Cross My Heart

Sequel to 'Face Down'. What if Bella's past comes back to haunt her?
Who is this mysterious person who claims that he will have his revenge?
What if she's not fully healed, the razor tempting her to secret obsession; cutting?
Could it ruin her trustful relationship with Edward? So…tempting.



"Bella, what's wrong? What did the note say? Are you okay?" Edward asked me frantically once he saw my expression; the grin slipping off his face and he hurriedly came to me.

"Whipped." Emmett muttered under his breath, thinking we couldn't hear him. Edward ignored Emmett-fucked up-Cullen and glanced at my face before taking the note out of my hands. My heart stuttered at the idea of Edward reading the note, his heart-breaking expression as he would read the note. No. I quickly got my feeling back into my body as I willed myself to move, and jumped and grabbed the note before Edward could read it.

I ripped it up and tarred everything, making it impossible to put it back together. I forced a small smile and quickly replied casually, "Nothing."

Emmett glanced at me and back to the broken note now lying on the grass and laughed loudly, shaking his head as he held his stomach. Edward looked at me in shock, his mouth hanging open.

"It's nothing, just a silly joke." My voice quivered slightly as I tried to control my racing heart, forcing a laugh from my lips as I shook my head. Edward glanced at me warily before nodding, relief filling my body in an instance. All of a sudden, a rock hard object hit my head making me stumble back from the rapid impact, even a small force such as that.

"Ow" I muttered, rubbing the spot on my head where a bruise will surely appear.

"Damn! I'm sorry! I tried to get it over your head, but I guess that didn't work out…" A deep voice mumbled, grabbing my hand and pulling me up. I stumbled a little and fell into the strong arms of Edward.

"It's okay. I'm use to it." I told him, flashing him a smile to show him that I wasn't mad. He breathed a sigh of relief and smiled back widely, showing off his white teeth. He wasn't bad either, that was for sure. He had startling ice blue eyes and shaggy brown hair that fell in his eyes, quite attractive. He wasn't as good as Edward, but he was defiantly something. What am I thinking? I like Edward, not this guy I just met. Jeez, Bella. Get a grip of yourself.

"I'm Jude, and you are…" He trailed off, his eyes darting across me and Edward's face, a strange emotion in his eye.

"I'm Bella, that's Emmett and this is Edward. My boyfriend." I told him happily, kissing Edward on the cheek. Edward's figure was a protective stance, his body rigid and his eyes glaring at Jude. He didn't do anything? Once I kissed him, he relaxed slightly but didn't budge.

Edward nodded his head towards him, making no movement to show me that he would even say a 'hi' or shake his hand. He was jealous!

"Well, we got to go. But I'll see you around." I told him, my lips turning up into a welcoming smile. He smiled at me back, a charming smile, and nodded his head at me as a sign of goodbye, which for some reason caused my heart to...stutter. What's wrong with me? I smiled at him once more before I gripped Edward's shirt tightly in my fist and dragged him along with me with Emmett trailing behind, his shoulders shaking as he tried to control his laughter.

We walked to the main office, in hope to find our dorms, and I ringed the dust-covered bell that would usually only be in…hotels?

"I'm right here, dear." The women before said lifelessly, walking around and plumped in her seat tiredly, without care.

"Oh, sorry. Well, My name is Isabella Swan. Emmett Cullen. And Edward Cullen. We would like to know where we would have to go for our dorms and who we're partnered up with…for the doors. I mean dorms." I stuttered nervously, her doubtful gaze towards me causing my skin to flush and heat up.

"Emmett, Emmett, Emmett…"She whispered quietly to herself as she flipped through the files, her face perked up once she found it.

"Emmett Cullen, rooming with Edward Cullen. Building 4, room number 101." She told them, handing them both a set of keys for themselves. She spun in her chair and went to another set of files, murmuring my name instead this time.

"Ah, here. Isabella Swan. You are in building 2, room number 208. And you will be rooming with Shelbi Josestein." She told me politely, dropping my room key in my hand and she both directed us to our buildings.

"So…I'll just meet up at your dorm after. Okay?" I asked them, biting my lip nervously as I thought back to my roommate. I hope she's nice enough, and not like Tanya.

"I'll walk you back, it's getting late anyways." Edward murmured, about to wrap his arm around me until I stepped away from him and protested, "It's," I grabbed Emmett's watch quickly and turned back to Edward, "only 6:00."

Edward frowned at me, his eyes searching my face for anything. I smiled at him sweetly, "I'll be back soon, I promise. I love you." I murmured, the palm of my hand on his cheek as I stroked it. He smiled at me, his whole face lightening up at my words, his eyes shiny and bright as he leaned into my touch.

"As I love you." His hand slowly guided its way on my back, suddenly his eyes racking up my body as he grabbed me fiercely, pressing me against him in an instance. I tried to suppress my moan, shivers running through my body as I molded into him. I wrapped my arms around his neck, ignoring Emmett's fake gagging noise, and kissed him passionately, showing him how much he meant to me. He returned it just as much, but had to end it.

"I'll see you soon." I winked at him in what I hoped was a sexy way, licking my lips. His eyes widened as a mock-pained looked came to his face, giggles erupting from my lips at the sight. I cocked my head to the side and pursed my lips as I looked at Emmett, who was pouting like a child.

"No kiss for me?" He asked me pleadingly, battering his eyelashes at me. I laughed at his childishness, "Sorry Emmy-poo. That's Rose's job. I'll just go get my suitcases. And no Edward, you can't help me." I chided, spinning away from them and walking towards the car.

I walked carelessly towards the building, kicking a few rocks pointlessly. I breathed in the fresh air, letting the soothing moment relax my muscles as my heart kicked in and continued pumping loudly and uncomfortably. I was nervous, I hoped she as nice. I wouldn't want another enemy.


I unlocked the door and stepped in, closing the door as I dropped my suitcases. I turned around to see a beautiful girl on the couch with a saddened face and a letter in her petite hands.
She had luscious wavy orange hair hanging right beneath her shoulders, her bangs draping over her light blue eyes. Wow, defiantly gorgeous.

"Hey Shelbi. I'm Bella Sw-," I couldn't even complete my introduction before she interrupted me, her lips in a tight line as she spoke.

"I know who you are. But you don't know who I am." She told me softly, turning to look at me with a gloomy expression. I cocked my head to the side, my eyes furrowing as I tried to figure out what she meant. shit? What the hell is she talking about? Obviously I don't know her...

"Yeah, I know…that's why-," Those next words would change my life forever. I had no idea what I was getting into, all I knew is this secret would have to be kept from Edward.

"I'm your sister."

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