Chapter 5

Shakily, her pen scratched over the paper, as her mind explored the innumerous

possibilities this opened for her. By her side, was a book, a fairytale – an old favourite

picture book, somewhere she'd always wanted to go. Next to it, lay a sloppy pile of more

books, each suitable in their own way – The Sign at the Sugared Plum, where she could

blend into the background, just another nameless corpse; The Tea Rose, where another

murder victim was sure to only add intrigue… But how to choose? Which world should

she go to? She had pondered over each selection for hours before finally coming to a

decision – she would read herself back into the Inkworld of Inkspell, back we she knew

she belonged. Perhaps she would find peace there, a closure of some sort. It was a

fanciful idea, and though disobeying her father did not come naturally to her, she was

past caring. Why had she not thought of it before? She should have done it the minute she

returned home… But a heart so full of despair, and a mind so weakened are not the best

of friends in times of need.


Meggie snarled in frustration, crumpling the sheets of crusty parchments within her

ink stained fingers. Nothing was right! She couldn't bend the words to her will, not like

Fenoglio could, or even Orpheus. Her writings were bitter on her tongue, jumbled and

awkward. They wouldn't flow for her… Not this time.


A climax calls, come hear

our plight

remains a tempting

flicker of night

Of stinging winds and bitter sands

a cold and crumbled pair of hands

The last sharp fronds of light

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