I sat in the hotel room, strumming my guitar. I looked up as Brittney walked in. She was wearing a pink tank top, jeans shorts, and white string up boots.

"Hey Jordan," she said with a smile as she sat on the counter across from me, her legs swinging back and forth.

"Hey Brittney," I said with a smile as I put my guitar on the floor. She reached up and pushed a stray piece of hair behind her ear. "How are you?"

"I'm great, I got a new guitar, a new phone, new wardrobe, new boyfriend, new teacher, new note books," she said with that beautiful smile I loved so much. "I know you don't really like me dating, but he's really sweet and I think you'll like him," she said nervously.

"New boyfriend?" I asked. No, she couldn't date, I love her.

"Yeah, and to make things better, he's on your tour, so I can see him everyday in home schooling," she said. "He's your fashion designer's son." She turned around and picked up an apple. "He has the most gorgeous brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, and he dresses great, without his mother's help." She seemed to forget I was even here as she continued, twirling a piece of her hair. "He's really smart, and funny, and he's really sweet and caring and really loves me." She sighed.

"Um, isn't this the kind of thing you'd talk to Natasha about?" I asked, getting up. She snapped out of her trance.

"Oh, want to see my new guitar?" she asked. I smiled, and nodded. She jogged threw a joining door between our rooms. She came back with a purple guitar. She hopped back on the counter and put it in a playing position. "Oh and I wrote a new song," she said with a small smile. She knew how much I loved to hear her songs.

"I don't know about tomorrow
All i got is today

I'm a wasting a time worrying about
How things might change
Some think about the moon
When its coming out at tonight
I'm just going to shine
'cause im having the time of my life

I want to fly
I want to be free
Cause if I cant fly I will see,
all things inside of me,
and i will dream of life as we know it,
kuz their aint no stopping me!

No Stopping Me, Not until I get my stuff back,
I want my stuff back! No Stopping me, me me!

no stopping me.

I wanna be outta here

I wanna be who I wanna be

I wanna fly there the stars and past the moon

I'm here; I'm alive and glowing

I'm all I am when I'm here

Under a star that Shines

I want to fly
I want to be free
Cause if I cant fly I will see,
all things inside of me,
and i will dream of life as we know it,
kuz their aint no stopping me!

I'm under the star

I'm here

I'm were I shine

Here I'm who I wanna be

Here I have my life

I'm free

Here I sore the sky

I see the people walking by

Here I fall from the night's bear black sky

I could never be more happy

Then I am now

Nothing can describe this

Cept maybe wow!

I want to fly
I want to be free
Cause if I cant fly I will see,
all things inside of me,
and i will dream of life as we know it,
kuz their ain't no stopping me!

No there ain't no way da stop me

Cause I'm here

I'm under the stars with light so fine

I stand up here

My voice in a beautiful rhyme

I'm a star in the black sky

No longer do I fall in line

Here I can be who I wanna be

And this is were I belong.

And their ain't no stopping me

And their ain't no stopping me

No no their ain't no stopping me," her voice dimmed out. "So, what'd think?" she asked with that lovely smile of hers.

"That's great Brittney," I said with a smile as I walked over to her. "What inspired you?" I adored her beautiful voice; all I want is for her to speak.

"I was watching a TV show where this girl had really controlling parents. I felt sorry for her, so I wrote this song," she answered.

"Hey guys," Natasha said as she walked into the living room. "So, Brittney, I met Kevin. He's adorable. Does he have a brother?" she asked bouncing over to us.

"Fraid not. He only has a little sister and she is so cute," Brittney said with a smile.

"Oh yeah, I heard. By the way, we're babysitting her tonight. Ok, more you're babysitting her tonight, I have a date," Natasha said as she plopped down on the couch. She reached for the remote and flipped on a movie.

"You're lucky I don't have a date tonight," Brittney hissed as she put her guitar on the counter and jumped off. "You shouldn't make dates like that.

"Yeah, with a four year old," Natasha said sarcastically.

"Well, I'm free, I can help you out," I said as I unscrewed a juice bottle. She turned to me.

"Ah, thanks," she said as she hugged me. My heart jumped into my throat. "I love you," she laughed. She'd never know how much I wish she meant those words. She smiled at me before plopping down next to Natasha to watch the movie. "So, whatcha watching?"

"I'm watching Speed. It's pretty cool," Natasha said with a smile.


I watched Brittney as she sat with Abella next to her. She was helping her color an apple.

"What does apple start with Abella?" Brittney asked.

"A!" Abella screamed in happiness. She clapped her hands. "I'm tired; can you put me to bed?" Abella asked, turning to Brittney. Brittney nodded and grabbed her hand, leading her to her room. I followed her.

"Goodnight Abella," I whispered as I helped her into bed.

"Night Jordan, Night Brittney," she whispered as she closed her eyes. Brittney smiled as she pulled the blankets up so Abella was covered completely. She dimmed the lights and left. I followed her.

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