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xXx I Loved You, Whore xXx

"What's wrong, Bill? Not going to give your big brother a hug?" Tom outstretched his arms to Bill, inviting his twin into an embrace.

Bill stood with his arms folded as he bit his lip uncertainly. It had been sometime since playing these games and he found himself almost unsure of all the rules.

After a few seconds hesitation Bill warily stepped forward and uncurled his arms towards Tom. Tom pulled Bill close to his chest and Bill laid his head on Tom's shoulder. His arms were not hugging Tom back properly because he was still on edge.

Tom didn't feel his brother really meant the hug. Why didn't he mean it? Wasn't Bill happy to see him? Who the hell were Olli and Andi?

He felt anger build up in him - Bill should be kissing him and begging for his cock by now… not standing limply in his arms. His grip tightened in Bill's hair as he wrenched his head backwards.

"Why weren't you hugging me back, Bill?"

Tom scanned the fear that was etched in Bill's face. His eyes traced Bill's features and it was only then that he noticed the smudged eye shadow on one eye, the tinted lip-gloss that was spread a little to far onto his face and, of course, the twin love bites that were on either side of Bill's neck. His eyes darkened and in one, fast move he had Bill pinned against the wall by his neck. Bill gasped in the limited air he could.

"Tomi? Tom, please, don't hurt me, I… I never meant to make you angry." His eyes started to well up with tears.

Tom didn't feel any real sympathy for Bill. It was obvious what he had done.

"You little bitch," Tom sneered in Bill's face, "Not three months ago you would have begged me to hurt you. Now, I come home after going through hell without my baby brother beside me to find you have been whoring around with who knows what kind of pricks."

His gripped tightened around Bill's neck with the last sentence. Bill struggled to stand on his tiptoes to breathe.

"Please, Tomi… I love you."

His makeup was streaking down his face as the tears flowed.

"No you don't, you only want to be fucked!" Tom shouted the last word and threw Bill on to the floor. Bill landed on his hands and knees coughing as he gasped in the air as his tears hit the carpet.

"Wanna know the funny thing, Bill?"

Bill looked up at Tom, bottom lip trembling and his eyes full of fear.

"I loved you, whore."

And he meant it.

The whole time he had been away from Bill he hadn't laid eyes on anyone else. Everyday he had yearned to touch Bill again, feel his skin under him, taste his breath with every kiss, inhale the scent that was so simply Bill. It wasn't even about the sex, as good as it was. In the end he had been with Bill forever, right from the second they were created. They even came from the same egg… Bill was truly his other half. A lot of people wouldn't get that he only hurt Bill the first time because he needed to be that little bit closer to him, to feel him in a way no one else could. Then he found out Bill liked being hurt and it made Bill sort of happy in a fucked up way… so Tom kept doing it.

Now… someone else had been inside Bill.

Someone else had made Bill feel the way only Tom should make Bill feel.

And Bill had let him.

Tom looked down at Bill's crying, pitiful form in disgust. His stomach churned horribly just to see Bill's face right then. Why was Bill even crying? It was Tom that had been hurt, not Bill.

Tom leaned down so his mouth was level with Bill's ear.

"You are nothing to me now, you disgust me," he whispered before wrenching Bill's face up to his and kissed him solidly on the lips.


Tom punched Bill once in the mouth and split his lip. For the first time he hated the feel of Bill's skin, even just that one little touch made his head spin and his stomach lurch.

He ran out the house as fast as he could, nearly falling down the stairs because of his extra large jeans.

His head spun and his heart was pounding as he finally allowed his own tears to spill. Images of Bill with other men flitted in front of his eyes and as his stomach turned again he bent over and threw up on the side walk.

He spat out the vile taste as much as he could before wiping his mouth and straitening up.

There was only one place Bill would have gone to pick people up…

Time to see the Dungeon Master.

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