. 'Show them that you find them physically attractive…' The wolf swallowed. Now how to do this… Slowly, so the half-demon wouldn't notice anything, he lifted his arm and placed his clawed hand right – smack – onto InuYasha's –

'What. The. Fuck…?' His entire body tensed at the feeling of a certain something on his rear-end. When it didn't go away, InuYasha slid his gaze to his right to meet the equally sideways glance of a half-blushing ookami.


Owari (or is it?)