Summary: Hancock and Luffy go off into the night.

A/N: This will be the last chapter, but don't despair. I'll be coming up with some more Hancock x Luffy goodness, so keep your eyes open.


Just like a star across my sky,

Just like an angel off the page.

You have appeared to my life,

Feel like I'll never be the same.

Just like a song in my heart,

Just like oil on my hands,

Honor to love you.

" Come on, Hancock! If we're quick we can catch the ferris wheel before anyone else does!" exclaimed Luffy while jogging in place.

He was more than willing to show the Pirate Empress an awesome time before she is to return to Amazon Lily.

" Even at the age of nineteen, your hunger for fun has still remained, Luffy." stated Hancock as she finally caught up to him.

She wasn't wearing her usual imperial garb, but a white mini skirt with black trim on the sides and a blue tank top, from which she borrowed from Robin.

They had to disguise her as an ordinary woman to full the marines, but the clothing was only doing half their purpose because as they got in line for the ferris wheel they were being followed by at least twenty men and women.

" Hey Hancock, who are these guys?" asked Luffy while pointing at the people. " Do you know them? This is weird."

Anime sweat formed on her forehead as she pulled Luffy into the cart with her before any of the groupies could object.

Still I wonder why it is,

I don't argue like this

With anyone but you.

We do it all the time,

Blowing out my mind.

" Admirers." she responded softly with puppy-dog eyes.

" Are…are you still using your haki to have people swoon over you?" he asked with a stern face. " Why do you still do that?"

The ferris wheel began in a clockwise motion.

" I don't know" she answered just above a whisper.

" If you don't have a purpose then why do it?"

" Because…" she said looking off to the side.

" Because what?"

" BECAUSE I'M INSECURE!" she cried, " I can't stand to have anyone look at me in disgust. It makes me feel sub-human."

Luffy wrapped a comforting arm around her. The Tenryuubito had dug their filthy talons into her and left a mark.

You've got this look I can't describe,

You make me feel I'm alive,

When everything else is au fait,

Without a doubt you're on my side.

Heaven has been away too long,

Can't find the words to write this song of your love.

" That's crazy talk" he said as he raised her chin up to look at her. " You're one of the coolest people I've ever known, Hancock."

She nearly melted when she witnessed his ear-to-ear smile. This always gave her great confidence in herself, enough for her to temporarily leave behind her past, but she knew she couldn't keep hanging onto those days if she would someday be the Pirate Queen.

" You're strong, smart and beautiful." he continued " Who would hate all that?"

" You shouldn't regard me as smart because even I find that laughable." she replied " All those years I spent with this curse on my back and I wasn't even able to think of simply covering it up or revealing it to my people, not knowing that they would still love me."

Still I wonder why it is,

I don't argue like this

With anyone but you.

We do it all the time,

Blowing out my mind.

" You were smart enough to answer the summons in order to protect your country. All those people would've been in trouble if it weren't for your decision." he said before pointing at the night sky " You're just like those stars. They come out to give us light along with their friend Mr. Moon."

She giggled at his title for the moon. Full confidence was coming back to her and not before long, she gave him a glimpse of her own smile.

Yehh Dahh…

Now I have come to understand,

The way it is

I'ts not a secret anymore,

Cause we've been through that before.

From tonight I know that you're the only one.

I've been confused and in the dark,

Now I understand.

" Luffy, you have something on your lips."

He rubbed his mouth in order to remove the said blemish.

" Did I get it?" he asked confused.

" No…let me help" she insisted right before pulling out a handkerchief from nowhere and gently wiping the area. There lips met right after and she was the culprit.

Ohhh Yehh…

I wonder why it is,

I don't argue like this

With anyone but you.

I wonder why it is,

I won't let my guard down for anyone

But you.

" Wanna get some cotton candy" he asked out of the blue.

" Not really; I'm satisfied already." she answered while blushing.

The ferris wheel stopped and as soon as they were off, Luffy was already at the cotton candy stand. He came back handling armfuls of the sticky substance and an obvious mouthful.

" Let's try the rollercoaster next!" he suggested with chunks spouting from his mouth.

Hancock couldn't help but find this image amusing. No matter how much of a savage he was when it came to food, she was still grateful to know him.

We do it all the time,

Blowing out my mind.

Just like a star across my sky,

Just like an angel off the page.

You have appeared to my life,

Feel like I'll never be the same.

Just like a star in my heart,

Just like oil on my hands.

He finished off the wad of cotton candy then ran in the direction of the rollercoaster without bumping into anyone. She quickly followed suit but bumped into a Tenryuubito. It seemed quite strange that the traffic at the carnival slowed down so rapidly.

The fat slob stood there giving her the once over as she paused in shock, before saying, " You are really beautiful…for a commoner. You shall be my tenth wife. Guards, escort her to the Holy Land."

" Get away from her!" yelled Luffy from out of nowhere.

The guards poised for attack but then fainted, followed by the Tenryuubito.

" Luffy…" she started.

" I hate those guys." he simply stated as he wrapped his right arm across her shoulders and proceeded towards the rollercoaster, ignoring the panicking bystanders.

' Luffy I did all those things for you.'


A/N: I hope I didn't upset you all with the ending for the last chapter, but I'll let your imaginations run wild with what happens next. I am sad to say that I am no longer as inspired by Corinne Bailey Rae's music; they've been overused, but I will still make some more fiction.