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I ran up the stairs to my house, unlocking the door and stepping inside; it was pitch black.

"Charlie?" I shouted, squinting my eyes. Abruptly, I heard the light flicker on, my eyes still straining to see. The light was dim and weak, Charlie was standing before me; holding a belt in one hand, a drink in the other. He walked over to me dizzily, stumbling. He was drunk; again.

"Bella. Where have you been?" Charlie questioned in a harsh voice, stepping closer to me. I flinched, stepping away from him; my back pressed again the cold door.

"Sorry, Char-dad. I was out with my friends. I told you." I reminded him breathlessly, frightened by his reaction.

"No, you didn't!" He yelled, grabbing me by the neck and flinging me towards the wall. I hit the wall in the same second falling to the floor with a 'thud'. I gasped, my hand flying to my shoulder immediately; feeling the warm liquid seeping through my shirt. I felt light-headed. The pain that went through my body was unbearable. Just to know that my father would do this to me, his own daughter.

"Charlie, please. P-please." I stuttered, begging him. He chuckled darkly, "Please what Bella?" He asked in a sickly sweet voice. He whipped the belt at me, slashing it into my back continuingly. My head started to spin once I smelled more blood.

"Get away from her!" A voice said icily, yet...velvety.


I woke up from my dream nearly jumping out of the bed-thanks to the alarm. I smacked the alarm until it shut off, checking the time. 7:00. That was the same dream I would have every night since I was little, it was horrifying having to wake up to that dream everyday. I wiped my forehead; sweat beading down my face. I picked my ratted clothes from the floor, my wrist brushing against the rough fabric while I was making my way to the bathroom.

I flinched in pain-that's right where I cut myself last night. Luckily the blood dried, it wouldn't stain on my clothes. I took a peek at my bed, god. Not again. Some blood went on the bed sheets, just perfect. What an amazing way to start the morning.

My name is Isabella Swan, but I just go as Bella. I'm 17 years old. I get in trouble from time to time, whatever. I don't really care for much stuff. Charlie, my father, started abusing me when I turned 12 years old. He was intoxicated, I was clueless; I just came home from my friend's house and he started beating me. It started off like my dreams; unfortunately, I didn't have a hero in reality. Renee, my mother, doesn't bother to do anything about it but she does know everything that he does to me. I'm guessing that she is too much of a coward to protect her own blood.

I hate my life; everyone blames me. Everything I do is my fault. I cut myself for release mainly, to get away from the pain. I started cutting myself when I was 14 years old; I realized I enjoyed it due to an accident. I was opening a can of beans for dinner when the metal slit through my skin. I felt blissful and content from the cuts. So I started off small, cutting only my wrists with my razor. But over time, I would gradually start to cut myself in larger areas.

I live in Forks, unfortunately attending Forks High School. There is always a dreary atmosphere, probably because Forks rains all the time. The only good thing about the continuous rain is that I have an excuse to cover myself up, letting nobody see my cuts and scars. I would wear whatever clothes I would have; my parents basically never give me any money. I am what people call, a 'loner', I don't have any friends and I try to avoid people as often as I can.

I let the clothes slip from my hand onto the bathroom floor. I took a hot shower, letting it massage scars and sore cuts. Once I finished cleaning myself up, I quickly put on my clothes, trying to pull it on gently not to touch any of my recent cuts. I guess my clothes weren't that bad; in my perspective. It was a plain black shirt with a pair of ripped blue jeans. I slipped on my torn shoes and grabbed my I-pod and slipped it into my pocket, slumping down the stairs.

My I-pod is the only thing I have from my recent life, when I had friends. My best friend, Angela, gave it to me when I was 11 years old. She was really rich. Music is my life; it helps to let out my feelings. I was mentally crossing my fingers; please don't let Charlie have a temper this morning. I let out a whoosh of air, relieved. Charlie gets up at 7:40. It would give me 20 minutes to make him breakfast. I quickly worked on the eggs and pancakes, placing it on the table when I was finished.

I rushed to the fridge and grabbed a carton of orange juice along with grabbing 2 cups, I poured orange juice into each cup and set it down beside each plate. I exhaled deeply, glancing at the clock. 7:25. Nice, I could take a small snack for lunch today. I would be lucky if I get a snack a day, I usually try and get a couple bites of Charlie and Renee's leftover dinner. I grabbed a breakfast bar and shoved it into my bag, zipping it up swiftly I heard loud footsteps from upstairs, they were awake.

I hastily hurried out the door and locked the deadbolt. I dug my hands into my pockets, grasping my I-pod and turning it on. I started walking to school, Charlie would never buy a car from some workless piece of shit. I searched through the songs, deciding on listening to "Guardian Angel" by 'The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' I made it to school in 10 minutes, waiting to hear the whispers of gossip floating around the air about me. I got use to it. I was stunned to hear some new gossip being passed around.

I heard the Cullen's were adopted.

They are all totally hot, especially that Edward one. Swoon.

Did you check out the blonde one? Rosalie I think, damn. I'd so tap that.

Man, the big one is so scary! His name is Emmett, i heard they are all...like, together. I heard that Dr. Cullen adopted them. Alice is the short pixie one; she's with Jasper. The gorgeous honey blonde.

Yeah, Emmett and Rosalie are also together. But I heard that Edward guy is alone.I grimaced at the last comment, made by Tanya Denali. I could detect her nasally voice from a mile away. Ugh, Bitch alert. She would always try and be cool by tripping me, due to my lack of coordination, and make fun of my clothes. She is, obviously, the most popular girl in school, and for some reason the prettiest? I just think she overworks too much on her looks and is a slut, vain. She has strawberry blonde hair that rest on her shoulder in 'beautiful curls'. *Scoff* She is fake.

Nice; by the end of this week. You won't be able to say that he's alone anymore.

She has icy blue eyes and wears clothes that show a little too much ass and boobs. I turned around and glanced at her, she was wearing white booty short shorts with a tight pink tank top that showed off her midriff, along with 5-inch white death traps-, stilettos. I glided up to the school doors, limping the whole way as I tried to ignore the pain. I cut myself deep along the left side of my hips; it hurt like hell every time I moved. Whatever, it isn't that bad. I can manage to tough it out. I deserved this.

Suddenly I could feel somebody's stare burning a hole onto the back of my head, leaving a tingly sensation. I turned around to see a group of 5 stunning people. I'm guessing that they were the Cullen's since I never saw them here before. I saw a body builder, Emmett. He was very good-looking, brown straight hair and light brown eyes. He had his arm wrapped around, I'm guessing, Rosalie. She was stunning, even Tanya couldn't fight her.

She has long wavy blonde hair that went a little bit longer then her shoulder and beautiful blue-green eyes. Next to her was Alice I'm guessing, a short one. Even with her size, she was strikingly beautiful with her cropped black hair that points in every direction, along with the same pair of brown eyes like Emmett's. She was leaning into another attractive dirty blonde. He had shaggy hair with the same eyes as Rosalie's, except a little lighter and more blue than green. My breath got stuck in my throat as I took in the next one, Edward.

He was indescribable. Gorgeous really. He had this unusual hair colour, bronze almost that were flopping in his eyes. Oh lord help me, his eyes. They were nothing like his friends or siblings. They were a pair of prominent green eyes, like the forest. Once I glanced over him, his eyes met mine within a second, as if there was a magnet. He was the one starring at me? His face was covered in worry and apprehension, his eyebrows scrunched up together to make the cutest expression possible.

I gaped slightly, he must have saw me limping before. Either way, why was he worried? He didn't even know me? Once he noticed that me eyes were trained on his, his tight lips broke into an eye-catching crooked smile. I bit my lip, my cheeks heating up instantly. I swung around away from his eyes. He would never be interested in me. I made it into the school, already dreading today. I couldn't deny the effect he had on me, a smile even. My heart was beating rapidly while my breaths came out in short quiet gasps, though not loud enough for somebody to hear. I walked into the hallway, pairs of eyes questioning my flushed face.

I was slumping in my chair lazily, an empty seat, as usual, pleasing me with the slight silence as I took out my battered copy of 'Pride and Prejudice'. It was now second period, English. My preferred subject, I always had a certain liking with writing and reading books. I was about to flip to the next page when, to my displeasure, I was brought out of my own little word as I heard the screeching sound of the chair against the floor…next to me.

My eyes widened, somebody was sitting next to me? Oh joy; oh joy. I cocked my head to my left, looking up to see a Cullen. Alice. Wow, she was more dazzling up close.

"Hi, I'm Alice! You must be Bella! We will be best friends; I just know it! Wow, you are so pretty! If you only changed your wardrobe and put on some makeup you could look hot. Why doesn't anybody sit next to you, you seem really friendly even though you haven't talk to me yet. I can tell; I have a feeling. We should go shopping though! Ooh, I'm new here, as you can see, and I would love it if you could show me the mall! IT would be so fun, and I know Rose would be thrilled an-." I interrupted Alice of her annoying babbling;

"Umm…hey Alice. I would love to be friends…with you. But I can't go shopping." I told her unsurely, would we be…best friends?

"Best friends! Not just friends. I have money! We could go this weekend, and Rose is also free. I know we will all just be the best of friends. You are the nicest person I met today, and not that Tanya." She assured me, wrinkling her noise in distaste as she mentioned Tanya.

To my surprise I chuckled, "Yeah...she isn't the most pleasant person." Alice nodded, giggling along with me. She seemed really sweet, but I just couldn't let anybody in. It was just…too difficult. I guess, maybe, I could have friends. But Charlie and Renee couldn't know. I don't even want to know what would happen if Charlie found out.

"Anyways…would you like to go shopping this weekend then?" She asked me excitedly, her lower lip curling out and quivering as she looked up at me with those big brown eyes. Damn…she was good.

"Err…sorry. I can't. I-uh, have to umm…I have to visit my grandma this weekend! Yeah, uh…maybe another time." I lied horribly, looking sincerely disappointed. I was disappointed; she seemed so nice.

She obviously saw through my fib, but she decided to ignore it, her eager expression gone as sadness replaced it.

"Oh, okay. That's fine, another time. Well, do you want to sit with my family for lunch? Please?" She asked, giving me her infamous pout yet again. Well…I guess lunchtime with them isn't going to kill me.

"Sure." I told her unsurely, managing to smile at her. She smiled back at me genuinely, her whole face lighting up. We continued talking throughout class, not getting caught by the teacher…yet.

"What's the answer to question 3, ?" Mr. douche asked me. Haha, some fun today. I knew I had a smirk on, and an evil glint in my eyes.

"How the hell should I know?" I replied, shrugging my shoulders lazily.

"Excuse me young lady, what did you say?"

"I said, how the hell should I know. You moron." I repeated for the teacher, speaking louder and slower as If he was mental.

"That's it, to the office."

I saluted him, flipping him the middle finger as I got up and left the room, slamming the door behind me loudly. I heard Alice's tinkling laughter from the classroom, a faint smile reaching my lips.

I strutted in calmly, and stood in front of Miss. Cope. Apparently, she didn't notice me as she was in her own little world. Oh, shit. Ew. She was in her disgustingly sick and twisted fantasy world, basically porn. She continued to mumble to herself while typing, that cycle continuing endlessly, "Undulating with desire, Josie removes her crimson cape. Excitable, stiff and…engorged?"

"Tumescent?" I suggested, sitting down in one of the ancient and dust-covered shitty chairs.

"Ah! Perfect!" She said with a beaming smile, typing it in quickly before focusing on me, " What's it this time Bella? I heard you were threatening the teacher; again" She said with a knowing look, taking a sip of her coffee.

"Not my fault most of the school's staff are retards. How should I know what he asked if I wasn't listening." I said defensively, putting on an innocent facade.

"Mhmm. Bella, you got to lay back and relax sometimes and stuff being an uptight…female dog. I remember I use to have lots of fun… Uhh. Just remember these two life lessons. Number one, 'Wrap it before you tap it'. Yeah, I know that is for a guy, but girls also have…girl-condoms. Number two, 'Chicks before dicks'. And remember to think before you speak. "

"Speaking my mind is no crime."

"And being a bitch will get you no where."

"As always, thanks for the superior advice, I'll let you get back to Gerald's quivering member. " I told her sarcastically, making my way towards the door. Right as I was about to shut the door, I heard her mutter, "Hmm…quivering member." Along with a shit load of typing that was giving me a headache.

I skipped 4th and 5th period, excited for once to attend lunch and see Alice. I stopped waking as I realized that Edward was going to be there. It's okay Bella; just don't show any signs of pain. I took a deep breath and continued walking, trying to make it look like I was confident. Obviously, as always, I tripped on thin air.

Curse my stupid clumsiness.

My arms shot out instinctively, ready to meet the ground with a thump. The air whooshed, as I was suddenly standing up right, safely tucked into a warm chest with strong arms wrapped protectively around my waist. I opened my eyes gently, looking up as I saw a pair of gleaming green eyes starring back at me apprehensively.

"Are you okay?"

Well, I edited this chapter since I thought it was really bad. To be honest, it really was. I have, I think at least, improved from when I first started. So this is the 'good copy' :)