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Chapter One: Obligations

"Dammit," a voice lacking anything remotely close to pleasant spat out severely. To add to the harshness of the tone, shortly after the word was uttered a chair was sent slamming into a nearby wall - splinters of wood exploding in all possible directions. Rough hands tightly squeezed into and out of fists as the moments passed - rapid, fleeting breaths quickly transformed into slow, deliberate ones.

After succesfully calming down, the figure calmly beheld the room he had currently mutilated. Much to his annoyance, however, even after he practically flipped the room upside down and shook it, the item he needed was not there.

"I still have the rest of this place to search," he thought as he walked a few steps to the opening of the room and stared up into a flight of stairs. Determined, he began yet another search as he stepped up the stairs.

Unfortunatly for the said figure, his rummaging only brought the same results as the first room - nothing. There was only one room left, and as far as the specter was concerned, there would be somthing to find or someone would feel the wrath of Scorpion.

Just as his hand wrapped around the door knob, the front door to the dwelling opened. The warrior swiftly hid himself before the person could even shut the door.

Carefully listening through the floor-boards from his hiding place, the ninja heard a gasp - it was a woman. Aparantly she had found the mess made in the rooms downstairs. Briefly after the sharp intake of breath, incoherent mumbling followed.

"Probably cursing," Scorprion thought off-handedly; but as the mumbling continued, he wasn't so sure. It merely sounded as if she was mumbling to herself.

Tearing into his thoughts, Scorpion heard the front door open once again. Not being able to see who it was made him slightly nervous, but keeping his position secret was the number one priority at that moment. So, he settled for listening.

"...did you do, Erren?" A loud voice echoed harshly through the house. This time it was a man. Scorpion quickly put it together as he heard two sets of foot-steps walk through the room below. All the floors in the house were wooden - making every foot-step that much easier to hear.

There were three people below him - one man, two women. Two parents and their daughter. Scorpion listened for a little longer until he heard foot-steps running up the stairs - toward the room he was currently in.

"Shit," he cursed silently as he slid into a door near him. He soon realized he was in a closet - soft, thin material pressed against his body as he silently shifted. "Must be the girl's room," he thought as he heard something hit the ground and shortly after that something landed on the bed.

"Of all the rooms that could have been hers..." Scorpion thought heatedly. The only room he hadn't checked now could not be checked.

Deciding to wait until the girl was asleep and not causing a scene, Scorpion, of cousre, stayed where he was; out of sight.

It was silent for a few long moments - maybe the girl was asleep? The specter quickly found out as soft mumbling filled the formerly quiet space.

"Sleep talking?" he hoped as he silently peered through the closet door. No such luck. The girl was talking to herself. "...Damn." Scorpion gurdgingly made himself comfortable among the clothes once again as the low rantings continued. Having nothing better to do, the ninja found himself listening in on the girl's conversation with herself.

"...but how could I wreck the house in such a short itme? They didn't even think of a burgalar. If it is a burgalar, he's probably sitll in the house." Scorpion felt his body tense. "What if he's in here? Would he kill me and take my things? "l'd hope he'd only take my things. Except my pillows. They're probably my favorite things in my room. Well, there's also my favorite lamp..."

Scorpion was thankful the brat wasn't thinking too much on the thought of the "burgalar still being there." He stopped listening after that. The ninja had the sinking feeling that what he was looking for wasn't in the house. He thought back to what caused him to be in the mess he was in.

The specter was training in the Netherrealm as he usually did. Perfecting his killing arts and his kombat skills; as he recalled the training, Scorpion realized he was still slightly tired from the extreme session. All of his training was harsh - it was what helped him stay razor sharp and strong - but what happened after that could have been prevented if he had not been so worn out.

Two strangers appeared - the first thought that entered Scorpion's mind was Quan Chi's men - and opened a portal of some sort. Amazingly, for the two strangers were unblieveably stupid, Scorpion did not end up in the intended black hole they planned to use to kill him. He ended up in a completely different dimension. At first he thought it was Earthrealm, but the more he looked, the less it appeared so.

Scorpion snapped back to the present when he heard foot-steps coming toward his hiding place.

"I hate to be so paranoid, but I have the feeling of someone watching me..." The girl continued her babbling as she peered into the closet. After seeing nothing out of the ordinary, she turned around and saw nothing but a chest clothed with tight, black material. Her eyes grew noticably larger just before she placed her hands over her face.

Scorpion looked down in pure confusion as the girl stood completely still with her hands over her eyes - what was she doing?

The girl didn't move for some time - much to the annoyance of Scorpion. So, to mess with her, he didn't move or make any noises - making it seem as if he wasn't even there. If she was pissing him off with her odd behaivor, he'd sure as hell scare her with his.

Finally, the girl removed her hands from her face. Scorpion smirked as her mouth opened wide, ready to scream. He waited for it -

But the only thing the ninja heard was a loud thump. Scorpion looked below him to the floor and saw the girl out-cold. Cocking an eyebrow, he knelt down to check if he had killed her. Somehow that would come back to haunt him if she was dead.

Scorpion snorted as he touched her bare neck. She was alive, nothing to worry about. Throwing her on the bed, Scorpion decided to search the room while he had the chance.

"Dammit to hell!" He cursed out loud this time. Nothing even remotely close to what he was searching for was found. There went his chances of escaping the odd reality. The ninja's rage allowed him not to notice the girl wide awake in her bed.

"...what are you looking for?" A small voice escaped the girl's throat. Scorpion felt his body jolt away from the noise and he quickly turned his face toward the young girl.

"I was so wound up I didn't even notice..." he thought as his body eased from it's surprised reaction. He sighed and turned toward the window. He had no obligation to this girl - he would find what he needed somewhere else.

Just as he touched the window, however, a loud sucking sound pulled his attenion to the other side of the room. Smirking, Scorpion laid his eyes upon a warrior with a large sword and a gaping black portal behind him.

"Scorpion, I have come for your -" before the non-human swordsmen could finish his threat however, the Shirai-Ryu cut him down.

"How pathetic," Scorpion murmered as he stepped over the body. He didn't even notice the girl had gotten out of her bed and was standing in the nearest corner with her hands over her face again - Scorpion really didn't care. She wasn't his obligation -

Until she somehow tripped over the body and fell into the portal behind him.

End of Chapter One

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