xXx Willing To Submit xXx Part One xXx The Rapes xXx

I was always a strange child, one may even say grotesque. Certainly the way I look doesn't help. What parent really wants to see their boy in more makeup than a weeks worth of star drag shows? I guess my hair and dress sense don't really help much either.

Now Tomi… mom and dad loved him. He was almost normal. No makeup, dreads, baggy clothes, caps and rap. I guess you could say he was more of a gangster than anything else. No matter, to mom and dad gangster was better than a drag fag.

If only mom and dad knew their precious lil Tomi had fucked his little bother.

At first it was rape, no doubt about it. And a few times after that it was rape as well. Until I submitted.

Now I am Master Tom's pet whore.


It started as rape. Mom and dad were out for the weekend and Tom and I were left home alone. All I remember is pain. It hurt so fucking bad and made tears come to my eyes.

Wanna know the funny thing? I fucking loved it.

It wasn't consensual sex so it still counted as rape even thought I got hard. And he 'raped' me twice after that, each time he failed to see my obviously stiff cock and left as soon as he has pulled out of my ass.

It wasn't until the fourth time that he noticed and the only way he found out was because I moaned in pleasure at the brutal, harsh pain he was causing me. He stilled for a second, maybe he simply couldn't believe that I enjoyed what he was doing to me. I got restless after he stilled and pushed against him to get him moving again.

That night I allowed myself to wrap a hand around my throbbing dick while he was there and came with him still in me. He left afterwards as usual.

Since then things have changed and he rewards my good behaviour by letting me come and staying with me after the sex. We have a fair selection of toys and bondage gear now and all of it inflicts pain of some degree. I trust my Tomi not to hurt me too much.

Call me what you wish but I say I am a masochist. Just the thought that my Tomi can make me his by doing what he does… oooh, it makes the hairs on my neck stand on edge (and my dick rock solid).

I love how my Tomi knows just how to hurt me to make me beg him to stop. I love how he can make me scream and come with one touch. I love how all those girls are just an act and he never fucks any of them. I love how my Tomi will hold me tight to his own sweaty body after sex.

I love how he is mine.

One time during band practise Tom made me stick a remote controlled vibe up my ass and then made me wear a cage so I couldn't get hard. He kept pressing the button and I kept moaning. Georg and Gustav knew there was something going on… they just didn't know what. It was the longest practise of my life. There was four settings on the vibe but at the time I didn't know that because he kept it on a slow tickle that was driving me crazy. However, during the break the others, including Tom, went outside to smoke. I stayed behind because I was trying to quit.

Whilst sitting on the chair the most electrifying wave shot up my spine as Tomi put it on level four. I couldn't do anything because Tom had told me not to - if I did I would be left tied up all night with the vibe in my ass.

I slid off of the chair and curled into the foetal position on the floor but no matter which way I moved it stayed hard against my prostate. I was moaning like a whore and if anyone came in I was fucked and not in a good way.

Suddenly it stopped and about two seconds later the boys entered the room. Gustav and Georg gave me a funny look. I don't blame them - I was flushed like fuck and my ass was still tingling from the assault of the vibe.

Tomi just smiled at me from behind the G's and winked. He was pleased I had obeyed him. In return he asked if I was feeling ok and I said no, desperate to get home so Tomi would fuck me.

Which was exactly what happened. Tomi took me home, tied me up and fucked me three times that night. Afterwards he held me and told me what a good pet I was. Tomi told me how he loved his little kitten and I would be getting a collar as a reward soon to mark me as his. I overjoyed at the idea and happily fell asleep in his arms.


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