Hey guys! This story is about when the Cullens came to Forks high school before bella arrived. I can't remember whether they came when Alice and Edward were juniors or sophomores so I went with juniors. Various POVs~

I am not Stephenie meyer, just fyi and btw.

Chapter one: Beginnings

Alice POV:

"Jasper!" I trilled, skipping over to him. "You weren't going to wear that, were you?" I added, raising an eyebrow quizzically at his yellow jacket.

"Well," he said, running a slender hand through his tousled blond hair, "well yeah, I thought I might…"

"Hmm." I smiled angelically, a little glint of eager evilness in my eyes. Jasper sighed, like a worn out parent who can't say no.

He is more than used to being my Barbie doll.

"Aren't you excited for our first day of school in Forks?" I asked as I looked through Jazz's drawers for the perfect sweater. "I mean, it's a beautiful day—" I saw Jasper looking hopefully out the window, scanning the rainy skies for sun. "No skipping!" I scolded. "Anyways, we don't have to worry about sun here till a freak of nature in October. Oh! Here."

"Thanks sweetie." As Jasper tugged on the sweater, I moved closer to him.

"I know it's tough for you baby. But you won't hurt anybody. I'm here for you."

"I love you," he whispered, touching my cheek gently. "I'd do anything for you."

I kissed his hand. "I know. That's why we're here. That's why you're going to slap a smile on your face. I hate to see you frown. Come on." Holding hands, we headed for Edward's Volvo and got in the backseat. "Rose, Emmett, Edward! It's time to go!"

Emmett POV:

"Rosie, if any boy today so much as stares at you, much less tries to flirt, I am going to bash his head in. Literally," I announced, leaning against the doorframe.

"Right back at you, babe. But I would rethink the 'literally' part, otherwise there might not be many guys left in Forks. I mean, have you looked at me lately? If I was I guy, I'd flirt with myself!"

"True," I smirked. "I haven't stopped flirting with you since I got mauled by that bear. So how about a menacing death glare?"

"Sounds reasonable," she allowed, laughing slightly. I pulled her in close to me and kissed her gently. "Mmm-- oh God—I love you—"

I gave her a push and we fell on the bed, laughing and kissing, but Alice's high voice screeched from the car and we abruptly sat up.

"Thanks a lot, Alice," Rosalie grumbled, straightening her shirt.

Alice's giggles wafted through the window. "Hurry!" she added. Rose and I got in the car, me in the passenger seat and her in the seat right behind me by Jasper and we held hands through the gap between the two seats. Edward appeared in the drivers seat and we were off, speeding to another year of high school.

Jessica POV:

I was so excited for junior year! Like literally, I was freaking out trying to choose my cutest shirt 'cause I wanted to look great. Summer's fun and stuff but during school I can be with Mike for like more than six hours in a row! I really hope he notices me this year. Like, as more than a friend.

I decided on the orangey shirt I got a couple weeks ago with Lauren. It looks great with my skin- I'm like a total autumn. Also I wore these really cute silver shoes- they're a little summery but you can totally get away with that kind of stuff in September, right?

I looked at my clock. Shoot! I do not was to be late today. I've heard the first day of junior year is like super important. There's like an orientation and stuff! So I grabbed my bag and ran downstairs. "Bye Mom!" I called over my shoulder.

"Wait honey!" she said. "Toast?" I took the slice she was handing me.

"I'll eat it in the car," I told her, even though I was like yeah right, because who needs the carbs? "Don't want to be late…"

The first person I saw as I pulled into the parking lot was Mike and he stood up and waved at me. It has to be an omen, right?

This was gonna be a perfect year!!

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