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Chapter 2:

Edward POV:

High school. Those two words alone could incite fear in any grown man.

What if you mentioned eternal high school? Yeah, that's what I thought.

This must be to expiate for my sins. For being a monster. It's the only logical explanation.

We pulled into the parking lot and stepped out of the car and I waited for my purgatory to begin.

I could feel eyes on my back and sickening thoughts drifted from immature teenage girls minds into mine. Boys, glaring at Jasper, Emmett, and me pulled their girlfriends closer until they laid eyes on Alice and finally Rosalie, at which point they dropped their girlfriend's hands completely. Rosalie smirked and Emmett coughed. Alice pretended to ignore the stares and Jasper stiffened, his immediate reaction when in the presence of any human. And me? I stayed blank. Bored. High school's nothing new.

1 minute down, 6 hours and 14 minutes to go.

Rosalie POV:

We sat for a moment in the car in the parking lot. Then I said in a faux cheery voice, "Alright, let's get out."


As we stepped out of the car there was a collective gasp from the Forks High School student body. Those who had not been staring already at our too shiny car were staring now. Emmett got a chance to practice his death glare so many times that it was getting worn out.

Secretly, I don't really mind the attention.

"It's not much of a secret," Edward scoffed.

Funny, I thought. And what happened to respecting our privacy?

"Hi," I smiled at a greasy haired boy, as I passed him. He stumbled back a few steps then, after opening and closing his mouth several times without any noise coming out, mumbled, "uh, uh, hello."

Emmett pulled his arm tightly around my shoulder and I rubbed his hand.

This type of attention only lasts for the first couple of weeks. Might as well make the best of it.

Jasper POV:

Their faces blended together into a mass of nothing and all I could see was their blood. I could hear it pulsing, pulsing away so close to me and I wanted it and I wanted them and I could have them because if I took just one step I could reach that girl and in another instant I could reach that boy over there who's blood pulsed in such a beautiful rhythmic delicious way under only a thin layer of frail soft skin…

Alice squeezed my hand and the faces became faces again. Faces with families and friends and hopes and dreams.

Alice, Alice, Alice. I need to do this for Alice. I can do this.

For Alice.

Alice POV:

Jasper is having such a hard time. I can tell from the random fuzzy flashes of blood and red eyes in my mind. But I know he can do this because he has to do this.

I've learned by now to ignore the stares. They go away, once people learn we're not here to make friends. It's hard to see how stuck up they think we are but it has to be that way. That way people don't notice how unhuman we are. They don't notice our odd habits, our too fast reflexes, the fact that we never eat. They learn not to care, and we learn not to care that they don't care. I wish it could be different. Some of these kids could be nice.

I looked calculating at the girls standing near me, trying to figure out which ones would be my friends if I was human. Would it be her, that girl in the hideously ugly orange shirt? If we were friends we'd need to have a serious talk about shopping choices. And my God, look at her shoes. Okay, maybe I wouldn't be friends with her.

Most of these kids don't have great clothes, although you can't really blame them because there's not much you can do with a plain black parka.

Mike POV:

Damn, that new girl is hot. Oooo, her too.

"Hi Mike!!!" I heard Jessica call so I turned reluctantly around.