Alice's thoughts when Jessica calls her weird while talking to Bella in the cafeteria [movie spoilers]

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"There, uh Doctor and Mrs. Cullens foster kids... they moved down here from Alaska a year or two ago."

From the looks of it, Jessica Stanley was telling the new girl about the 'mysterious Cullens.' I heard her as I made my way into the cafeteria, wondering what I was going to pretend to eat today.

Lunchtime was the best part of school, I could just spend time with my family for a good thirty five minutes, and it was also the only time I could spend with Jasper during the day, since we had no classes with each other. It was irritating to tone down our love at school.

"They keep to themselves for the most part." Angela Webber added. Angela was such a nice girl, Edward says her thoughts are particularly kind. I listened in. It had been awhile since we were big news. For a half a year or so when we moved in, everyone was talking about us and how... peculiar we were, but after that people just accepted us as normal.

"Yeah, cause there all together... like, together together." I saw Jessica's face lean in, as if we couldn't hear her. The new girls eyes widened a bit, but I could tell she wasn't usually one for gossip.

I rolled my eyes slightly. Big deal, I thought.

Jessica saw us as some sort of freak show, even though deep down she was just all kinds of jealous.

It was quite clear I didn't like her, she always caused some sort of drama.

Rosalie walked down the hall, and she and Emmet made their way over to the salad bar.

"Uh, like you see the blonde girl? That's Rosalie, and the big dark haired guy Emmet, are like a thing. Im not even sure that's legal!" The new girl blushed slightly as Jessica continued with her gossip.

"Jess, there not actually related." Angela added. She looked towards Rose, making sure we didn't hear.

"Yeah but they live together, its weird!"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. No one else ever seemed to have a problem with it, and I didn't like anyone saying things like that about my brother and sister, no matter how shallow of a human they are.

Jasper and I danced in after Rose and Emmet. I did a little twirl in the middle of the walkway, seeing no harm in putting on a show for the new girl. I braced myself for what Jessica would say.

"Anyways and the dark haired girl, that's Alice. She's really weird. She's with Jasper, the one who always looks like he's in pain." She scoffed.

I couldn't believe my ears. I knew we would always be weird to the humans, but I had never heard it said quite like that. So I guess I was the weird one then, I mean, I didn't even remember my human life at all, how painful the transformation had been, yet I could see the future... I was dragged out of my thoughts when Jasper put his hand on my waist. I grabbed a lunch tray and went for a tuna sandwich and apple.

Jasper put a calm spell over me.

"Come Alice, don't let her upset you; she just... doesn't get it." He whispered in my ear. I was thankful for him. I contemplated her words, hoping the new girl wasn't as shallow minded as Jessica.

"Whatever." I said. I was weird I suppose, but that didn't have to be a bad thing... it shouldn't bother me so much.

I decided I liked being weird, and I wouldn't let Jessica Stanley bother me ever again.