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Author's notes:
Because I'm sad and I finally managed to put an ending to this drabble, that I began scribbling long time ago in my first attempt to write something for Nana. Spoilers for chapter 78 of the manga.

Shooting Stars
by Adriana S (hikari yuuko)

Nana is like a shooting star: she shines brightly and then, all too suddenly, before you know it, she's dashing down in such a speed that you wonder just how much she is burning. And she crashes. And she's alone and weak and doesn't shine anymore.

Ren is the person who waits to catch a falling star, even if he is stumbling down a spiral himself. He waits for nana to reach bottom, because then she remembers she needs him, wants him, and loves him. It's kind of selfish of him, wanting her to fall, but he does. Ren wants her to fall with him again, wants to hold her and have her as his own even if she might not remember when she's out of the shock.

It will be sad, indeed, when there's no one there to see the beauty of a star dying, no one to catch the poor falling star. The star will be confused, indeed, when it finds no patient hands, no warm smile, no silent acceptance.

Ren doesn't want to think of such time. The white lines and his music keep him going for now, even if nana doesn't need him right now. There will be such moment where he'll be wanted too, once more and everything will make sense. And perhaps, just perhaps, there will be a time when there's no need for her to be a shooting star and just go to him willingly. He hopes, he wants, he needs.


He collides, but doesn't brace himself. His hands are for two things and two things only: creating music and catching falling stars.